Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges: Taking Credit

The third week of Gran Turismo 7’s new Weekly Challenges is now upon us, with players set a new series of five challenges as the clock hits midnight in their region.

Weekly Challenges were added in the recent Spec II update as a special, curated set of events from those already available in the World Circuits menus — and potentially beyond, as we saw in week one — offering players bonus rewards for completing them each week.

That means, whether or not you’ve already completed them in normal gameplay, you’ll need to finish third or better in each event during their time in the Weekly Challenge rotation, and there’s a fresh incentive for players who haven’t already done so.

As well as earning rewards for the races themselves, there’s bonus rewards delivered as ticket Gifts to your garage for completing one, three, and all five events during the seven-day window.

For those who like things slow, the events start off with the Japanese FF Challenge 450 at Tsukuba. Despite the name, the 450PP target is advisory only, although you will need a front-engined, front-wheel drive car from Japan. It’s a five-lap race, worth 7,000cr for victory.

That’s joined by this week’s long race at the nearby Suzuka Circuit. It’s part of the new World Touring Car 900 event added in the Spec II update — and as it’s also in the Bonus Menu Book selection you will need to have at least started Book 48 to see the event. It’s open to any car at up to 900PP, with a cool 170,000cr for winning the ten-lap race.

Europe hosts just one race this week, with Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya the venue in the Schwarzwald League series. You’ll need a German car of any kind up to 700PP for this five-lap race, and there’s an 88,000cr reward for the win.

That leaves two events in the Americas, with the new Lake Louise snow circuit keeping up its 100% record of appearing in Weekly Challenges. This week it’s the World Rally Challenge, for Gr.B category cars and of course requiring Snow Tires. There’s 85,000cr on offer if you win the four-lap run around the Long Track.

Willow Springs is the venue for the final race, with the American Sunday Cup 600 running a three-lapper at Big Willow. Any American car up to 600PP is eligible, for the relatively small 15,000cr prize pot.

This week’s rewards are all cash. Completing one event earns you a 100,000cr ticket, with a 150,000cr ticket for completing three. Clear the lot and you’ll score a 500,000cr ticket, so the list is worth almost 1.3m credits if you can win everything with a Clean Race Bonus.

The Weekly Challenges update at midnight local time on Wednesday evenings/Thursday mornings, with the next set due at that time on November 22/23. You’ll need to have completed GT Cafe Menu Book 39 and watched the ending movie in order to have access.


  • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP – Schwarzwald League
    • Number of Laps: 5
    • Restrictions: 700PP, Germany
    • Win Reward: 88,000cr
  • Lake Louise Long Track – World Rally Challenge
    • Number of Laps: 4
    • Restrictions: Gr.B, Snow Tires
    • Win Reward: 85,000cr
  • Suzuka Circuit – World Touring Car 900
    • Number of Laps: 10
    • Restrictions: 900PP
    • Win Reward: 170,000cr
  • Tsukuba Circuit – Japanese FF Challenge 450
    • Number of Laps: 2
    • Restrictions: Road Car, Japan, FF
    • Win Reward: 7,000cr
  • Willow Springs Big Willow – American Sunday Cup 600
    • Number of Laps: 3
    • Restrictions: Road Car, United States
    • Win Reward: 15,000cr


  • Complete 1 event: 100,000cr Ticket
  • Complete 3 events: 150,000cr Ticket
  • Complete 5 events: 500,000cr Ticket

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