Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges: In Da Club

The new Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges are becoming available to players around the world, with a fresh selection of five challenges landing as midnight passes on your console’s clock.

It’s the fifth week of this new feature, which was added in the recent Spec II update. Effectively a playlist of events, they draw from both those races already available in the World Circuits menus and — as with this week — new, unique races that only appear for the week.

Whether you’ve already done the challenges in normal gameplay or not, you’ll need to race them afresh, finishing third or better, to earn a completion tick. There’s also bonus rewards depending on how many you get through.

The events cover a range of race lengths, speed, difficulty, and rewards, and this week that begins with an unusual Special Event. It’s a One-Make race for the 1968 FIAT 500F at the roller-coaster Alsace Test Course Reverse circuit over two laps, requiring a car with no more than 100PP to take part — it’s 85PP as standard — and there’s just 2,500cr in it for the win. And yes, the hill is carnage.

Three of the five events take you to various regional Clubman Cup events, each of which has a suggested Performance Points value only — so you can smurf it if you so desire.

You’ll remain at Alsace but this time at the Village course for the European Clubman Cup 600. As the name suggests, you’ll need a road car from a European brand to take part but it can be tuned how you wish for the three-lap race. It’s worth 25,000cr for victory, so don’t sink too much money into tuning.

Tokyo Expressway hosts the Japanese Clubman Cup 550 for a three-lap race at the South Counter-clockwise course. Again it’s just a case of having a road car from the required nations — this time Japan — and you can tune how you wish for the 20,000cr first prize.

There’s more money up for grabs in the American Clubman Cup 700, with a 30,000cr prize for the five-lap race around the Daytona Road Course. You’ll need — you guessed it — a road car from the USA to take part.

Finally the big-money race this week is a ten-lap run at Dragon Trail Seaside Reverse in the World Touring Car 800, with 140,000cr awarded for victory. This time the 800PP isn’t a suggestion but a hard cap, and you’ll need to fit racing tires to whatever car you enter. There’s some high tire wear and fuel consumption multipliers (10x and 9x respectively) to keep an eye on too.

There’s a shake-up in the prizes on offer this week, with a 100,000cr ticket for completing one event, a 200,000cr ticket for completing three, and a Five-Star Roulette ticket for clearing all five.

The Weekly Challenges update at midnight local time on Wednesday evenings/Thursday mornings, with the next set due at that time on December 6/7. You’ll need to have completed GT Cafe Menu Book 39 and watched the ending movie in order to have access.


  • Alsace Test Course Reverse – Special Event
    • Number of Laps: 2
    • Restrictions: FIAT 500F ’68, ≤100PP
    • Win Reward: 2,500cr
  • Alsace Village – European Clubman Cup 600
    • Number of Laps: 3
    • Restrictions: Road Car, Austria/France/Germany/Italy/UK
    • Win Reward: 25,000cr
  • Daytona Road Course – American Clubman Cup 700
    • Number of Laps: 5
    • Restrictions: Road Car, USA
    • Win Reward: 30,000cr
  • Dragon Trail Seaside Reverse – World Touring Car 800
    • Number of Laps: 10
    • Restrictions: ≤800PP, Racing Tires
    • Win Reward: 140,000cr
  • Tokyo Expressway South Counterclockwise – Japanese Clubman Cup 550
    • Number of Laps: 3
    • Restrictions: Road Car, Japan
    • Win Reward: 20,000cr


  • Complete 1 event: 100,000cr Ticket
  • Complete 3 events: 200,000cr Ticket
  • Complete 5 events: 5-Star Roulette Ticket

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