“Gran Turismo Boutique” Offers Licensed GT Merchandise

March 7th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

SCEE has granted a product licensing company known as “Musterbrand” the rights to produce GT-branded shirts and outerwear in an online “Gran Turismo Boutique”. The products range in price from $24.00 to $199.00 (shipping not included).

Anyone can browse through the store, though the products are only shipped to a limited group of European countries. Thanks to Amar212 and Rudi for the tip!

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  1. Mar. 19, 8:38am

    ok so this is my rewiew
    Size M t-shirt is the by far the largest t-shirt in my closet so i use it as a gym t-shirt for better motivation. And i more like v-neck style. And is chep made is nothing like in a photo so simply waste a money tbh …as a pice of cloth but as a “gadget” yeah why not

  2. Mar. 10, 7:45am

    Meh, they’ve missed the mark in this one, with all due respect to the designer, your trying to be way to serious and all grown up for the audience…

    No doubt, theres some good mechandising ops with GT for sure…I think someone mentioned the Grand Valley thing above…you could do some good branding with the various circuits etc not to mention doing something like Raybrig or a Yellow Hat T-shirt with a retro line drawing of the car on the shirt etc…Have a bit of fun with the various established icons within the game and think a little more outside of the box rather than do this serious BORG like corporate wear that everyone else does…
    Give me the licences PD & I’ll design you some funky stuff that peeps would actually want to wear for fun!

  3. Mar. 9, 2:54pm

    Seriously PD? I know one article of clothing I didn’t see but should be there….. a straight-jacket.

  4. Mar. 9, 3:37am

    I quite like the racer jacket. I do kinda need a new jacket just now as well. If it was £100 i’d consider it. But i would rather buy a proper brand name at the price they are wanting for it.

  5. Mar. 9, 2:35am

    its like i said on facebook yesterday
    “why the hell do we need clothes with the GT branding on them?
    FFS ITS A VIDEO GAME not a fashion label some people in Japan need some perspective…”

  6. Mar. 9, 12:28am


  7. Mar. 8, 5:08pm

    Wasn’t one of Gran Turismo’s tag lines “The ride of your life” or “The drive of your life”? Maybe if they put that in large bold lettering at the crotch more people would be interested.

    • Mar. 15, 2:11pm

      Yes, as if Miami needed to go to Africa levels in the STD race.

  8. Mar. 8, 4:51pm

    About as intrested in this as a Drowned rat they are all stupidly overpriced , hell this is more than what i paided for a windbreaker Jacket from Airbus and that was £70.00.

    • Mar. 9, 3:18am

      My jacket cost £1,250. What of it?

    • Mar. 15, 2:10pm

      Spaghetti sauce and Clorox cost about $7 combined. I hope at least 700 pounds went to liquid repellent on that nice jacket.

  9. Mar. 8, 3:10pm

    No thanks to the expensive clothing with pretty poorly thought-out and executed logo placement.

    I would like stickers for the car, a fridge magnet, a Zippo with GT logo, keyring, wallet… these kinds of things.

    • Mar. 9, 3:17am

      I have a spare GT wallet – leave your address and phone number and I’ll mail you it.

  10. Mar. 8, 12:30pm

    When the GT franchise has to sink this low, you know it’s time to jump ship.

  11. Mar. 8, 11:51am

    Nice but expensive! I would be satisfied with a simple black T-shirt with a big red/blue GT Logo!

  12. Mar. 8, 11:43am
    HKS racer

    Armani, Prada, Calvin Klein we got enough Wear companies around the world. I really DON’T CARE about Gran Turismo wear, they really should focus on converting standard cars to premium instead. GT5 is a videogame, don’t forget it Kaz.

  13. Mar. 8, 10:59am

    this was on the website for ages you only just received the news. Btw dont want this, too expensive and it does make you look sad. I mean cmon, GT5 clothing wont get you many friends… -_-

  14. Mar. 8, 8:48am

    That jacket was duped

  15. Mar. 8, 8:18am

    Too expensive and they are not that good the gt logo barley shows!

  16. Mar. 8, 3:48am
    Paul Mc

    Too expensive for a logo. I have my GT branded wallet from the Sig Ed, that’ll do me for merchandise

  17. Mar. 8, 3:20am

    I’ll buy a jacket…. If it comes with some kind of magical password that let’s me send my $1 mill + cars again….

  18. Mar. 8, 2:17am

    Does those clothes give a blocky shadows of person who wear it? Plenty of questions, mostly from knowing that PD brand brings a dozen of 50% made products to the market.

  19. Mar. 8, 1:53am

    Cane we trade those clothes bwtween friends or there is a trade price limit? What about phisics? Can I wear them normally and make moves of my torso or there is any glith?I wonder, HOW many XP points gives one single T-shirt to my life?

  20. Mar. 8, 12:54am

    I don’t know wabout anyone else, but i would feel like a big douche wearing these clothes, with a gaming logo on it….

    • Mar. 8, 3:48am

      Agreed. You are basically advertising to the world you enjoy fantasising about being a race car driver.

  21. Mar. 7, 11:32pm

    wheredahell is the logo…pretty weak >.<

  22. Mar. 7, 10:19pm

    Did anyone else notice the T-Shirt model has a Suzuka tattoo on his forearm? Somehow I think that may have been ‘shopped ;)

    • Mar. 8, 12:36am

      I noticed that too. I’m pretty sure they photoshopped it.

  23. Mar. 7, 8:34pm

    Can I get off the ban list, Jordan?

  24. Mar. 7, 8:14pm

    Why would you where clothes from a video game, honestly I play GT quite a bit and I’m confused as why anyone would buy this.

  25. Mar. 7, 7:38pm

    Needs a GT banana hammock.

    • Mar. 8, 8:53am

      lol very disturbing. Now for a mental image – the 5’8″ 375lb 34 year old living in his parents basement wearing one of those because he thinks its cool.

    • Mar. 8, 11:59am

      As long as he stays in the basement…

    • Mar. 8, 6:22pm


  26. Mar. 7, 7:27pm

    CE should have come with a shirt or something, but that would get complicated unless they give you a voucher where you fill out size. If they just gave 1 size in all of them, no one but Japanese people would fit. I digress, the game already came out.

  27. Mar. 7, 6:46pm

    The shirt sizes end at XXL.

    Clearly they don’t know their target market.

    • Mar. 7, 6:51pm

      Nice. I was thinking how accurately the models depict the average GT gamer. Apparently you have to dress metro-chic to represent GT.

  28. Mar. 7, 6:43pm

    I saw a guy the other day wearing a Grand Valley Speedway shirt. It had a map of the circuit across the chest “Grand Valley Speedway” written across the shoulders. It was so awesome. I don’t know if it was privately made, but I know I want one. I wanted to talk to this guy, but he looked busy and I had places to be, so I just gave him a knowing nod and carried on walking.

    Needless to say, it made my day :)

    • Mar. 7, 7:28pm

      I want a High Speed Ring shirt.

    • Mar. 8, 8:50am

      I want a grindelwald shirt

    • Mar. 15, 2:05pm

      I want Grindelwald in GT5 period.

  29. Mar. 7, 6:41pm

    ok i love GT5 but clothes? that crosses the line. Maybe if it had like a ferrari symbol but not just a gt symbol

    • Mar. 7, 7:28pm

      You get Ferrari clothes from a Ferrari licensed store, not GT licensed store.

  30. Mar. 7, 6:22pm

    $24 for a GT Patch? lol..
    The shirt is simple.. we can buy them for $3 and add print our own GT logo for ~$5 :/

  31. Mar. 7, 6:16pm

    what a load of crap!

  32. Mar. 7, 6:10pm

    I like, but a little expensive…

  33. Mar. 7, 5:54pm
    Ken Barth


  34. Mar. 7, 5:24pm

    hopefully they do NOT bring this fabulously flamming clothing line to the states…

  35. Mar. 7, 5:16pm

    If the merch. is anything like the game, logos, zippers and other advertised accessories, will come in patch later.

  36. Mar. 7, 4:46pm
    Kabunori Yumoushet

    Typical of what you’d expect from PD, the expert marketers – nonstop merchandising and licensing. PD is no longer the underdog developer whose sole aim was excellence and delivering genre-defining products. Why not focus on making a game that’s not subpar, for a start?

    • Mar. 7, 5:22pm

      So much wrong in this post. Nobody forces you to play GT5

    • Mar. 7, 7:30pm

      Do you realize how expensive this game was to make? They are trying to get as much back as possible. Don’t put people down for your ignorance.

    • Mar. 8, 7:08am

      @ MEeemememememe

      you’re kidding,right? PD spent 60 to 70 million dollars on this game. They’ve sold 4 to 5 million copies of PROLOUGE at a $40 price tag. You do the rest of the math.

  37. Mar. 7, 4:41pm
    Alex Leighton

    Geez, what is it with Europe and overpriced branded vaguely car related clothing with such tiny logos you can hardly tell what the branding is?

    I would go for just a regular black t-shirt with the GT logo stamped big in the middle of it, I don’t get this stuff though.

  38. Mar. 7, 4:39pm

    Eh, I use the keychain for my car keys and I’d take other things like it, but $150 for a videogame branded jacket just isn’t worth it.

  39. Mar. 7, 4:36pm

    I hae won a Gran Turismo t shirt and jacket (black with white logo) at another gamesite. :) I don’t wear it often because not everyone is positive about it.

    • Mar. 7, 10:06pm
      guidance is internal

      I have a GT4 hat that has the logo & MOTUL, & La Sarthe on it. Bought it @ Laguna Seca during the ’08 MotoGP races, & have NEVER warn it in public. LOL

  40. Mar. 7, 4:30pm
    SKOT Free

    They Did do GT4 stuff as well. I had the Japanese version and it came with a catalog of the Merchandise, which is basically the same as you see for GT5. I’m sticking with Oakley for my Track gear.

  41. Mar. 7, 4:24pm

    Do they do GT4 stuff? :-p

  42. Mar. 7, 4:23pm
    Big Ron

    What the f***? What sort of prices? Sorry, but I get better cloth in half price.

  43. Mar. 7, 4:19pm

    Pretty lame, but there are always suckers out there.

  44. Mar. 7, 3:57pm

    Lol this is awful

  45. Mar. 7, 3:45pm

    Decent, if not spectacular design. But, whilst £170 for decent quality clothing is an interesting idea, it was immediately apparent that they’ve totally missed their market. A classy design and quality of fabric is great, but that’s no good if it’s way, way too expensive for 99% of the people interested in buying the clothing.

    I’ve got a GT logo t-shirt from eBay for about £12 with delivery. It’s a nice-looking shirt, well-made and something I felt was priced fairly. I can wear my colours whilst out and about or enjoying my favourite game. I’m only one guy, but I think that’s your main market, to whomever this may concern.

    I took one look at the site, looked at the designs, saw those prices, and ran. The t-shirts were in my stratosphere, but were of such neutral/subtle design, that most people won’t appreciate what it’s about or why I’m wearing it.

    • Mar. 7, 5:23pm

      Right there with you, those prices are ridiculous for being based of a game, even if it is GT5. Now I had a GT5P shirt, I just have no idea where it went, I think I left it in a drawer in Orlando while at Disney last year.

  46. Mar. 7, 3:28pm

    Logo placement is weird and makes no sense.

    The coat looks nice though.

    • Mar. 7, 3:30pm

      Yeah, a nice big GT logo across the front would be cool :D

  47. Mar. 7, 3:16pm

    The crotch logo must be an European thing.

    • Mar. 7, 8:23pm

      It is to draw attention to your PP..you know, your performance points…

    • Mar. 8, 10:33am

      I think the crotch logo was placed by the same person who designed GT5’s menus, lmfao!

  48. Mar. 7, 3:14pm

    Stylish gear.

  49. Mar. 7, 3:13pm

    WHAT IS THIS FORMULA 1? I think you can take your overpriced T Shirt elsewhere -_-

  50. Mar. 7, 3:09pm

    Nice, a little expensive but i like :D

    • Mar. 7, 3:22pm

      Only 20% of the line is of premium quality. The other 80% will fall apart after one wash.

    • Mar. 7, 3:26pm

      LMFAO… it’s got 80% standard threads and the like, while 20% is premium cloth et. al.

    • Mar. 7, 3:27pm

      True, this is the kind of thing you won’t wear much because you don’t want to wash it!

    • Mar. 7, 3:27pm

      haha LOL i see what you did there :)

    • Mar. 7, 5:08pm

      HAHA, just like the game, 20% premiums, 80% standards. Sorry, had to do it!

    • Mar. 7, 6:19pm

      LOL! Walking around with GT-branded clothes… this is getting crazy o.O

    • Mar. 7, 7:03pm

      LMFAORH at it’s got 80% standard threads and the like, while 20% is premium cloth et. al. Maybe there will be updates so if you put it in the washer, there will be damage and the premium cloths will let you see inside the clothes.

    • Mar. 7, 9:26pm

      This doesnt make much sense to me. The Gran Turismo series and more recently…GT5 have always been one of the biggest and most popular series in gaming history. I think Sony, PD, and Kaz, and the brand marketing have really missed making millions of dollars over time by not capitalizing on apparel and promotional goods with branded GT logo. And to now see and hear that these new goods are only available in certain sections of Europe? Are you freaking kidding me?

      I bought two Gran Turismo stickers for my cat for $12 on Amazon that none of profits will go to the proper companies. I would rather have gotten them from the proper source…but they just didnt care enough.

    • Mar. 7, 9:28pm

      car….not cat :)

    • Mar. 8, 12:31am


    • Mar. 9, 4:11pm

      I want one of those stickers for my cat :)

    • Mar. 10, 6:14pm

      GT is a big brand, and it’s became bigger and bigger! I like it, waiting for it in Ukraine;)!

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