GT Academy Champs Ordoñez & Mardenborough Team Up for Le Mans 2013

May 10th, 2013 by Andrew Evans

Last year’s Le Mans 24 Hours was spiced up for fans of Gran Turismo with two GT Academy winners in two cars going head-to-head, as Lucas Ordoñez drove the #42 Greaves entry with the father-son Brundle duo and Jordan Tresson was aboard the #23 Signatech entry with Franck Mailleux and Oliver Lombard.

There’s two Academy graduates racing in this year’s event too, only they’ll be driving the same car.

Lucas returns to the Greaves Motorsport team for his third run at the Le Mans event – hoping to improve on previous results – and he’ll be partnered by 2011 winner Jann Mardenborough in his first ever Le Mans race and LMP2 drive. Occupying the third seat in the Nissan-powered #42 car is GT1 and SuperGT legend Michael Krumm.

Krumm should be well known to fans of the Gran Turismo series, joining Lucas as an official driver for the loopy Nissan Highcroft Racing DeltaWing and being one of the drivers who participated in the first online Gran Turismo race event with the GT4 Online Test version.

2013’s race is over the weekend of the 22nd-23rd June, starting and finishing at 3pm local time (1300GMT/UTC).

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  1. May. 13, 1:33pm
    Maddens Raiders

    The race of legends. Salut les Pilotes! Good luck to the Academy guys.

  2. May. 10, 9:37pm

    Good luck Academy drivers. Anyone know what it costs (a driver) to get into an F1/3000 or LMP1/2 car? I’ve read (years ago) that drivers had to kick in big bucks to get into an F1 car or co-finance a racing program.

  3. May. 10, 5:56pm

    I don’t really care for LMP2, I usually care for LMP1, Go Audi.

    • May. 10, 8:48pm

      I only cared for LMP1 when Peugeot was still in the competition, now that they´re not anymore, i don´t care about it so much.

    • May. 11, 1:14am

      Lmp1 I care about fit overall but its also all factory teams, plus Strakka and Rebellion, so it’s all factory. LMP1 is like the best of the factory teams and LMP2 is like the best of the privateers as far as I’m concerned. GTam is thinly one I don’t really car about. And yes, go Audi!

    • May. 11, 1:28am

      @swynder Toyota provide some competition now you know…

    • May. 11, 3:26am

      I personally prefer Works Teams more then Privateer Teams.

    • May. 11, 4:25pm

      Don’t stay gone too long Henri Pescarolo… See you next year ;)

    • May. 11, 6:34pm

      Despite what I said before, Pescarolo is my favourite LMP1 team.

  4. May. 10, 3:33pm

    It seems that nobody is actually interested in these people.

    • May. 10, 4:02pm

      I follow Team Corvette (i drive Chevy’s), Risi Competizione (I’m from Houston) and a few other ALMS teams. So you would be correct.

    • May. 10, 5:55pm

      Yeah look, some guys like us who actually played GT5 and then became real racing drivers,..whatever heh, I’d rather be posting comments here than racing in Le Mans or, like, whatever?!

    • May. 13, 7:57pm

      Those guys were nothing like us, it’s not like they hadn’t had other experience that put them at the top.

    • May. 16, 3:31am

      We all have different racing teams (mine are Pescarolo, Audi, Muscle Milk, Vita4One, all the Holdens in V8s). I don’t see the point on switching to GT Academy drivers just because they won something.

  5. May. 10, 1:38pm

    Anyone know when the 24 hours of Nürburgring is? Must be pretty soon I’m sure…?

    • May. 10, 2:47pm

      May 17-20

    • May. 10, 5:01pm

      Cool, thanks Jordan.

    • May. 10, 6:44pm

      …Wow… The Nurb. 24 HR is taking place the for ENTIRE length of my trip to Victoria…

    • May. 10, 8:09pm
      Pit Crew

      My GT5 league is doing an online race to Commemerate this event, as im sure other leagues are too. Can’t wait, though I still havent chosen a car yet lol.

    • May. 10, 8:46pm

      Pit crew what’s your ps3 I’d

  6. May. 10, 11:51am

    Good to see Krumm racing.

    • May. 10, 12:32pm

      Krumm is a nice guy too. I’ve always been a fan of his.

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