Top 10 Finish for GT Academy Winners at Le Mans 2012

Nissan power took nine of the top 10 positions at the Le Mans 24 Hours today, rounding off an incredible week for Nissan at the world’s best endurance race. Former Le Mans winner Martin Brundle made good his return when he came home in eighth place in class with his son Alex and GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez.  The second GT Academy winner Jordan Tresson made his Le Mans debut, impressing the Signatech Nissan team with his professionalism as he powered to ninth place alongside Franck Mailleux and Olivier Lombard.

“I really enjoyed that,” said Martin straight after taking the No.42 Greaves Motorsport Zytek Nissan to the chequered flag. “It was a tough race as we had an alternator belt let go in the early stages and later we were nursing throttle problems. That was a bit scary actually, especially when I went off at the first chicane. I just clipped the barrier and slid along it so luckily it was okay.

After finishing second in LMP2 last year, Lucas Ordonez wanted a win this year but it wasn’t to be. He put up a great fight though and enjoyed his battle with fellow GT Academy winner Jordan Tresson.

“The race was really hard at the beginning as we had some issues with the car,” explained Lucas. “Once we sorted these the car was really flying. We were running quite highly but lost some positions in the night as we were starting to suffer from a problem with the throttle.  I had an off because of this but I was recovered from the gravel and able to get back to the pits.  My last stint was great for me and I really enjoyed it as it felt so good in the car. The race was definitely harder than last year as the level of competition is so high. Unfortunately the luck wasn’t with us this time but maybe next time!”

Lucas and his team mates had a good battle with Jordan Tresson in the closing stages of the race, with the Frenchman snapping at the heels of Ordonez.

“Jordan did a really great job,” said Lucas. I was watching his lap times in the night and he was very good. I’m happy to see another GT Academy winner here and I enjoyed my battle with him.”

“I’m actually disappointed that we didn’t finish higher up the order,” said Jordan. “But I enjoyed my first Le Mans a lot! I did two quadruple stints during the race so I had to work hard to keep my focus. You can really scare yourself here if you lose concentration. I am happy with my times and I think the team was happy with my performance. I didn’t break anything anyway! The only issue I had was during my stint early this morning. I ran into the sunrise so my clear visor didn’t help me when the sun came out. I could shield my eyes along the straights but I had to do some serious squinting in the corners.  I feel great after the race and would happy go in for another stint now. I’ve had a great week and I continue to learn more with every lap.”

Congratulations, guys!

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Comments (75)

  1. habsfrenzy

    The car in the pict, thats what they should be giving us for winning gold at GT Academy.

    good racing all

  2. daan

    I’d just like to point out that Lucas’ fastest race lap was faster than either Brundle managed in the race and was only a tenth off Martin’s qualifying time. Lucas is turning into quite the racer.

  3. Tomeggyilkos

    congrats for the team i watched the race it was borin tho :)

    guess inside was better than outside ;)

  4. nosh

    not a big surprise though,the hpd package is better than the nissan – oreca/zytek. pretty solid effort from nissan though.

    Would be good if gt6 was able to do what a few actual sims do an basically turn off other cars when they aint in view and just have them as dots, that could allow them to have 40+ cars in a race (although the starts would be a bit of a problem)

  5. sandwiches

    Fair play to them to even finish the le mans. It is the ultimate test for man and machine after all.

  6. Foxiol

    As usually nice job guys. We all support you! One big reason to watch the entire race every year! ;)

  7. danger23

    lol did yaw c the batwing in “le’man” that’s a wierd looking car but shows how technology is changing b4 our eyes

    1. danger23

      LOL So what long as you know what i’m saying people r so petty it funny u have nothing nice to say keep it to urself it’s text savy it the new thing shut up and go change ur wet pamper.

  8. danger23

    AUDI,1ST.2ND.3RD&4TH IN LMP1 hybrid technology@diesil. That’s amazing,all i can say is keep up the good work audi maginficent race for them i going to buy an audi lol

    1. XPOWER180

      Audi was 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th. 4th place was filled by the relentless #12 Rebellion Lola-Toyota of Nick Heidfeld, Neel Jani and Nicolas Prost.

    2. Amac500

      Now I’m an Audi fan for sure, their operations are super and I love there technology. As an announcer for Eurosport said last year “Audi is the last panicers on Earth. If there is a meteor half an hour away, I’m going to the Audi camp because that plans gonna be the good one”. However, they didn’t run a perfect race with all the on track incidents. The only reason they were 1,2,3, and 5 was because they were the only factory team and they should have finished 1-4, but they didn’t run a clean enough race.

  9. liamdaniels

    Isn’t that the guy who commentated for the BBC’s F1 programme last year – the Martin Brundle guy? Looks familiar…

    1. BlindZenDriver

      He is also an ex F1 driver.

      I really wanted Tom to win, again, but that was not to be. Apart from boosting his overall record win it would also have made Dindo the oldest Le Mans winner ever.

      PS. Shame on Toyota for taking out the Nissan.

  10. Dragfan

    they should make a dlc with some of the new lmp and gt cars, plus some 50’s lm cars. but the one lm car i want is the howmet tx turbine car from 1968. also, here are some ideas for a f1 dlc, 1967 STP paxton turbocar which was a turbine f1 car, cosworth garish awd f1 contender, the six wheeled tyrell p34 f1 (imagine a six wheeled f1 lol), and the 1952 cummins diesel special f1. those are the f1′s i want

    1. XPOWER180

      Amazing how whatever the news, it always ends up being ‘this should be DLC’. FFS, give it a rest and just be happy with what you’ve got!!!! Sick to death of constantly reading all this sh!te about what DLC should be released.

    2. aronh17

      @XPOWER180 I couldn’t agree more… I’d much rather stick with what I have and allow them to make the next game even better & include new cars and tracks.

  11. XPOWER180

    The Brundle bundle were a great team as was Jordans, was so good to see them having a close battle and proved just what a great concept the GT Academy is and the Eurosport coverage certainly plugged it, especially from Liz Halliday who was involved with GTA. Well done to all involved, it was a fantastic race!

    1. Jaycue58

      Hi Xpower 180 i thought the battle in the GT Class was superb, bet even Corvette didnt think they would win their class after all the upsets they had during the race

  12. silicon1138

    Outstanding driving fellas, congratulations on your results. You’ve done a truly amazing job yet again.
    Great to see Martin enjoying himself so much too.

  13. larsh

    And what we need now in GT5:
    A lot of Le Mans Cars plus the Delta wing
    A 4 hrs endurance race with different classes. You race in your class and overtake (or be overtaken if you don’t choose LMP1) other cars in other classes.

    Would be great.

    1. BlindZenDriver

      I just wish the game showed you time diff to not only the leader but also the right in front of you and likewise the one behind.

      I do a good deal of “endurance” races on GT5 and it would be so much more fun with those data. For instance this Friday we were 13 people doing an 20 lap Le Mans warm up race and unfortunately the #2 or #3 guy crashed in the Porsche curves on lap one leading to further crashes so a lot of the racers had to pit for repairs – this meant being a lot down after one lap and with only gap to the leader given it became pretty silly for the next 19 laps.

    2. Progress823

      +1…. Split time to car in front and behind…great idea. Unfortunately that is how most of the online endurance races go, someone crashes mid pack, takes a lot of cars out and then half of the drivers quit. I remember doing a 50 lap endurance at Sarthe, 14 people started, 7 quit before lap 5 and only 5 people finished.

    3. Amac500

      @Pit Crew: Well the FIA doesn’t own the right to class racing. Its used in pretty much all forms of endurance racing, even large non-FIA leagues such as Grand-Am.

      Ya now what would be good for BlindZenDriver’s problem, if when there was an accident like that were a car has spun a little line could come up on the screen below your gap to the leader that could say “Incident in Sector 3” or whatever timing sector the accident is in so that everybody know where a crash is and so you know not to come flying through the Porsche Curves to find a car stopped in the center on track in the racing line and have nothing to do about. I’m sure those of us that race would agree that when your in the Porsche curves and your doing it right your on a rail and moving to avoid a wreck is pretty impossible. Say you take the first right handed entering on the racing line and you are hard on the gas, wide open through the next left handed kink. If your an inch off you know your in the grass, there’s one line to take and you can’t get off of it. You take the first left hand kink, the g-force is lugging the car to te outside, and all of a sudden you find a car stopped across the right side of the track. Anyone who actually drives GT5 knows what I’m saying, your going NOWHERE but into the side of them and wrecks your entire race! Sector crash alerts would help with that SOOOO much!

    4. Pit Crew

      @Amac 500 I see, thanks bro. Class Scoring would def be a welcome addition to GT6. Online leagues will benefit 2.

      Read the story concerning the engine used in the DeltaWing and its link to the Chevy WRCC car. Good Stuff Thanks.

  14. HKS racer

    “Nissan power took nine of the top 10 positions at the Le Mans 24.”

    But they didn’t get 1st, Honda trolled them big times. xD

    1. Pit Crew

      How did NISSANS take top 9 of 10 top positions if 1 of the top 5 cars was a Toyota and four of top 5 were Audis?

  15. Amac500

    Good run fella’s! Now lets get some of these 13 Nissan LMP2 cars into GT5! I’ll pay for that DLC, Hell I’ll pay 5 bucks! (No I’m not asking for the deltawing because I still think it is a joke to call it a Nissan, because none of it is a Nissan)

    1. Pit Crew

      IDK if you will have to pay Amac. Kaz will hook us up (Free gift) im sure. Probable end of race season prize maybe. So long as its JT or LO cars spec skins. (Opinion)

    2. Amac500

      I would love it to be free, but the best things in life never seem to be free in GT5 (case and point Spa).

      Ya know what would be cool though? If you could buy prototype chassis and engines. You could have LMP2 chassis like Oreca, Zytek, and the open and closed top Lola, LMP1 Lola chassis too and all that, and maybe little Radical chassis to. Then you could buy an engine like a Nissan, or a Judd, or a Lotus or whatever and put the engine in the chassis. Give us a couple different 3 color RM like livery options to spray, only let us spray all 3 colors instead of just 1. That would be great, and BAM, just like that multiple Le Mans cars for us all!

  16. Amac500

    Man, Nissan had 13 of the 20 cars in LMP2 and I’m thinking “Hey, they are probably going to win and use it big for marketing” but then the Starworks Honda upsets them. From a GT5 stand point I’m thinking too bad, but as an American I cheering because I think it’s the first time an American team has won class at Le Mans out side of the GT ranks since Ford! Can anybody confirm of deny this?

  17. Doober

    I can’t believe the idiot that drove the toyota knocked the delta wing off track. I was very upset when i saw that replay. That was reckless.

    1. Amac500

      Not near as bad as the Ferrari that decide to break Anthony Davidson’s back. But don’t worry, it wasn’t actuall a Nissan. The Deltawing is built off of an old Aston Martin AMR-One chassis, fabricated in Uninted States, and the engine in it is a Cheverolet engine from the Chevy Cruz World Touring car that is rebranded by Nissan. Yup, the only thing Nissan about it is the badge they slapped on the engine, yet they will call it Japanesse eventhough it is anything but. However, compared to the Future Technologies entry next year the deltawing is the secured thing to ever grace the racing world.

      Never the less, yes the Kaz Nakjima (probably spelled that wrong) did take him out. However, gott’a give them props for making up and going over to the deltawing guys this morning to apologize.

    2. Custer85

      The Nissan Delta Wing is very hard to see for other drivers. It was even smaller then most of the GT cars, which was a big disadvantage.

    3. Doober

      i repect good sportsmanship. I was hoping to see more of it as it went on. even if nissan wasn’t manufacturer it still was a cool car and it had nissan’s name on it. not Chevy

    4. moxlox

      Amac500, we’ve discussed this before. The Deltawing has a Nissan Juke derived engine, not a Chevy. You’re quoting a rumour (about the Chevy) before the engine was formerly announced. They even had a Deltawing engineer commentating on Eurosport HD in the race after the car went out, explaining how it was completely derived from a Nissan Juke 1.6 turbo power plant.

    5. Amac500

      Here’s my link to the #1 website we all trust for our LMP engineering, If the libk doesnt work then copy and paste Go down to 3.8.12 and read around there:

      The engine shares similiar principles with the Juke 1.6 turbo engine. Read about it from there and even a bit up. The engines are quite similar and the one used is similiar to the Nissan Juke engine. However, the engine put into the car was not made by Nissan or developed by them and I don’t believe one part of the deltawing ever set foot in Japan. Read it for yourself. has it as well. They draw comparisons from Nissan but the engine in the car was not designed or made by them, just shared similar principles! Read it for yourself skeptics, I’m not pulling this stuff out of my ass!

    6. Amac500

      And yes Doober it had Nissan’s name on it and not Chevy’s, thats the corporate world for you. Nissan will get all the credit for the car even though they did nothing for it, and that’s regardless of the achievements if the car it’s self. Hey, even if you do think the car looks like a flying black dildo, it the sexiest car in the world compaired to next year’s Green GT. The Green GT looks like an over emphasized hot wheel car or sone weird deep sea fish. It is seriously so ugly I hope the factory burns down and kills everybody because, as rash as that statement is, the car is fully and completely that bad looking. I don’t even think they will waste time putting mirror’s on it because it is mirror shatteringly ugly, lol.

  18. TokoTurismo

    Congratz Lucas and Jordan. :D The top 10 finish? That’s amazing! Now, for you PD. Because Lucas and Jordan did a top 10 finish, add their cars to GT5 along with the Delta Wing. Why can’t we give those cars a try, it not fair… Make a DLC based on GT Academy. Don’t go saving it for GT6 because we know that game is NOT coming out anytime soon. :\

    1. XxFineDriveFDxX

      I’m not quite sure we’ll be getting any DLC anytime soon. GT5’s a good game, don’t get me wrong, but at this rate, the game feels repetitive, and imho, will only make me play the game another fifteen minutes.

      Face it, with all the events finished, a-spec and b-spec, GT academy golded, and pretty much every tuning possibility I could think of (Daihatsu Midget Drag racer ftw), I’m officially done with this game. :c

      Though, if GT6 comes out, I’ll definitively be on that.

    2. Quakebass

      ^ I’d have to disagree; new content will likely be out rather soon since GT Academy is ending; We already know about Twin Ring Motegi, and we know the prizes for GT Academy are being released early July. I’ve got a feeling that a new DLC pack of SOME sort will be coming out around then; maybe during the third week of July, since that’s when all of the other DLC’s came out – the third week of the month they were released in (that was one good run-on sentence…).

      I’d like content that gives us something to do for a reasonably long amount of time; the easiest would be an event pack, along with trophies for existing and upcoming DLC’s.

    3. XxFineDriveFDxX

      This is where I’ll have to beg to disagree with you a bit here, Quakebass. Sure, DLC is A-okay in my set of mind, specially with a game that doesn’t have a whole lot of DLC to begin with, as opposed to Forza.

      Sure, Twin Ring Motegi’s fine, but to me, it’s already a track in GT4, and I still have yet to understand why it wasn’t in, in the first place. DLC that normally gives us a long amount of time will be one of two things.

      One: It’ll cost way too much, and take away from development time from GT6, you know, better engine, physics, and maybe, no standard cars. :P

      Two: The amount of time it would take, given PD’s smaller staff. Now now, I am a patient man (Waited for TF2 forever, wink wink Valve) A lot of people are impatient, and you know, I’d never like to be the one to flip the ball and jump to a different IP, just because they shed out something that’s considered “The Best ever”.

      I’m more anticipated for what GT6 might do, since, I don’t think PD really outdid themselves with GT5, as opposed to Forza Motorsport 4.

      To explain myself with THAT statement, before a select few decide to call me a fanboy.

      The weather, night shift, and other tidbits found in interior views is nice, believe me. I like detail. But it just doesn’t add to the overall experience for me. It’s a racing game. I’d like a game where I can jump in right away online with some good racers, and the occasional bad ones, to warm up on my dodging skills. Forza 4 has all of that for now. The looks of things so far, Forza Horizion is getting the night shift treatment. My only gripe about Horizion is the fact it feels like a drink our good friends at EA concocted up.

      Don’t get me wrong guys, I happily bought GT5 in November, and currently own all the DLCs currently. I support the game, and most undoubtedly will once future DLC comes out. It’s just, the replay value is finally dying for me.

    4. XxFineDriveFDxX

      Also, an event pack, meh, I doubt would stimulate much

      I would’ve gave the porsche pack a go, since it had events and achievements. But being a Skyrim fan, I’m waiting for Dawnguard, for my Twenty dollars, rather than some carried over cars.

      Besides the seasonal events of GT5, inho seem like a sort of free DLC to me.

      Then again, I’d hate to see the request threads and comments on news sections about how an event DLC didn’t conclude any cars, or tracks. x:

    5. Quakebass

      ^ Okay… All I was saying is that it’s likely that DLC will be coming out SOON, not that it was a good or bad idea to do so… And as for the content part, I was just stating that PD could do many simple things aside from cars and tracks (like an event pack and additional trophies) that wouldn’t take so much away from GT6’s development. The fact is is that they aren’t really doing SIMPLE things, as you stated yourself, that would breathe a good bit more life into the game. I’d like PD to focus their workforce of GT6, as long as they announced their doing so, and that they release whatever content we know to exist in GT5 currently (like TRM and the 2013 NSX). We already know that PD was planning some sort of “March Update”, which then got delayed, and then GT Academy took over. So the main point is, we’re likely getting new content soon, I’d like PD to do simpler things to improve GT5, and for them to move most or all of GT5’s workforce onto GT6.

    6. Amac500

      Mostly the Audi R18, lol, I wanted that for a long time. The 2012 version of factory cars is a bit unlikely though because it does offer a great chance for competition to zoom in and look around all the car’s fine aerodynamic details with those great premium renderings of GT5. Therefore an Audi R18 TDI is most likely since the model is no longer in competition. LMP2 cars shouldn’t be a big deal though. 13 of 20 LMP2 cars this year were Nissans yet there isn’t 1 Nissan LMP2 in the game!?

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