Gran Turismo “Predict the Winners” Campaign Returns for World Series Showdown

A special promotion will run alongside this month’s Gran Turismo World Series Showdown, offering players the chance to win in-game prizes for watching along with the live streams or guessing the winning teams.

It’s the second live event tie-in of this type, following on from a similar campaign for the World Finals in 2022. If you took part in that event, you’ll pretty much know what to expect from this one.

There’s two separate competitions, consisting of a “Predict the Winners” contest and a “Viewers Gift” challenge, each connected to both the Manufacturers Cup and Nations Cup events in Amsterdam.

For “Predict The Winners” you’ll need to… well, predict the winners. This is available in-game right now, under a tile in the top-right corner of the World Map screen marked “Bonus Campaign”.

As with the events across 2022, you’ll need to select one squad from the Manufacturers Cup and one team from the Nations Cup — with the latter now also a team competition — that you think will be victorious.

You have until the race itself begins on the live broadcast — so you can even watch the qualifying session before making your selection — with the streams beginning at 1700 UTC on Friday August 11 and Saturday August 12 respectively.

Should your chosen squad in either event take victory, you’ll earn 1,000,000cr for your game wallet, which will be added on Monday August 14. Get both right and that will be doubled.

The Viewers Gift campaign is also available in-game right now, although you won’t be able to enter until much later as they’re based on the streams themselves.

It’s possible that, as with the World Finals last season, viewers will face multiple choice questions concerning the events on the stream, although it’s not clear right now precisely how the rewards are determined.

However there’ll be one prize for each stream, with awards made in two tranches: for viewers who take part before 2359UTC on Sunday August 13; and for viewers who take part between then and and 2359 on Sunday August 20. Gifts will be delivered on Monday August 14 and Monday August 21 respectively.

For the Manufacturers Cup stream task, you’ll earn a six-star Roulette Ticket (Engine), which will guarantee you a prize of one replacement engine for the game’s engine swap feature. Many of these engines are quite expensive if you want to buy them, so this could represent a decent saving.

Meanwhile the Nations Cup stream task will award you one of the oddest vehicles to come to a Gran Turismo game to date: the Toyota Ambulance Himedic. This was teased in Kazunori Yamauchi’s silhouette image post over the weekend as coming in an update on August 7.

Curiously, this prize is marked as an “early access” reward. That means that although the Himedic will be in the August 7 update it won’t be a playable or buyable car and this campaign will be a first chance to own and drive it. It remains to be seen when the Toyota will be available to all.

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