Gran Turismo World Finals “Viewer Campaign” Awards Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo Early Access

The 2022 Gran Turismo World Series World Final is almost upon us, and if you’re planning on tuning in to the four days of live streams you’ll be able to pick up some in-game rewards — including early access to the most-recently announced new car in the series.

This special “Viewers Gift Campaign” is the first time that the Gran Turismo series will award in-game prizes for viewer engagement on its live streams, and it will take the form of a quiz.

Each of the four live streams, starting with the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup at 1600 UTC on Thursday November 24, will have its own individual quiz and reward.

It’s not currently clear what the quiz format will be or how you enter, but it seems likely that you’ll need to correctly answer a question about things that happen within each stream from either an in-game portal or by logging into the game’s official site.

In each case you’ll need to enter before the next event’s stream goes live, at 1600 UTC each day. The exception is the final quiz, where you have a week to take part — ending at 1559 UTC on Sunday December 4.

Meet the conditions for the Toyota GR GT Cup quiz and you’ll win 1,000,000cr for your Gran Turismo 7 wallet — a prize worth around $10 by the pricing of GT7’s microtransactions. There’s special parts and engine tickets for the Nations Cup Regional Final and Manufacturers Cup streams, which will award you otherwise unavailable vehicle components and replacement engines for engine swaps.

The most interesting prize of all though comes for the Nations Cup Final. Ferrari and Polyphony Digital will reveal the brand-new Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo during the live stream itself, and it will be the prize for the campaign, with delivery starting December 15. Not only that, it will be an early chance to own and drive the car as it will not be available to purchase in GT7’s Brand Central until a later, unspecified date.

We’re yet to see anything of the Ferrari VGT, which was only announced on November 21, beyond a general glimpse of a shape and the front-end signature lighting.

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