Gran Turismo 7 Soundtrack Video Features Singer’s 911 DLS

A curious item has surfaced in the official lyrics video for a second track from Gran Turismo 7’s official soundtrack, as the high-performance, Porsche 911-inspired Singer DLS features prominently — despite not appearing in the game’s car list to date.

The video is for the track Coming in Slow, by British indie rock band Nothing But Thieves. It’s not clear if this is the band’s official video, or something created to promote the track specifically for the GT7 OST, but it leans heavily on automotive imagery.

We see tire tracks throughout the video, as well as vehicle components from air filters and wheels up to entire engines, and several cars. You can see the video for yourself below:

It’s pretty difficult to miss the Singer, as it’s the first car in the video as well as being in several other sequences throughout the clip.

For those not familiar with the Singer DLS — which stands for “Dynamics and Lightweighting Study” — it’s an extreme reinterpretation of the classic Porsche 911. Singer is well known for its 911 restomods, but the DLS is an almost entirely bespoke creation.

Loosely based on a 964-generation car, just about the only thing remaining from the original is the shape and the fact there’s a flat-six out back. The DLS has a custom body manufactured almost entirely from carbon-fiber, considerable chassis upgrades, and even that engine is a specialist 4.0-liter item co-created with Williams.

Quite what it’s doing in the video is a bit of a mystery, however it’s not alone. Other vehicles that pop up in the video in various forms include a Porsche 911 GT2 and a current-generation Volkswagen Passat — neither of which are cars known to be in GT7.

We do get to see a Mercedes SLS AMG, which is in the game, and what looks like a heavily modified, Group 5-inspired Skyline GT-R “hakosuka”, which could conceivably be created out of the standard car and GT7’s wealth of vehicle upgrades — including widebody mods.

The likeliest explanation however is that, rather than revealing previously unknown GT7 vehicles, the video’s creators plucked the 3D models and wireframe meshes from a free resource without any specific connection to the Gran Turismo 7 car list.

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