Gran Turismo 7 Release Window Changed in Sony’s Edited PS5 Video

Since Gran Turismo 7 was first revealed back in June of 2020, its release date has remained a slightly confusing mystery.

The most “official” release window we have was set by the fine print in PlayStation 5 marketing materials which first appeared last month. A video titled “New Worlds to Explore”, uploaded to the official PlayStation YouTube channel on November 7, clearly stated that GT7 was “anticipated [for] release in 2021”.

However, in a rather extraordinary turn of events, the text in the YouTube video has changed. If you watch the video now (look at the white text at the bottom of the screen around the 9-second mark), Gran Turismo 7 is now described as simply “in development for PlayStation”.

Original Version:

Updated Version:

Current Video:

It’s a simple change, but there is actually quite a bit to unpack here.

They edited a YouTube video?

This is the same video we embedded in our article when we covered the news on November 9. Its URL has not changed, its publication date has not changed, but its contents definitely have.

Replacing YouTube videos after they have been uploaded is not a feature available to most users, but there is evidence of a few private exceptions to this rule for large corporations like PlayStation.

For example, YouTube allowed Apple to update one of their videos that displayed a software bug.

What does this mean for Gran Turismo 7?

It is worth noting how unusual it is for a YouTube video to be changed because it highlights the fact this was a very deliberate — and perhaps even slightly difficult — action for PlayStation to make.

This also suggests that Gran Turismo 7 will almost certainly not make the “first half of 2021” release window that was originally mentioned.

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