Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.43 Now Available: Adds Three Cars, New Races & Engine Swaps

Gran Turismo 7’s update 1.43 has arrived as expected, bringing new content and activities to the game ahead of its second anniversary.

The update comes in at a relatively average 1.68GB on PlayStation 5 and 1.38GB on PS4, which isn’t much of a surprise given that we already knew that it would be a three-car affair — although we didn’t know what else would be on its way until now.

With the update and its patch notes now available, we can say for sure what you’ll be digging into when you next log into the game.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.43: New Cars

We were reasonably sure of the identities of the three vehicles from the traditional silhouette post — albeit with a new twist this time — although there were some finer details that had yet to be confirmed at the time. Now we have our hands on the update we can confirm everything including the prices:

  • Audi TTS Coupe ’09 – Brand Central* – 68,000cr
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR GSR ’06 – Brand Central* – 100,000cr
  • Renault R4 GTL ’85 – Used Cars – 24,400cr*

None of the three cars are particularly wallet-scaring, and all will appear in the Used Car Dealer rotation — starting today as special Hot Picks. However two of the three also slot into that 2001-2010 period that make them eligible to appear in Brand Central too, at a slightly higher price.

Naturally the 1985 Renault R4 GTL is the exception to that, and this dinky, 1.1-liter hatchback — barely changed since its introduction in 1961 — is the cheapest of the three at 24,400cr right now. That price will be a little lower when it enters the general rotation.

Sitting at the top of the pricing is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR GSR ’06. This is the first Evo 9 model in the game since GT6 and indeed the first CT9A-platform Evo — accounting for the Evo 7-9 generations — filling in a bit of a gap in the car list. It’s priced at 100,000cr, with the used version just 8% cheaper right now.

Speaking of filling gaps, the 2009 Audi TTS Coupe is the first second-generation TT model to appear in GT7, joining its first- and third-generation siblings. This car is a direct carryover from GT6, as opposed to the Evo 9 above which is a slightly different model from the earlier title’s, featuring a 268hp version of the two-liter four. The new version is priced at 68,000cr, with the used model at 63,800cr as a Hot Pick.

For players who didn’t spend $4,800 on a wrist watch there’s effectively a fourth new car too as, until now, you’ve only been able to see the AI drive it.

That is, of course, the Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo, which is now available to buy from the newly added Bulgari dealer in Brand Central. The car, a compact, 400hp speedster designed by former Pininfarina designer Fabio Filippini, will cost 1,000,000cr like all Vision GT cars. However you can still get one example for free if you redeem the special QR code in the watch box set.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.43 – New Events & Extra Menus

The only change to the Menus this month is a new Extra Menu Book. Book 36: Lamborghini sets you a collection task of picking up three of the Italian brand’s legendary supercars.

Naturally that starts off with arguably the first supercar of them all, the 1967 Miura Prototype, while there’s the much more modern, all-wheel drive Aventador LP700-4 to meet more recent tastes. No Lamborghini collection would be complete without the Countach, in original LP400 form.

Picking up all three will require some patience with the Legends Cars dealer, but once you pick up all three you’ll earn a six-star Roulette Ticket.

  • Extra Menu Book 36 — Lamborghini — Six-Star Roulette Ticket

There’s a further three new races available across the World Circuits selection, with each one offering a chance to show off the new cars added in the update.

A new three-lap event at Laguna Seca in the Japanese Clubman Cup 550 will suit the Evo, although at just 40,000cr for victory you’ll need to win a couple of times with a Clean Race Bonus to earn back your buy-in. The TTS is a fair choice for the European Clubman Cup 600, with three laps of Suzuka Circuit for a 60,000cr first prize. Finally the Renault 4 is the new cover car for the Sunday Cup Classic, with a three-lap race at Tsukuba for a 25,000cr win bonus.

  • Laguna Seca (3 laps) – Japanese Clubman Cup 550 – 40,000 Cr.
  • Suzuka Circuit (3 laps) – European Clubman Cup 600 – 60,000 Cr.
  • Tsukuba Circuit (3 laps) – Sunday Cup Classic – 25,000 Cr.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.43 – New Engine Swaps

After a couple of updates with ten engine swaps, 1.43 turns it back down to a five-swap update much as we’ve seen across the game’s entire two-year life to date.

It’s a very Japanese-looking selection too, with all five cars and all five engines — one of which is a new option — originating in the country.

Possibly the headline act here is the Nissan GT-R R35 Premium Edition, which gains V8 power in the form of the 1000hp LS7 unit from the Subaru BRZ Drift Car. However there’s also two 2JZ swaps, as both the Mk3 Supra 3.0GT and the GR Corolla gain the famous Supra straight six.

In what may be the least powerful engine upgrade in the game, the Suzuki Jimny added in the 1.42 update now gets the unit from its Swift Sport stablemate — although that still represents almost a 100% bump in power. And that’s just as-standard…

Finally the Toyota Sprint Trueno AE86 matches its Corolla sibling from the last update in gaining 3S-GTE power from the second-generation MR2.

You’ll need to be Collector Level 50 to buy the engines directly from GT Auto, although all are also prizes in some Roulette Tickets — including Six-Star (Engine) tickets.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.43 – Scapes and Other Changes

A new set of Scapes based around the Pyrenees — the mountains on the border of France and Spain and encompassing the tiny nation of Andorra has been added.

There’s a total of 20 new locations in the selection, all in the three countries, taking in the mountains, forests, passes, and settlements in the area.

Other changes include one that’s not likely to be particularly popular with players, as the pricey Legends Cars Dealer has seen an update to car values. These are adjusted according to Hagerty’s Valuation Tool which estimates real-world values for collectors’ vehicles, and the numbers rarely go down. Each vehicle’s new price will appear the next time it comes into stock in-game.

Many players will have noticed the absence of Weekly Challenges this week, following an announcement from Polyphony Digital that the next set will appear on Friday March 8. This appears to be a permanent switch, with the update’s notes including a comment that the new Challenges will now update each Friday.

There’s also a minor change to vehicle aspiration notation. Turbocharged cars will now be listed as “TC” (“turbocharger”) instead of “TB”, while twin-charged cars — with a turbocharger and a supercharger — are listed as “TC+SC” rather than “ST”.

As usual the notes add that “various other issues have been addressed”, without specifics. Our community will be digging these out in due course, although we can say that — once again — they don’t include the teased Suzuka Circuit environmental update…

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