Gran Turismo 7 Release Date is March 4 2022

Gran Turismo 7 now has an official launch date, and it’s coming pretty soon. You’ll be able to play the next game in the series less than six months from now on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, on March 4 2022.

The date was revealed in a brand new trailer for the game as part of the PlayStation Showcase on September 9. It was our first look at the title in just over a year following the initial reveal back in June 2020, and it seems to have come a long way in the intervening time.

We’ll be unpacking the trailer itself in a further article, but suffice to say there’s plenty for Gran Turismo fans to get excited about — with that famous promise of “a combination of the past, present and future” of Gran Turismo looking to be very much the theme.

Importantly, the trailer featured not only the launch date but the re-confirmation that the title will be available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

That’s been something that’s caused much speculation over the past few months, as the game was initially announced as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. After a period of some rather confused messaging, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s president and CEO Jim Ryan confirmed a PS4 version only this past weekend — and the box art looks surprisingly like the version GTPlanet mocked up for our images!

As things stand we don’t know how the two game versions will differ, but it looks like both are set to arrive the same day: March 4, 2022.

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  1. TRLWNC7396

    With the problem of computer chips and the lack of access to the PS5, I can understand the unfortunate (for them) decision to release GT7 as both PS4 and PS5.

    It’ going to hurt them getting new people into the PS5, but it will boost income by at least having GT7 get sold. A LOT! And maybe some double purchases.

    We shall see.

  2. greenlightning

    I will probably end up getting GT7 since can still play on PS4, but that’s the only reason. Have zero interest in PS5. I would only get it for very casual play, car collecting, photo mode. If however they require to be connected to internet every time – not so sure. Not that I have any internet issues, just do no think it is right for those that do not have decent internet. Except for a few things like graphics, maybe user interface, photo mode etc. The GT series is still the same as it always has been. No major improvements to A.I., to sound, to racing in general. Chasing the rabbit in GT offline events is just dumb now days. Even with just using the tools that they have (what the game is currently capable of). There are so many things that could be done to get way more value out of the game and much better experience for all. Just think if the GT events could be more like Project Cars, set weather, time of day, numbers of laps within reason for the event. Set progression rate of time of day etc. Wished they would use tire wear, and fuel in the GT events or give us the option.

    I moved on for any series racing, but man oh man they leave so much on the table that they can be making use of. I remember on GT5 demo, running some events where if you hit a car while you were going say over a certain speed (event over) – that was challenging to some degree.

    We all hope GT7 can bring back some of the glory days. I do think GT5 and GT6 were good at the end of their life span. Both had large car count, lots of events. I think GT6 at the end might of had overall more content then any GT series.

    1. greenlightning

      I do enjoy the GT sport, back ground screens and all the car manufacturers historically information. Along with the history stuff in general. Would be nice if there was a way to watch it all back to back like a documentary.

      I spend most of my time now taking photos of cars. Wished they would allow all your photos regardless of category to be put into a slide show. Sames goes for other people’s photos that you add to your collection. While at when in discovery, I want to be able to pick full screen by default then just flip through the photos. Would make things alot better and more useful. Would be really great to take photos while at the livery screen. Why not also allow many more back grounds at livery menu. Heck even just select the scapes screens right then and there. It would be really cool to make your own car posters, add text, other graphs etc – with in reason of course.

  3. Ant78

    Hear me out….

    OK, so GT7 is planned for March 2022 (maybe in line with PSVR2?)

    GTA5 Next Gen is put back to March 2022 (Maybe VR plans?) Think about it, when it up from 360 to Xbox1 it introduced first person view. Since then, they made a VR version of LA Noire, MAYBE JUST MAYBE GTA5 IS COMING TO US IN VR!!

    I can but dream

      1. Ant78

        Yea I know, more speculating about the PSVR2 release, as I thought maybe GT7 would be a PSVR2 bundle of some sort.

        It’s not even confirmed for VR, but the ‘tech demo’ in GT sport of PSVR was absolutely brilliant, just wish for full grids and online

  4. Kazuya720

    Cool! As longer I think about it, as more logical it sounds to release the game on both consoles. Think about it: Sony couldn’t just sell as much units (of the PS5) as the planed, even if the customer want it. Corona, supply-chain, chip problem etc. These leads to the situation, that on March 22, they won’t as many PS5 out to the customer as they planed. If you release thant a big title that GT7, the game will also suffer, because they would also sell less (because of sold PS5) as thought. Ergo… release the game also for the “old” PS4, which is broadly on market and get as many copies sold as possible of GT7.

  5. infamousphil

    They updated parts of previous intros. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they updated the GTO (yellow) and Supra (black) LMs?

    1. djdest

      I”d love whatever ultimate or limited edition will be available too, but after the disaster of the bonus cars on Sport I’m not sure I’ll bother!
      Every time I see the missing, there but not there cars in my garage it annoys me still

  6. djdest

    Loving the look of the extra stuff on the livery editor, and visual modifications too.
    Looks like I’ll be needing a ps5 after all, it’s literally the only game I’ll want until GTA6 arrives (if it ever does!) so rather an expensive purchase, but needs must!
    Let’s just hope the date doesn’t slip, but it’s not like it would be unusual if it did…

  7. Pmc4068

    Those shiny cars, especially seeing the Supra in the trailer will no doubt get me too get a ps5 but I’ll get on ps4 1st and wait a while before getting ps5

  8. IXON009

    Before the trailer: I can wait and I’ll only buy it for the PS5.
    After the trailer: Nevermind, I will play this on PS4 until I can buy the PS5.


    I feel like there’s a bit of a lack of content. It says that GT7 will have roughly 420 cars at launch, which is a lot, don’t get me wrong, but GTS has 340 cars, and I bet they are all going to be ported to GT7, since this is just a souped-up GTS. That gives us about 80 new cars in total. This is really not a lot of content.

    Of course, with updates they will bring more, but how much? 100 cars? 200 if we’re living in a fantasy world?

    GT3 had 180, GT4 had over 700. And of course, those older models take way less time to model and implement, but that was a huge step up.

    And the fun factor? GT3 and older games are so beloved because they were…just fun. But GTS is not a fun game, it’s focused on SIM racing. But GT7 does not have to do that. But it does. To the point where there is not a slightest camera shake in interior, it’s like you’re a GoPro monted to the chassis, or a robot. I’m not talking about the physics, I’m talking about appeal. GT7 wants to be fun like all the other older games, but it MIGHT BE lacking on content and be just too serious for a casual player.


      Forza games are very repetative in their car content too, some of the models are very old, and some get a little love from the devs, but it’s been 8 Years since GT6, which is just a souped up GT5, which means 11 years without a major installment. That’s a heck of a lot of time to model anything you want, with the resources they have.

      But anyway, of course I’m excited too! Hope it won’t be delayed for another two years, and I will surely buy the collector’s edition for ps5 day one, this is a must have :)

    2. NekoPufferPPP

      Do you not realize how long it takes to model the cars to this level of detail?
      Also, wtf? GT was always focused on realistic car physics. How is that not fun?

      1. SWAGMASTER69

        Did you read what i’ve said?
        Of course I do, and that’s why I mentioned multiple examples. But even if we count down from GTS, they had at least 4 years. This is a ton of time for a company with almost unlimited resources. Polyphony digital is one of the few Magnum Opus developers for the sony. They could have done more.

        I didn’t talk about physics, I talket about the interior camera and the experience for a casual player.

  10. Auditore

    Whoever designed the shot of the camera showing a building then pulling back to reveal it’s actually a reflection of a Supra needs a raise,that was cinema 10/10.


      But it’s just a reference to the old GT2 intro, the same scene but with a Honda S2000, nothing new, just a hommage :)
      But yes, the trailer is really good!

    1. Romai12

      « With over 420 cars available at Brand Central and the Used Car Dealership from day one, Gran Turismo 7 recreates the look and feel of classic motors and bleeding-edge supercars alike in unparalleled detail. Each car handles differently and feels unique as you navigate over 90 track routes in dynamic weather conditions, including classic courses from GT history »

      1. infamousphil

        Dang… they still modeling these cars? Or are they posing for some dlc cheddar? I'm won't be happy with less than a thousand whips.

    2. FastOldHippy

      Probably about a month or so before the ‘release date’. I’m guessing we wont see it until May or June at the earliest.

    3. infamousphil

      LOL… but it’s good to know others are familiar with Sony and PD’s games. It can feel like we’re on some deserted island… no one hears our screams?

  11. V1LR-GUE10

    Hard to see cars I spotted:
    Jaguar F-Type R ’14
    Mazda 787B ’91
    Toyota Aqua ‘??
    Toyota Sports 800 ’65
    Honda Beat ’91
    Honda S660 ’15
    Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo ’91
    Audi R8 4.2 ’07
    Ferrari 458 Italia ’09

    1. GTP_reddevil

      Also from the trailer (some were more obvious than others):
      Alfa Romeo 155 2.5 V6 TI ‘93
      Ferrari FXX K ‘16 (I’m guessing 2016)
      Jeep Willys Jeep ‘45 (I’m guessing 1945)
      Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK-LM ‘98
      Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR ‘98
      Nissan Pennzoil Skyline GT-R GT500 ‘99
      Nissan Silvia Q’s (S13) ‘88
      Nissan Skyline HT 2000GT-R (KPGC10) ‘70
      Toyota Supra GT500 ‘97

      GT Website (check the GT website and the new images):
      Aston Martin DB5 ‘64 (I’m guessing 1964)
      De Tomaso Mangusta ‘89
      Ford Mustang Boss 429 ‘69
      Nissan Silvia Q’s (S13) ‘88

      There were plenty of other new cars but these were quite noticeable and in some ways significant – this looks to be an incredible GT game!

    2. V1LR-GUE10

      From GT website:
      Abarth 500 ’09
      Dodge Super Bee ’70
      Mazda RX-7 FC ’90
      VW Scirocco R ’10
      Dodge Viper GTS ’02
      Renault Sport Clio V6 ’00
      Lancia Delta HF ’91
      Honda Integra Type R ’98
      Honda Fit Hybrid ’14
      Honda NSX Type R ’92
      Honda S600 ’66
      Ford GT Race Car '18

  12. Melvin M

    I’m excited and finally it got a release date. Especially March. I was still using my PS4 even though I got my PS5 in June. Now I can use my PS4 until the game comes out. I’m worried about the tracks in the game. We haven’t seen the other original tracks. Outside of High Speed Ring and Trial Mountain, Suzuka and Tsukasa Circuit. Where’s Tokyo R2246? Where is Special Stage Route 5 and Clubman Stage Route 5? Grand Valley Speedway? Laguna Seca? Supposedly shown in the Picture part of the game.

    I hope PD doesn’t just add all the GT Sport tracks, because they need a lot of the original tracks back in the game. The cars will be great though but we need a lot of the original tracks back with the ones in GT Sport plus any new tracks coming out should they make DLC. They did adding new tracks with GT Sport for DLC and same with cars. Hope they do both after the game is out. Haven’t played a GT game in years and finally I’m ready.

    1. STINGer71

      GTS is now at 82-83 track layouts. In GT7 they said over 90. So, that is 3-4 new tracks, Trail Mountain (2), HSR (2) and…

      There is a screenshot from game, map of Europe, not a single new track there. In Japan map, only new track is HSR.

      And, that is a main problem of this game, no new content. They wast all of this time on visuals and tuning.

      New content probably comes later as dlc, just like GTS

      1. djdest

        I’d rather have more content added over time to help keep things fresh rather than having everything from day one. There’s going to be plenty to keep you busy as it is!

  13. daus26

    This is what was missing in the entire PS4 generation.

    Perhaps GT8 for the real next generation experience.

    Thank you PD for the flashbacks!

  14. r6098

    Honestly I cried a little when the intro showed the Porsche 917 Concept rotating as seasons changed, just like in Gran Turismo 4. Oh God I felt like a child again.

  15. Dan Noble

    “Mr Fahrenheit
    18 minutes ago

    Darn, now I’ve gotta find myself a PS5 until March 4th.”

    Its going to be on PS4 too

    1. BEBOP_Bill

      I lost it once when I started to notice the GT1 references. There references to GT2,3 and 4’s into movies as well. They stuck gold with this trailer.

  16. NekoPufferPPP

    Is it just my imagination, or does the first scene, where the Porsches appear, basically confirm dynamic time of day? I also saw a road wetness meter in the bottom left later on.

    1. Skinny McLean

      I doubt it will feature dynamic ToD (because of the PS4 compatibility requirement) – and it said it was a mixture of cinematics and gameplay. Well, one can always hope.

      1. Boing02

        Each car handles differently and feels unique as you navigate over 90 track routes in dynamic weather conditions, including classic courses from GT history

        On PlayStation website : dynamic weather conditions

  17. AidenT0653

    I do hope that they keep the decal select screen with ones from the base game livery. Like was in one of the first gts trailers but never made it to the main game. It would have/ will make liveies easier to make especially if you want to use manufacturers partners.

      1. FLX1981

        What am I missing here? To me it doesn’t look much better than GT Sport, except for resolution and shadow quality?

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