“GTbyCitroën – The Inside Story” in HD

March 6th, 2009 by Jordan Greer

There’s a new program coming to Gran Turismo TV – it’s the “Inside Story” of how the GTbyCitroën made the journey from polygons to production.  Check out the high-definition preview above, then fire up your copy of GT5 Prologue to download the full program.  Here’s the description from Polyphony Digital:

The process from its design sketch to scale model, and to the creation of the actual car, is introduced personally by the Japanese designer of this vehicle, Takumi Yamamoto. The creation of the car within the game, and the “C42W, the information base of Citroen, are also introduced here.  In the finale, Kazunori Yamauchi drives the car on a circuit!

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  1. Mar. 16, 1:35pm
    Mike M

    On the contrary, I think this car is truly majestic. The adage, “Think outside the box” rings so fervently in how it looks and its design concept.

  2. Mar. 9, 7:55am

    That monstrosity is the ugliest ‘supercar’ (concept or not), that I’ve ever seen, lol.
    Nothing can replace the Ferrari F40 in my heart.

  3. Mar. 7, 12:20am

    yes cool we need more shows in GTV it now boring i hop they make the shows for free to download

  4. Mar. 7, 12:10am

    Airplane as in jet, not prop :D. Ya I actually did check out all the vids of the car in action. I actually like how it sounds when it accelerates, sounds very futuristic. Wonder how it will perform though compared to other supercars such as the Ascari A10, Veyron, etc.

  5. Mar. 6, 8:42pm

    Airplane? You definitely haven’t heard the inside of that car. It sounds so loud!!! I think its a corvette engine in there with a little HP boost. And its 4wd and refined to sound clean and European.

  6. Mar. 6, 5:55pm

    Damn, swear that sounds like an airplane. I took a look at the test drive video as well, posted a while back…really awesome car.

    Yamauchi is certainly a lucky guy to be getting this first look hands on type experience….xD

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