GTPlanet Publishes “Ultimate Guide” to F1 2020

F1 2020 1 July 31, 2020 by

In June we announced a new initiative here at GTPlanet: the GTPlanet Guides. The Guides section of the site is resource we’ll be building up over the coming weeks and months, into a comprehensive library of about the biggest topics we cover.

Up until now we’ve published two Guides, both for games in development and yet to appear on shelves. The first resource is a guide dedicated to Gran Turismo 7, which we continue to update and refine as more and more information about the next Gran Turismo game arrives. After an update earlier this week, it now totals over 3,000 words — and that will continue to grow with news, rumors, and community feedback.

The second resource, which arrived earlier this month, was the Project CARS 3 Guide. Like GT7, this is a much-anticipated game in a popular series, but one which is much closer to launch. There’s still plenty of information yet to come out before it arrives at the end of August, and we’ll keep this updated with all the latest.

Today sees our third Guide arrive, and it’s a little different as it’s for a game that is already in our hands. F1 2020 — The Ultimate Guide assembles everything we know about the latest title in Codemasters’ official F1 game series. We reviewed F1 2020 when it came out, and were very impressed — particularly with the new My Team feature.

Like our other guides, we’ll be updating the F1 2020 page as Codemasters updates the game, to reflect any new content or features. There’s also a section for PSN Trophies and Xbox Achievements, for all the completionists to check off.

If you have any feedback on the guide or if there is something you think we should cover in it, please send us an email.

Stay tuned: we have more guides on the way!

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