Introducing the GTPlanet Review System

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The GTPlanet rating system is a consistent, site-wide approach to product reviews.

This system uses stars on a 10-point scale (five stars, including half-points). We’ve rolled it out on our bread and butter — games — as well as car and hardware reviews.

Each category will be scored on the five-star scale, and the game will receive a final score based on this. While the final score will be a rough average of the four aspects above, there will be some wiggle room for the reviewer to move up or down a half-star.

The Star System

As for the star ratings themselves, and what they represent? Here’s our criteria:

  • 0 STARS: Inoperable, missing, or broken functionality.
  • 1 STAR: Disappointing, far below the reviewer’s expectations.
  • 2 STARS: Below the reviewer’s expectations or contemporary standards.
  • 3 STARS: The baseline, or average, rating for a category which neither impresses nor disappoints the reviewer.
  • 4 STARS: The category exceeds the reviewer’s expectations or contemporary standards.
  • 5 STARS: Exceptional functionality or performance which makes a significant, positive impression on the reviewer.

Game Reviews

Game reviews feature five separate categories:

  • Content & Value for Money
  • Graphics
  • Sound Design
  • Driving Physics
  • Online Features

Car Reviews

Our newest type of product review, cars are judged on five categories as well:

  • Performance
  • Ride & Handling
  • Space & Comfort
  • Equipment
  • Value

Electronic Hardware Reviews

Electronic hardware (such as wheels or pedals) is reviewed via four categories:

  • Quality & Finish
  • Compatibility
  • Features
  • Value

Non-Electronic Hardware Reviews

Cockpits, wheel stands, and other such accessories fall here, which uses six criteria:

  • Quality & Finish
  • Adjustability
  • Comfort
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Stability
  • Value

Why This Sort of Review System?

The goal with our new review system is to introduce an added layer of consistency with product reviews. This applies not only to our team, but also for you, the reader. The new approach removes a lot of the ambiguity with reviews. We know your time (and money) are important, and we want to help make your gaming decisions that much more informed.

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