James Bond’s New Aston Martin Valhalla is Coming to Rocket League

To celebrate, at long last, the launch of Daniel Craig’s final James Bond film No Time To Die, the Aston Martin Valhalla supercar that plays a role in the movie will be coming to Rocket League.

In doing so, the Valhalla will actually become the first hybrid vehicle to appear in the game, with car using a combination of a Mercedes 4.0-liter V8 and electric motors to achieve 937hp when it launches in 2023.

The in-game car however uses slightly more potent rocket power to get around in the soccer-meets-destruction-derby title, and will be available a good deal sooner. Players will be able to pick the Valhalla up from October 7 for 1,100 Credits.

That will get you not only the car but also a Reel Life Decal, Engine Audio, and Wheels specific to the Valhalla.

In-game, the Valhalla uses the Dominus hitbox, making it similar to the McLaren 570S, KITT, and F1 and NASCAR vehicles when it comes to ball skills.

Alongside the Valhalla, players will also get another chance to buy the Aston Martin DB5 which was first available over the summer. This is available separately in the Item Shop, and as part of a “Bond 007 Collection” which includes the Valhalla and all of the additional items for both cars for 2,000 Credits.

You’ll also be able to complete three in-game challenges that comes with a Bond reward: the Aston Martin DB5 Player Banner, a 007 Avatar Border, and a “00 Agent” Player Title.

However you’ll only have a brief time to get all of the James Bond goodies, with the cars only being available from October 7 until October 13.

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