Kazunori Yamauchi in Esquire Mag’s “Man at the Top 2010”

January 11th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Kazunori Yamauchi has been honored in UK Esquire magazine’s “Man at the Top 2010” awards for his work on GT5 and the GT series. Esquire recognized ten men who “rewrote the future through their works in the past year”, placing Yamauchi alongside some big names, including actor Russell Crowe, “Inception” director Christopher Nolan, Twitter CEO Evan Willams,  Tour de France star Mark Cavendish, and others.

Congratulations to Kazunori Yamauchi for this awesome bit of “mainstream” recognition of his work – it’s always good to read about the GT series outside of the “gaming” media. Thanks to all who sent this in!

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  1. Jan. 13, 8:25pm
    Tenacious D

    As much as you guys complain about GT5, I have a feeling you’re doing what I’m about to do.

    Get back to it and race my face off. ;D

  2. Jan. 13, 10:33am

    Seems Esquire is jumping on the GT bandwagon.

  3. Jan. 13, 7:52am

    How old is Kaz? GT6 going to be his last work?

  4. Jan. 13, 7:44am

    … honestly, this man is a “frakin” Hero to me! …

  5. Jan. 13, 1:03am

    Kaz at “man at the top 2010″………..I don’t see Dan Greenawalt anywhere :P GRAN TURISMO IS LEGENDARY!!!!!!!

  6. Jan. 13, 12:45am

    That Picture looks like it was taken in photo mode.

  7. Jan. 12, 10:49pm

    I think that since Nissan and Citroen have come to PD and asked to help them in a car’s design along with Kaz being invited to race in the 24 hour Nurburgring race shows the automotive industry’s respect for him. Well deserved.

  8. Jan. 12, 9:19pm

    Kaz and Nolan should collaborate

    make a race within a race in a dream… within a dream!

  9. Jan. 12, 7:50pm

    is it just me or does he look like the evil dictator mao. *whistle*

  10. Jan. 12, 5:44pm

    Wow! congrats Kaz for giving us a good “simulator”, and Wow congrats Kaz for attaching almost no gameplay to this “simulator”, that’s quite an achievement!

    • Jan. 15, 2:21pm

      You mad?

  11. Jan. 12, 4:21pm

    congradulations Kaz!

  12. Jan. 12, 3:11pm

    I misread it has “Man of the Year” and spit my drink all over my monitor. lol good times.

  13. Jan. 12, 2:18pm

    YAY for Kazunori Yamauchi, Hes my hero. The best of the best creater who made gran turismo. I really wish i could just meet him and shake his hand in person.

    And i think his game, is perfect 100%.
    This is his dream and he wished for it, so thats all that matters. Im following my dream of being a comic artist, and i’ll never let it go on till i achieve it. :)

    Just like Kazunori Yamauchi did, for a game of his dreams.
    So please, please don’t backfire his his dream game, he wished for everyone and himself to enjoy it.

  14. Jan. 12, 12:16pm

    So….where is Chuck Norris??????

    • Jan. 12, 1:15pm

      Sorry Foxiol… This recognition is only for humans, not Gods.
      Anyway, Chuck Norris will always be a Legeng to all of us, no matter what :-)

    • Jan. 12, 2:45pm

      Moving mountains

    • Jan. 13, 4:13am

      Playing GT6.

  15. Jan. 12, 11:50am

    did anyone else gag when they read the name evan williams? the worst hangover ive ever had was off that stuff.

  16. Jan. 12, 11:36am

    Can you guys not read the picture? It says 1,000 cars.

  17. Jan. 12, 10:38am


  18. Jan. 12, 10:20am

    I wonder if the ones arguing about premium/standard has even tried to race a good standard car? There is no difference in driving. So if you drive with bumper view… Premium = Standard.

    • Jan. 12, 11:17am

      But you got to admit you would rather a cockpit even if you only use the bumpercam

    • Jan. 12, 4:15pm

      Kekke is right, i think it’s more important how the car drives then how it looks from inside. The cockpitview is just a nice bonus.

    • Jan. 12, 8:27pm

      exactly, i tend to drive with bumper cam anyway.
      and there is NO difference.

  19. Jan. 12, 9:48am
    Viktor Navorsky

    He definetely deserves this. He´s a visionary. No matter what people say about GT5… the man behind it, deserves respect for his accomplishments.

    • Jan. 12, 1:49pm

      Ummm, respect for what? Making a video game that was delayed so much and still doesn’t live up to the promises he made?

    • Jan. 12, 4:23pm

      If you think that 5/6 years of work on a videogame isn’t worth a little respect, you’re very unreasonable. If you look at the game itself, it’s worth waiting an extra month. He can count on my respect too.

    • Jan. 12, 8:26pm

      Sorry man, but doesn’t that instead prove how much of a challenge this game was? the fact he’s been working on it for this long and still is? that deserves respect, wether it is up to ‘your standards’ or not. IT’S AN ON GOING PROJECT, AS KAZ HAS STATED MANY TIMES.

  20. Jan. 12, 9:46am

    Well done, Yamauchi-san!

    A [ ] Put 100 cars in your garage
    B [ ] Cement his reputation as a videogame pioneer
    C [ ] Get his first proper sleep for 5 years
    D [ ] Continue working on GT5 updates
    E [X] All of the above

    • Jan. 12, 9:47am

      d’oh…1000 cars! :)

  21. Jan. 12, 9:38am

    Congratulations to Yamauchi san. Well and truly deserved to be in the list. I still own every GT game from 1997, that I bought, and keep them with pride…;-))…

  22. Jan. 12, 9:33am

    Kaz deserves all the credit he gets. Congratulations!

  23. Jan. 12, 9:31am

    Darn, I get Esquire mag. But I don’t beleive the U.S. version is going to have this.

  24. Jan. 12, 8:13am

    Kaz & Nolan have made great contributions to their respective industries. Now lets see if Kaz can get on that list again in 2016 ;D

    J/k :P

  25. Jan. 12, 8:10am

    russel crowe pwns kaz anyday! :DD

    • Jan. 14, 2:08am

      OK, for starters Russell has 2 L’s, I’m an Aussie and Crowe is a national wreck along with Shane Warne & Wayne Carey to.
      Always in the spotlight off camera for the wrong reasons. What does Russells work in cinema do to benefit me? So what he can act – does not enhance the enjoyment of my life.
      Kaz has given you, me – us, the world – Gran Turismo. So you stating that he pwns Kaz any day means that you applaud idiots over intellects therefore you must be one as well (Idiot – cause I’m sure you’re to stupid to work that out(you may have thought of yourself as someone with some intelligence).
      You never hear of Kaz in some dumb ass scandal that leads to some form of violence, he just goes about his biz consistantly working on delivering a product that shapes and enhances the everyday world we live in.

  26. Jan. 12, 7:29am

    Kaz is a legend.

  27. Jan. 12, 7:27am

    Both Kaz and Christopher Nolan are geniuses.

  28. Jan. 12, 5:22am

    I met you all because of KAZ, and now playing with you all online the greatest racing game because of KAZ!

    • Jan. 12, 8:24pm


  29. Jan. 12, 4:36am

    I’d point out that Mark Cavendish isn’t a Tour de France winner… he’s won a few stages but never the overall title.

    • Jan. 12, 7:41am

      not only was he not the tour de france winner he always comes in in the bottom half of the overall rankings and only does good in the sprints on flat stages he is horrible in the uphill sprints

    • Jan. 13, 2:56am

      There are different types of riders in the tour de france, each of them have different objectives, the majority of them are there to assist the specialist riders. The overall ‘yellow jersey’ is the most prestigious, but the sprinters ‘green jersey’ title is equally acclaimed and never have I seen a more dominant sprinter than Cavandish. He is a super human, and a deserved winner.

  30. Jan. 12, 4:02am

    Yamasxxx has not finished its work, he must patch this game!

    see ya


    • Jan. 12, 5:24am

      he must and he will…

  31. Jan. 12, 4:00am
    Magic Ayrton

    Well Done Mr K, but please finish the game properly LOL Thanks again.

    hehe, just kidding (kind of)

    • Jan. 14, 11:33am

      @ killin….. Lol at you last post . Pff … Gt5 is far from perfect. This is what you said and then you said gt5 is a great game . Sounds like a conflict of interest to me!!!
      A fan boy lmfao look at the web address at the top of your screen, I’d say that you were also a fan boy as you have joined this website mainly devoted to the gt series. Sounding a little hippocritical to me .

  32. Jan. 12, 3:13am

    Well he is a perfectionist.
    He deserves this.

    • Jan. 12, 5:30am

      A perfectionist? Pff…GT5 is far from perfect…Oh, but we have ’02 and ’07 Suzuki Swift premium and ’91-’92 Cappuccino Premium. We shouldn’t be arguing about anything!

    • Jan. 12, 8:23am

      If boneheads like you would see what PD has perfected and stop crying about Premiums and Shadows we wouldn’t be arguing. The detail that went into track creation, surrounding scenery and physics is where they place their full concentration. That’s fundamentally the basis of their longtime motto Real Driving Simulator, and they’ve done a great job. It’s what they do with this base that matters, and sure there are many changes to come in terms of gameplay and additions within the next half year. Btw, I love the Swift and Cappuccino, racing has nothing to do with top speed and acceleration, unless you are a spectator. Thumbs up for Kaz’s recognition in such a magazine, they could have use a nicer picture though.

    • Jan. 12, 10:44am

      Not to mention you hardly have to output perfect creations to be a perfectionist. As long as he strives for perfection, which he does, he’s a perfectionist.

    • Jan. 12, 10:48am

      I think you’ll find both top speed and acceleration have more than a significant part to play in racing from the driver and teams point of view,
      How could you even for a minute think that they didn’t have a large part to play,
      If you have a low top speed you won’t pull away on the straights, or your competitors will catch up(thats a bad thing in racing),
      If you have poor acceleration you wont get out of the corners fast enough and will also lose time(this is also a bad thing).
      Racing has everything to do with speed and acceleration,
      next you’ll say tire choice is unimportant or weather doesn’t really affect a race, my word…..

    • Jan. 12, 11:14am

      Why do you care.
      Its just his point of view.

    • Jan. 12, 12:19pm

      I could putt hat straight back at you, why do you care, its my point of view, see, see what I did there,
      Or is his opinion more valid because its a positive view of Kaz?
      What makes Kaz a perfectionist I ask, GT5 is far from perfect, great, but not perfect,
      I could claim to be a perfectionist if I wanted but that would be proven wrong fairly fast, Kaz makes wild statements like ‘expect perfection’ and gets everyones hopes up only to dash them with a game,
      The guy works hard, really he does, but that doesn’t make him a perfectionist, its his job,
      I work hard becasue its my job too as I’m sure you and most others here do,

      Making the wheel badge on a Miura dead on accurate and not allowing wheel changes on 800 cars is along way shy of perfection.

    • Jan. 12, 1:07pm

      @ bullbo….. You’ll moan about the game being bad, but I bet you won’t sell gt5. Plus the game does say real driving simulator not real race car simulator. There isn’t a game on the Market that offers better value for money either so what are you really moaning about. They have also already patched the game 5 time since release which show they are working to improve imperfections.

    • Jan. 12, 1:48pm
      Flavio Briatore

      “…the game does say real driving simulator”

      Real driving simulator? Since when was the Red Bull X1 ….oops I mean X2010…(apologies if the name has changed yet again during the typing of this response) been real? lol

    • Jan. 12, 5:36pm

      @Killinator, have you ever noticed that all forms of racing have restrictions and very similar chassis build. Your bashing the slower cars because they won’t keep up with a Skyline? That’s like me saying I’m a world class sprinter because I beat your sister in a 100M sprint five times in a row…Ohh man your sister is a looser, she’s a joke. In other words when I’m talking about loving the Cappuccino I’m talking about only if it’s an even playing field. And yes I like cars with a lot more power, but racing is about what you can do with what you get, and it’s a skill to adapt to each cars characteristics. How else would you know that you’re a man when driving your moms Civic?

    • Jan. 12, 6:08pm

      Read over my post, I never “bashed” the lower cars, YOU stated that acceleration and top speed have NOTHING to do with racing unless your a spectator, now your saying what you really meant is that you gotta do the best with what you got, they’re 2 very different statements.
      Hmmm, funny there was such a big deal made out of the X2010’s top speed and acceleration, we’ll casually sidestep that to make a point though ;)
      Oh, and I drive a VW Polo, its not particularly fast or doesn’t accelerate very fast, but I do know its characteristics, finally I know I’m a real man!!!

      If you weren’t so intent on being a fanboy(or maybe its trolling) you would notice, if you read my post I didn’t say it was a bad game, no, not even once, actually, and this will really annoy you, I said it was a great game, just not perfect,
      Also patching a game is not always a good sign, especially if its adding stuff that was supposed to be there in the first place, like say mechanical damage.
      Of course other games offer better value for money, it all come down to what your looking for in a game, lets say you want to customise the sh*t out of your car, Forza offers better value than GT in that regard,
      You’ve probably stopped reading though to claim again that I’m moaning or whatever, no matter, Ive got some GT5 to play.

    • Jan. 12, 8:19pm


      It’s a DRIVING SIMULATOR man, not ” get the fastest car, win every race ” game.
      This game isn’t created so someone can be the fastest, but so that people can enjoy the amazing driving physics that come with it. And no, racing is definitely not about top speed and acceleration. There’s a thing called ‘driving skill’ and other things such as ‘handling’.

    • Jan. 12, 8:23pm

      sorry, one more thing, in response to your recent comment,
      just that as kazunori said, before release, “this game is an on going project” and the patches released just prove how big and advanced this game is, 5 years and they couldn’t finish it? THATS DETERMINATION!. He id so determined, which is why it will always beat forza which is simply there to make money.

    • Jan. 12, 9:30pm

      Ya, thats right, keep kissin a** and you’ll keep kaz thinking his game is flawless.
      Im well aware of driver skill, but you don’t win races with just driver skill, a faster car will always help, why deny it.
      And for a game that isn’t about racing it sure has slot of races to compete in.
      And I assume you paid for GT5, hmmm I wonder to PD make any money off this game, contrary to what you might foolishly believe but just like Forza, GT is there to make the big bucks, otherwise Sony wouldn’t fund Kaz’s pet project, he’d be out on his ear pretty fast, or do you think Sony pumped millions after millions into the game because they are philantropists?

    • Jan. 13, 3:15am

      This is one heck of an argument

    • Jan. 13, 10:02am

      I know, I could be like a normal person and keep arguing to the forums xD

    • Jan. 13, 7:21pm

      Real driving simulator = SIMULATING what it would be like to REALLY DRIVE a car of this spec. And just like all modern cars, was created on a computer as a concept. The fan tech used in the cars spec has been around since the 70s .

  33. Jan. 12, 1:48am

    Well deserved Yamauchi-san. Congrats!

  34. Jan. 12, 1:28am
    Madman Apex

    B[x] Cemented his reputation as a video game pioneer after GT1 hit the stores.

  35. Jan. 12, 1:28am

    Russell Crowe or Richard Russell?

    • Jan. 12, 1:34am
      Madman Apex

      i have no idea why russell crowe is on the list!?! he quit smoking in july and released a movie i never heard of in november.

    • Jan. 12, 4:05am
      Magic Ayrton

      It said put 100 cars in your garage.. doesn’t relate to the 1000+ cars in the game.. Yui-San

    • Jan. 12, 4:57am

      Inception was awesome

    • Jan. 12, 12:19pm

      Russell Crowe is on the list because of movies like Gladiator, and a Beautiful Mind, he is a world class actor and without him the movie world wouldn’t be the same, Inception is a great movie also, along with Tron!

    • Jan. 12, 8:33pm
      Madman Apex

      @danny gladiatoer beautiful mind all made long before 2010. yeah he is a good i will not deny that, but this list is for achievements in 2010. not any other year. you had some credibility until you said tron is a great movie.

    • Jan. 12, 8:34pm
      Madman Apex

      alright killed the spelling on gladiator.

    • Jan. 13, 1:00am

      Oh gotcha, I just didn’t see him on the list and I thought it might’ve been a typo. Sorry

  36. Jan. 11, 11:36pm

    I lol’d when i read the purple text on the article behind Kaz…
    Kazanouri Yamauchi is about to :
    A [ ] Put 100 cars in your garage
    B [ ] Cement his reputation as a videogame pioneer
    C [ ] Get his first proper sleep for 5 years
    D [X] All of the above

    • Jan. 12, 3:43am

      First off, its 1000 cars :)
      Second: Kaz still can’t sleep! He has GT6 ahead of him…. so I’d pick B ;)

    • Jan. 13, 9:14am
      BoBo (Alpha)

      Sleep and die???

  37. Jan. 11, 11:27pm

    Well done Kaz, this seems pretty unexpected. He is an incredibly dedicated man and the best thing about all that dedication is that it filters down to us in the end. Kudos to him!

  38. Jan. 11, 11:18pm

    Someone at esquire likes GT5…lol

  39. Jan. 11, 11:13pm

    wow, well done kaz!

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