Lamborghini is Taking the Urus to the Race Track Starting in 2020

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There’s a new Lamborghini racing series coming which sounds exciting. That is until you find out what model it’s using. Instead of the Huracán or Aventador, Lamborghini is opting to use its SUV, the Urus.

So how will Lamborghini turn its 5,000lb SUV into a race vehicle? For starters, it’s putting it on a diet. The Urus ST-X Concept, which the racing version is called currently, gets a 25% reduction in weight. That should put it right around 3,700lb.

In addition to shedding some pounds, it also gets a beefier suspension to cope with racing duty. It’ll need the tough suspension too since Lamborghini wants to combine both an on and off road portion to the race course.

As for power, the 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 remains mostly the same. It only gets a larger cooling system and a racing exhaust as part of its setup. This means the ST-X will put down 641hp and 627lbft of torque.

There are a few exterior changes with the ST-X to bring it up to racing spec as well. These include various aero enhancements, a rear spoiler, and 21-inch single nut wheels.

As for the series, it does make sense to some degree. When Lamborghini unveiled the Urus last December, it claimed it would end up taking the crown as the world’s fastest SUV. It also comes with a dedicated track mode and sporty suspension.

Lamborghini also isn’t even the first company to roll out an SUV racing series either. Jaguar announced a series for its new electric I-Pace slated to start by the end of the year.

It’s still a little odd considering Lamborghini’s current lineup of vehicles. But with the industry trending towards SUVs and crossover vehicles, it was inevitable.

To make the series a bit more interesting, it’s also offering an “arrive and drive” package as part of the series. This will allow current customers to show up on race day and get a fully prepared ST-X, complete with crew.

The series will make its debut in 2020 in Europe and the Middle East. As for the track debut of the ST-X, that will happen next November at the 2019 Lamborghini World Finals.

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