Lucas Ordoñez Is Auctioning His Race Suit For a Great Cause


Former GT Academy graduate Lucas Ordoñez is auctioning one of his racing suits for a great cause. Lucia Gil Alvaro is an 11-year-old girl who suffers from the rare disease ‘Leber congenital amaurosis’, which causes the person affected to become blind. However, this illness can be treated but must be done so in the USA. For the past 8 years, Lucia has been treated in Philadelphia as explained below in the video introducing the auction:

The treatment received so far has helped Lucia to distinguish shapes, lights, and colours. Her family wishes to continue the progress being made by following up with another trip to the USA.

To travel and receive the treatment, funding is required and this is where Ordoñez is hoping to help by donating a signed racing suit that is currently being auctioned off on eBay. The suit is the same as that used during this year’s Nurburgring 24HR race which took place in May. Ordoñez and his team finished 11th in their car-class and the race overall.


As it stands, the suit is currently priced at 760 euros with 4 days remaining for those interested in making a bid. This is a fantastic gesture by Lucas and also gives the opportunity to those privy to the amount of cash needed to purchase a piece of racing history signed by the man himself. Lucas is one of the finest examples of racers bred by the GT Academy, so from a Gran Turismo memorabilia standpoint this suit also has some significance.

We give our best wishes to Lucia and her family, wishing them all the best with this auction and the subsequent treatment to help her see again.

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Comments (6)

  1. CTznOfTime

    Agreed with Jimmy.

    GTP should donate the ad revenue from this story.
    PD and the GT Academy should pitch in as well.

    But most importantly, if I was Lucas, I would match the money from the auction.
    And Nissan should match twice the money from the auction.

    Every pitching in will greatly help her.
    What about the hospital treating her?

  2. Jimmy_DA

    Hope GTPlanet is making a donation from advertising revenue as they wrote an article on the story. As a goodwill gesture

  3. rikiflsh_99

    Lucas has always been my favorite gt academy racing driver. I’m glad he auctioned off his suit for a great cause. I wish the best for Lucia and Lucas!

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