Need for Speed Unbound “Volume 2” Update Arrives March 21

After a quiet four months since launch, Need for Speed Unbound is getting its first big update this month as “Volume 2” lands on consoles and PC.

Though it sounds like an entirely new instalment, like Guardians of the Galaxy (or Kill Bill) movies, Volume 2 is more of a gentle refresh, bringing along some new content, activities, and personalization items.

Players will have access to two new custom cars, which are both variants of vehicles already in the game. You’ll need to complete three Playlists using any Lotus cars to pick up the “Balmain Edition” Lotus Emira, so-named for the clothing brand, while EA Play subscribers can pick up an “Epic Custom” Nissan 240ZG as driven by NPC Waru in the single-player game.

One additional vehicle is remaining under wraps for now, with the announcement only describing the car as “the ultimate luxury”. You’ll need to complete an unspecified number of Hot Laps to unlock “the world’s fastest leather armchair”; your guess is probably as good as ours on that front, but we’re thinking British…

The bulk of the changes comes from new races and events. There’s 40 new challenges to race in, including three new “Daily Challenges” and two new Rumble Races playlists. You’ll also find new Hot Laps circuits and new Endurance events, for those who like things fast or long.

Complete enough challenges and along with picking up that mystery car you’ll earn new customization items. These include the Ghost and Need Coffee character poses, the Hey May and Bear Champ driving effects, and new banner stickers.

All this comes in Volume 2 for free, but there’s also some optional paid DLC too by the way of the “Keys to the Map”.

This $4.99 pack will unlock the locations of all 260 collectibles and 160 activities in the game on your map, so you don’t need to go hunting any more. There’s also a bonus “Fury and Zen” clothing pack: a four-piece ensemble in which to clothe your avatar.

You’ll be able to access everything when Volume 2 arrives on March 21, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC, and there’s a preview teaser video below:

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