Gran Turismo to Announce Partnership with Super Formula, SF23 Coming to GT7 in April Update

Super Formula SF23 image via @SuperFormula_EN/Twitter

A slightly mis-timed in-game announcement has revealed that Polyphony Digital and the organizing body behind Super Formula, Japan Race Promotion, are due to reveal a new partnership next week — and it’ll bear the first fruit in the April update for Gran Turismo 7.

The announcement was pushed out to some GT7 users earlier yesterday, alongside a second announcement about the March update this week which you can read here, before being withdrawn — but not before some Twitter users were able to take screenshots and share.

Although the images don’t give us a great deal to go on, we can say for sure that when the official announcement does go live — which appears to have been intended to be on Tuesday April 4, but sneaked out a week early — it will reveal a new partnership between PD and JRP.

That will see the new 2023 season Super Formula car, the Dallara SF23, being added to Gran Turismo 7 in an update during April — most likely towards the end of the month, around April 27 — joining its predecessor machine the SF19 in the game.

It’s not clear if there are any wider implications for the partnership at this time. Fans of both game and sport will note that three of the five tracks that host the championship’s races — Autopolis, Fuji, and Suzuka — are already in the game. The partnership could enhance the prospects of Motegi, which last appeared in Gran Turismo 6, returning and Sugo being added to the roster to complete the series.

There’s already a strong connection between GT and SF too, by way of Gran Turismo world champion Igor Fraga holding a position as Super Formula’s e-Motorsports ambassador. Fraga is also set to compete the Super Formula Lites category this season.

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