PlayStation 5: The Best SSDs to Buy to Expand Your Storage

PlayStation 5 racing game fans are will be a little spoiled for choice over the coming weeks, as titles like GRID Legends, Assetto Corsa Competizione, and of course Gran Turismo 7 all launch onto the platform.

It’s a nice problem to have, but it highlights something of a burgeoning issue: storage space. While the PS5 ships with an 825GB SSD, only a mere 667GB is available to users. That looks to be a measly amount of storage with AAA games weighing in at 50-100+ GB.

If you do pick up all three of the racers launching in the next two weeks, you’re looking at 15% of the available storage space eaten up with those titles alone — players will run out of space sooner rather than later.

However, last September Sony released an update allowing PS5 owners to expand the console’s storage using an additional SSD. It’s a simple process too, as highlighted in Sony’s own installation video:

Now is as good a time as any to take the plunge, though the question remains: where do you begin?

The PS5 only supports certain types and sizes of SSD, and they must be capable of at least matching the internal unit’s 5.5GB/s data bandwidth.

To make things easy for you, we’re putting together this small guide with affiliate links to the best options in the 2280 form factor (22mm x 80mm). There are a variety of drive capacities available, from 500GB and up, to suit all budgets.

500GB Drives

For those on a budget, this is where you’ll turn your attention for more storage space without having to worry about being overly conservative.

While the Crucial P5 may be the cheapest of the bunch, we’d have to give the bang-for-the-buck honors to the XPG S70 Blade.

For only a few more dollars, the S70 is faster, but it has another advantage too: it’s the only drive on our list with a fitted heatsink in this price range. This isn’t make or break and for those looking to keep their drive nice and cool, the Sabrent, Samsung, WD, and Seagate drives also have options with the heatsink provided. Otherwise, you can opt for a generic heatsink from QIVYNSRY for $9.

1TB Drives

If you have a little more to spend, we’d recommend starting with a 1TB SSD as it will give a substantial boost to the your console’s storage.

Every option here is a good one, but the XPG S70 Blade stands out as the cheapest of the bunch and — again — it’s the only drive with a fitted heatsink at its price. While they both cost more, it is worth highlighting the Samsung 980 Pro and Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus drives. Personally, we have the Rocket 4 Plus in our PS5 and we can tell you that it’s plenty fast enough.

2TB Drives

Once again, the XPG S70 Blade is the cheapest of the bunch here, however, its main advantage is no more. With exception to the P5 Plus, every drive listed comes fitted with a heatsink. While it may not seem it, we’d give the best bang-for-the-buck nod to the Samsung 980 Pro. It’s consistently one of the fastest drives currently on the market.

The Sabrent’s cooling solution is a unique one among the group as it isn’t fitted to the SSD itself. Instead, it replaces the PS5’s own heatshield with a custom design. It can be purchased separately for $19.99, but for those looking to take the utmost care and drop in a new drive without any worry, have a look below.


Do we even need to say it? If money is no object and you’re looking to drop an SSD in your PS5 and not have to worry about storage for a while, this is where you want to be.

4TB is the maximum that the PS5 can support right now, and if we were flush with cash we’d be looking towards the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus. That’s not just because it’s the cheapest offering in this small list but at 7GB/s, it’s plenty fast enough to do the job, even if the others are quicker still.

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