Sony Highlights Gran Turismo’s History on Eve of Next-Generation PlayStation Announcement

All eyes will be on Sony’s “PlayStation Meeting 2013” on Wednesday, where they are widely expected to announce their next-generation console (GTPlanet will have links for the live-stream of the event available before it kicks off at 6:00pm Eastern Time [23:00 GMT]).

Although just about everyone in the media expects the PlayStation 4 to be announced, there is less certainty about what games will be revealed at the event, if any at all.

Sony has published five videos highlighting the evolution of the company’s hardware on their YouTube channel leading up to Wednesday’s press conference, but none have focused on any specific games – until now.

Earlier today, a sixth video, which can be seen above, was apparently leaked from a Chinese website (update: the video has now been officially published by Sony). Titled “Changing the Definition of Game”, it prominently features the Gran Turismo series, highlighting how it redefined the genre of driving games and was designed to “appeal to an older group of consumers”.

Does this mean a Gran Turismo 6 announcement is imminent tomorrow? Absolutely not, and all fans of the series would be wise to temper their expectations.

It is, however, encouraging to see the series acknowledged in one of Sony’s most important media events of the last decade.

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  1. LeftyWright69

    I hope that the PS4 or what ever they call it, won’t be classified as a toy so they can finally use real solder to hold it together

  2. BkS

    If rumours are true and the PS4 is unveiled and it’s x10/15 more powerful than the PS3, I hope PD use HDR to make the game even more beautiful.

    I also hope they have been watching carefully over the photo mode threads, to see the improvements that have been suggested.

    I’m so excited!!

    1. KiroKai

      Actually GT5 could be a lot more “beautiful” in the sense of eye candy and appeal, just look at other late releases such as Need for Speed Most Wanted. Realistic? Kind of. Appealing to look at? For sure.

      But PD try to make the lighting as realistic as possible. So, we’ll have to see and hope if GT6 will look a lot better than GT5. To be honest I don’t expect that. GT will always keep its sterile looks, but hopefully we’ll get cleaner/better textures. I think we should expect an average track modelling level close to perfect. I mean most original tracks are like standard cars, they are more or less ports from PS2 that either need major reworking (basically from scratch), or should in no way appear on the PS4.

      Too much Blah Blah I guess. Let’s wait and see.

  3. RTSolvalou

    Lol the undertone of this event is that if the PS4 fails, Sony as a whole could be finished. They need to respect that they are backed into a corner right now.

  4. HarVee

    “PlayStation Evolution: Changing the Definition of Game” Geez, Sony acts like their products are best thing since sliced bread.

    1. RESHIRAM5

      @HarVee I don’t play COD either but I watch the MW3 trailer.

      It is relevant because you say Sony reckon they have the best products and so does Activision with COD.

    2. KiroKai

      and so does any other company advertising its own products. Of course it’s exaggerated (almost ridiculous in this case) but that’s just how marketing works I guess.

    3. ScotteDawg

      HarVee, have you tried playing Gran Turismo on a slice of bread?

      It’s not just Sony who believes that they are the ones changing the face of gaming – all of the game developers have given their feedback on the console and now it’s just up to marketing.

    4. SZRT Ice

      They need to give you a reason to buy their console. But the definition of “Game” has been changed long ago. I actually like the current definition of “Game” so this does not entice me. Just give me good content and lose the ego. Thanks.

    5. HarVee

      Yes I have tried it. And when I did all the cars appeared in my garage, I won all races, I got 20Million credits, and earned every trophy.

  5. KilzoneStrife

    Someone said the GT5 game engine has to be re-engineered as their ditching cell, Not true.
    In 2011, Sony patented Cell emulation by General purpose CPU, Also, if you look at the specs, 8 times Jaguar CPU (Not vanilla cores I think) and the 18CU (compute units) in the GPU, there are 4CUs strangely reserved for Graphics/Compute function. So they could act as a CELL Spu based system, my guess, to easy port and upgrade game engines from PS3.
    Just know this:
    PS2: 0.006TFlops
    PS3: 0.23TFlops
    PS4: 1.83TFlops or more.
    It may exceed 2TFlops if the rumor on the Jaguar Cores being twice as powerful as the normal one.Let us not forget the GDDR5 ram! Unified ram!!No more complicated coding. PS4 will be the easiest to make games for next gen.

    1. KilzoneStrife

      Simply put,
      The PS4 is 10 times the power of PS3 and double the power of the Next Xbox (Xbox 3 or Durango).

      So just imagine GT6 :)

  6. KilzoneStrife

    Someone said the GT5 game engine has to be re-engineered as their ditching cell, Not true.
    In 2011, Sony patented Cell emulation by General purpose CPU, Also, if you look at the specs, 8 times Jaguar CPU (Not vanilla cores I think) and the 18CU (compute units) in the GPU, there are 4CUs strangely reserved for Graphics/Compute function. So they could act as a CELL Spu based system, my guess, to easy port and upgrade game engines from PS3.
    Just know this:

    PS2: 0.006TFlops
    PS3: 0.23TFlops
    PS4: 1.83TFlops or more.
    It may exceed 2TFlops if the rumor on the Jaguar Cores being twice as powerful as the normal one.
    Let us not forget the GDDR5 ram! Unified ram!!
    No more complicated coding. PS4 will be the easiest to make games for next gen.

    1. ScotteDawg

      I too understood very little of that but DO get the general gist of what you’re saying.
      I heard that the PS4 will have 4 times the power of the PS3. In this day and age, we NEED it!

  7. CorvetteConquer

    Gran Turismo is obviously the pride and joy of Sony. In a world where exclusives are slowly fading, Gran Turismo remains a strong reason to buy a Sony console over a Microsoft console.

    GT5 was definitely not the strongest GT title, so I see it as an experimental dummy for GT6. GT’s car list could use some work. I remember when GT used to be the racing game with all the premier manufacturers (kind of). But with standard RUFs from AT LEAST a decade ago, no Koenigsegg models, reminds us that GT isn’t perfect and that it has some gaping holes.

    I hope we see GT6 today. That would be awesome.

  8. 2012GT325

    To me, the fact that they talk about the GT series just highlights the fact that this is such a historic game (it came out before the other Sony blockbuster exclusives: God of War, Uncharted, etc), and that it also made them the most money and pushed the system to its limits.

    Having said that, I do hope that it also means (even if it wasn’t implied) that a new GT game will be announced soon, and that Sony will give PD even more money and artistic freedom so that they can produce/deliver not just the best racing game, but the best PlayStation game, EVER!

    To me personally, the Gran Turismo series IS the greatest game series. I love cars and photography, both of which are beautifully presented in the series. The game has it’s imperfections but all-in-all, it’s an amazing achievement. Some other racing games may do a few things better, but let’s NEVER FORGET that they wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo changed the sim-racing game genre and it continues to amaze and dazzle me with it’s attention to detail and beauty.

  9. 05XR8

    Well, we shall see. With the new regulations for SUPER GT being implemented 2014 and SUPER GT playing a good part in GT I wonder if we’ll have to wait until next year for GT6. I know PD get an early look at cars, but if the liveries aren’t shown until this time next year, I’m doubting if it will be a launch title.

    1. Dekropttiv

      I always wished PD would put a heavier emphasis on SUPER GT races. I’d like to see a legit SUPER GT race series in career mode following the legitimate order and tracks of the real series. I mean how hard could it be? If they can (kind of) get NASCAR, a completely foreign Motorsport to Japan, why can’t they get a Motorsport from their homeland implemented accurately into the game?

    2. Quakebass

      So you don’t think PD could change the regulations in the game when they change in real life…? Or include both regulations…?

      We’re in 2013, man, this isn’t rocket science.

    3. 05XR8

      Of course they can, man. But the current SUPER GT line up consists of cars from ’08 and GT5 debuted 2010. Our newest GT500 car is a 2011 and we got that in 2012 and the HSV already has its days numbered. So, if we get GT6 this Christmas that’s just as well. If we get it between June-December 2014 there may be no need to DLC or change anything( we’ll know in a few hours).

    1. Flaco13

      Laguna Seca (Yellow Mustang) followed by Rome (drifting Elise RM) and Daytona, those are the tracks 1:03 – 1:05, IMO.


    Wish the PS4 has something new, instead of just bigger hardware. The WII U didn’t just keep it the same as the Wii and make it HD but I’m sure sony will introduce something new to the PS4 that’s not just bigger hardware (bigger hardware is great but it needs something else).

  11. biftizmo

    Sony entertainment network! Like apple, every device…no ps 4 yet….

    There more intrested in making a good game even better playing exsperance….not scratching what they’ve strived to build make gt6….there’s more than games at stake here.. I suspect there also as much if not more intrested in none gamers….

    Mark my words…

  12. GTO_VR4

    You guys remember when Kaz, aka PD, said that all non premium vehicles were eventually going to converted to premium? Yeah. Okay.

    1. CrazyBrazilian

      I’m care! I’m really care!!! So what Kaz will gonna say about GT6 if be announced? If PD keep this stupids things dosen’t matter what they did with T5. I hope that they do better with GT6. I don’t want to have standart cars from GT5 in GT6. I WANT better cars on GT6. PD has the responsability to improve GT6. And not just give a simple word by, “Look, player will ave this and that”.

    2. Quakebass

      I REALLY hope there isn’t any standard content (tracks as well – ALL should be high-res with some sort of weather variability, AT LEAST). This is the next generation. There shouldn’t be content that looks like its from TWO generations ago.

      This may mean less cars (unless PD goes through and upgrades all of the duplicates as well… Which would be an impressive feat), but hopefully they go quality over quantity in the car list, similar to Forza. We already know of SEMA cars, and there was that leak with some sort of Hyundai (or Kia, I don’t remember…). I’m hoping everything in GT6 will be premium, and most race-moddable. As I said, if there’s standard content, that’s just unacceptable at this point.

    3. Pit Crew

      But…its a Sony Press conference. Expecting an overabundance of GT6 news is gonna leave some even more disheartened, should they not hear or see what they may have wrongly built this meeting to be about.

      Just because we are big GT fans doesnt equate to Sony just focusing on what we want to be informed about.

    4. TokoTurismo

      2 Hyundai cars that were leaked actually, and they’re my favorites. Both the Genesis Coupe and Veloster Turbo, 2013 models too. :)

    5. Quakebass

      I wasn’t asking or hoping for this news, I was merely stating what I expect of PD. I doubt we’ll get that much info on any games that will be previewed.

      And yes, there WILL be games previewed. It simply is impossible to showcase hardware without software that runs on it. Apple shows several of its applications with they’re hardware, and Sony will show software that comes with the PS4 (basically in-console apps), and then external software (games). There likely won’t be much info on any of the games, though.

      Now, the real question is WHICH games will be previewed.

  13. daus26

    I’m touched by this. It always “seemed” Sony never really acknowledge what the GT franchise have done for them. For them to prominently feature the GT franchise in this tribute video is a very well deserving moment for Kaz and PD.

  14. TokoTurismo

    If GT6 does shows up and its HIGHLY better, (which I bet it will), I’ll be prepard to rub it in other fans from other racing games faces. HAHAHA! XD Not lying I will do it too, I’m serious… T_T

    1. Quakebass

      We could see a Forza 5 on the (presumably) 720… So be careful there, you don’t wanna look like fanboy, do ya…? :P

  15. notStig

    People are being very optimistic about GT6/PS4. I expect nothing more than a presentation of the console, some tech demos, and maybe a Ridge Racer/Wipeout demo. Maybe they give a release date, maybe not.
    The video features GT because it’s featured in every Playstation console so it’s easier to show the evolution of PS graphics. It’s not a hidden message from Sony (I guess).
    It would be wise to temper expectations, as Jordan said. If GT6 is for PS4 they don’t necessarely need to show it with the new console. The event is about the console not the games. If we see the new PS4 at the conference I think they would keep the games for other events such as E3 or TGS.

    1. MeanElf

      True, but consoles are built (primarily) for games and so what better way to attact investors than to show the capabilities and how the fans react to that over the coming weeks.

    2. JeremiahTB

      Without games, the Sony PlayStation will just be a Sony Station. Just as the Elf said, the thing to do is to show us the games during the presentation.

    3. Quakebass

      I’m expecting more than Ridge Racer and Wipe Out. Evolution posted on twitter “10 days!”, so there’ll likely be something with motorstorm. There’s been hints from the Killzone devs. and MM (LBP devs.) as well, so there could be a bit more to show. There likely won’t be any sort of tech demos or gameplay, but CERTAINLY previews of some kind. You need to back up your hardware with some software, don’t you…?

      But again, there might not be anything from GT. But considering GT is one of the biggest franchises on Playstation, and it’s looking like Motorstorm will make an appearance, I’d be willing to put money down on seeing some sort of GT6 related content.

    4. MeanElf

      Is that Wipeout thing still valid – have they kept something secret from us? Just curious as that’s the third time I’ve seen Wipeout as a launch title being mentioned…all after Studio Liverpool was shut down.

  16. patriotzero

    Amar’s poem

    Once the six skip the three
    Saving for the four
    Question stays about the five
    Waiting for some more

    Due the fact we knew too much
    About the four and five
    Six will hide until it can
    Kevin Butlers’ Jive

    It’s six step left six step right
    Rinse, repeat and wait
    The three will get some finger food
    And four will celebrate.

    1. SZRT Ice

      Once the GT6 skips the PS3
      Saving (itself) for the PS4
      questions will remain about GT5
      waiting for some more (info?/dlc?)

      Due to the fact we know too much about PS4 and GT5 (we knew about GT5’s creation, release date, and plans, all along GT5’s preproduction & post production cycle)
      GT6 will hide until Kevin Butler’s jive. (E3)

    2. SZRT Ice

      Six steps left & right. (6months E3, six months PS4 release)& wait. The PS3 will get some swan song releases and PS4 will start/rock the house with a full fledged blockbuster lineup.

    3. SZRT Ice

      I’m not really sure about the six steps left/right, rinse and repeat bit, but that’s my guess on the rest of it.

    4. bpa94

      In regards to the last two lines im guessing some sort of demo coming to the ps3 (prologue perhaps?) and the full fledged version will release on the ps4.

      I heard a suggestion from a guy on a vg247 video who suggested that it would be nice if sony’s newly acquired gaikai service could stream ps4 demos to our ps3’s. That would be fantastic but he spoke of it like it was way out of left field so i guess we’ll have to wait and see if he was really just daring to dream or if he let slip something he shouldnt have, it ties in curiously well with the poem though (thanks amar!)

  17. glassjaw

    I don’t understand why it’s not likely Jordan. We’ve certainly seen this before. Maybe not an announcement of GT6 per se, but a Gran Turismo Vision type thing, a vague trailer of some sort to hint at the type of game we might be playing in the future. I’d say the forecast for something like that happening is very very strong.

    1. steebz

      @TokoTurismo – No, i won’t stop hoping because if the PS3 is such an old dinosaur then why exactly is Rockstar releasing GTA V on it? I still think there’s a 50/50 chance GT6 will be on PS3!! Nobody will change my mind about that. Nobody. Not even this PS4 announcement today unless they CONFIRM GT6 will indeed be on PS4

    2. TokoTurismo

      *Chuckles* Okay, go ahead and disappoint yourself when GT6 is OBVIOUSLY going to be on the PS4 dude. *Chuckles and laughs* Get over yourself already…

    3. steebz

      GT6 prologue on the PS3 then GT6 on the PS4. Does THAT make more sense? I would be happy with that. (i’m not gonna give up on my PS3 just yet)

  18. Foxiol

    Tomorrow Gran Turismo 6 will make its first appearance in the PS4. And it will be a release game with Killzone 4 and some other exclusives.

    Remember my words.

  19. Blood*Specter

    The GT games have made Sony so much money that they would have Kaz’s rear end if there was not a GT6 for PS4
    We just have to hold our collective horses. Bad ain’t here yet…….but he’s coming……..and his name is GT6.

  20. HuskyGT

    Let’s just wait to see what happens. GT6will be released someday. Who cares about what console it will be in? I just want to see what PD does to change Gran Turismo to the game we have all expected and dreamed of.

    But for the love of god, PD. Can’t you at least release GT2 for the PSN? I want something fun to play while I wait years for GT6.

    1. Wolfercz

      No offense Guardian, but why the heck would they show us videos of PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP and Vita AND the last one about Gran Turismo franchise if they weren’t to announce PS4 and reveal the next installment of the series? Do you think Sony is THIS stupid to let their fans down like that? This isn’t only some hardcore fans wet dreams, this is actual solid hints right there this time which only and idiot wouldn’t get.

    2. Quakebass

      If you’re referencing the hopes for GT5 content from maintenance announcements, then really, I don’t know what to say.

      Considering that Sony is including GT in its PS history videos, I’m pretty sure there will at least be an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of GT6 at the conference – that’s the least I could I aging seeing. There’s too much evidence. There wasn’t any regarding GT5 content since, well, really Motegi or the leaked BRZ.

  21. grazbro

    This is sweet news, but IMO, GT6 wiil be released on PS3. This go around, I can’t see PD waiting till the PS4 is released. Especially if the release date is beyond this year. We are over 2 years into GT5, so prolonging the releseof GT6 would not be in PD’s best interest. Hopfully they can keep up the hype and release GT6 this year. My 2 cents.

    1. MeanElf

      At this stage that’s tantamount to the flat-earth theory…

      Along with many others, I’d like GT6 to be on PS3 but I don’t think Sony will let that opportunity go – it’ll be on PS4.

    2. Quakebass

      The PS4 will likely be out towards the end of this year, since we’re likely getting an announcement tomorrow.

      And Kaz has said he wants to use the latest hardware available, so even if the PS4 doesn’t come out till next year, I’m still expecting a GT6 on PS4.

      All jokes aside, I can’t recall a time when Kaz wanted to rush something out the door…

  22. huhobanut

    If it is a PS4/GT6 announcement tomorrow I bet someone on here will still find something to moan about …. !!!!!

  23. JeremiahTB

    Sony sure is giving a lot of hype to the GT series as of late. Putting money into recent marketing of the GT series would really make sense if there was some big news right around the corner…speaking from a business aspect, not just a fan’s point of view.

    1. Tate566

      It was a shortlived change to Nascar. Hence why it never showed up in the final game. When Nascar took off those specific wings so did Kaz.

  24. Tidgney

    I’ll be honest with the slow down of updates since motegi I’m half expecting a GT6 announcement with the playstation seen as though it’s one of the core games for playstation?

    I could see that PD would have wanted to get more out for Gran Turismo 5 but I reckon soon after the last update they would have had a meeting and decided on the announcement and then joined up a few games to go with it? I could also see GT Academy if there’s another one to be also involved with this or focused on the end of the PS3 life!

    I know that’s all speculation but we’ll soon see what happens :D!

  25. Lambob

    never mind 4K resolution , it’s time for $4K retribution , come ebay/xmas 2013. Good luck finding any on the shelves !

    1. Neilson248

      couldnt care less whether or not gt6 is a launch title… I would rather have a masterpiece that took pd years to complete than a game rushed out to keep the impatient baying dogs quiet…

    2. Quakebass

      Considering that PD doesn’t have to rebuild a physics engine, and has been working on the game since before GT5 was even released (around the time the first PS4 dev kits were being sent out to developers), a launch title could very well be possible this time around.

      But don’t take my word for it. I honestly don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but Evolution studios (motor storm devs.) and the developers of KillZone have pointed to announcements coming on Wednesday.

    3. StonnyMc

      Don’t care about GT6, nor for a few months anyway, and yes like someone else said I’d rather wait for the game to be finished before it is release, unlike EA and other money s*****s, Killzone would be awesome too but please make it better than the last one or I will not spend money on it.

      Guess we’ll have to wait for tomorrow to know more but defo looks like PS4 (or whatever it may be called) but even that is not certain :D

    4. MeanElf

      No one has actually said that GT6 will be a launch title – it’s been infered, hoped for and just about everything else…but no official statement.

  26. KilzoneStrife

    I forget, above the fact we ALL Love GT, We’re all Playstation guys. So from PS1,2,3 and now 4…
    Please let Kaz be on stage with a demo! :)

    1. tomkorbin80

      yea i want new gt6 with ps4 but i find other websit about ps4 soec say only small 160 gb hard drive and [gpu] had amd r10xx 2.2gb of vram and ps3 had 550 MHz NVIDIA/SCEI RSX ‘Reality Synthesizer’ in 2006 to 2009 was small 20 to 80 gb hard drive and few year later more 120 to 500 gb harddrive that why was 700 buck and now cheap 350 or 300 price

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