Sony Announces “PlayStation Meeting 2013” for February 20th

February 1st, 2013 by Jordan Greer

The gaming world is abuzz today after Sony announced a special “PlayStation Meeting 2013” event, to be held in New York City on February 20th at 6:00pm Eastern Time (23:00 GMT).

It is widely speculated by tech and gaming media outlets the event will see the debut of Sony’s next-generation PlayStation console. Sony has also invited company investors to the event, driving expectations very high.

A new PlayStation console announcement is of major interest to Gran Turismo fans. As Sony’s best-selling, flagship video game series, there is a small chance the event may offer our first peek at Gran Turismo 6.

Mark your calendars and stay tuned; we’ll be closely following developments of the new console and any Gran Turismo news it may bring along with it…

For now, join the discussion and speculation in our Gran Turismo 6 and Console Gaming forums.

Thanks to all of you who sent this in!

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  1. Feb. 8, 6:56pm

    Hope in gt6 you can turn 360 degrees around the car in third person view and bring back the chase cam from gt3,complex string track from gt3,better damage or none at all,interactive car interiors,my wish list is long lol

  2. Feb. 7, 11:26am

    Motor Toon Grand Prix III will finally have a release date.

    • Feb. 7, 12:40pm

      LOL! I see what you did there…

  3. Feb. 7, 9:13am

    A source “familiar with the project” has said the Sony is announcing a racing game and a FPS along with the console. I think we all know what the racing game is. fPS is most likely Killzone 4.

  4. Feb. 6, 5:48pm

    Think one thing guys. Ps4 will be running a microsoft cpu-like engine , I consider that as a computer now. If logitech will focus on pc gaming, means ps4 is like a pc (in terms of capabilities) doeant mean they will not make wheels for ps4 . Haha

  5. Feb. 6, 1:07pm

    The February 20, undoubtedly, the big news will be the presentation of the PS4, which will be released just before autumn or Christmas, (I think so).
    I’m sure the PS3 games can not be used in the PS4. If so, it would be a bad business for SONY. Therefore, we will have to start filling our wallets, because probably there will be many DLCs to download.

    • Feb. 6, 3:58pm

      Lets take a closer look here. Bad business, huh?

      Would Sony rather have:

      1- the relative handful of people who have lost their PS3’s, still love their PS3 titles to a lofty degree, and/or are still walking into stores next year, passing by the PS4 titles to buy new PS3 games- who aren’t perturbed enough to care that Sony has made the PS4 non-backwards compatible. (Therefore buying a PS3 console even though they have a new PS4)

      2- Millions upon millions of PS3 fans who are thrilled to hear of the PS4’s backwards compatibility and getting that much more excited to buy the expensive new console, right off the bat- knowing that all is well in this corporation/consumer relationship.

      Seriously. That handful of guys who arent disgusted by the d-move of making this thing non-bc? THAT’S who you must target in order to profit the most? No way. Make it bc and we all rejoice, plunking down a cold $500 for a PS4 to celebrate, no problem.

    • Feb. 18, 5:37am

      Just to let you know that you can use your ps3 games in your ps4 , 7 If you would like to see the new ps4 now have a look at my you tube site . kevin mcdermott this is the new ps4 .

  6. Feb. 5, 3:13am
    SZRT Ice

    Dual Ethernet ports! Vinyls & custom liveries are that much closer! :D

  7. Feb. 4, 7:29pm

    Watch it be for the “PlayStation 3 Super Super Ultra Slim” and “Little Big Planet 3”, wouldn’t that be a good laugh? Lol. Anyways, I wonder if its a PS4 when they plan to release it. By the timing of this I would imagine this fall, in time for the holidays.

  8. Feb. 4, 7:24pm

    Guys… Can we hold off the wish lists and hopes until an announcement is made…? Or maybe put them in the Feedback section or a wish list thread in the forums…?

    • Feb. 5, 7:55am

      Nothing will stop this lot and their wishlists – I agree, they put them on every article and it is getting irritating.

  9. Feb. 4, 2:28pm

    All I want is for PS3 games to also play on PS4!

    • Feb. 4, 2:40pm
      Pit Crew

      Why would Sony add that to PS4 for PS3 games, especially after eliminating the same thing From PS3 with PS2 games??? Makes no sense…or Profit for Sony for that matter.

    • Feb. 5, 3:06am
      SZRT Ice

      @ Pit Crew: It’s simple. Certain games may include updates for PS4 that could allow them to be played in new and improved ways. Image GT5 being played with photo mode resolution unlocked. Or updates to your favorite games that improve them in ways they could never have been improved on PS3. More so, your PSN/SEN d/l movies, games, & etc. Your entire PS3 PSN library should be transferable. Leaving little reason behind not to upgrade aside from the price point. It would be more damaging not to include it. The PS4 will still be bluray as we are some ways off from using holographic so I don’t see why it shouldn’t be included. It will be more damaging if it’s not.

    • Feb. 5, 2:09pm
      Pit Crew

      That was way to much info ^ I realise we can play PS2 games via download but seeing as Sony dropped disc backwards compatibility in the PS3 lifecycle, it would seem odd to make PS4 discbased BC. Everything else you said was an overexplanation.

      I mayhave thought he was talking bout using CD ROM disc for PS3 in the PS4. if not then my bad.

    • Feb. 6, 1:33pm

      I think that the PS3 games will be used in the PS4, but you’ll have to download them on the PS4, in the same way that you can play with the PS2 games on the PS3.

  10. Feb. 4, 8:48am

    PS4 + LG84 + GT6 can’t wait!

  11. Feb. 4, 7:50am

    What!!?? i just bought Ace Combat Assault Horizon!!

    • Feb. 4, 2:29pm

      And you can still play it…sorry, not sure what the relevance is, especially as a PS4 release date hasn’t even been confirmed yet.

      Anyway, I’m sure there will be plenty of people still on PS3 and playing online, even after the Orbis release

    • Feb. 4, 7:23pm

      I know I for one won’t have the opertunity to rush out and buy a PS4

  12. Feb. 4, 6:59am

    Hopefully it has Car Classes and Quick Rooms such as PP Race, Oval, Drag, Drift, Free Roam, etc.

  13. Feb. 4, 2:42am


    • Feb. 4, 10:58am

      And suddenly you killed my fanboying. How is Underground 3 happening?

    • Feb. 4, 6:56pm

      Even if a new NFS Underground is made, I have a feeling EA will screw it up like they did with Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted. They had little to no relations to the classic counterparts.

    • Feb. 5, 12:37am

      well we all know that alot of people didn’t want any of the recent nfs games such as The run, Hot pursuit world, Shift 1 and 2. I’m sure EA knows it. EA knows alot of people always wanted Underground 3. Maybe we can look forward to that in PS4. We’ll never know. They might put it back and make it just TOO good for everyone to play it. I’m betting that if they will bring back the Underground series, it is possible to have a HUGE sales that might overpass GT sales. That’s how bad consumers want an Underground.

    • Feb. 8, 7:39pm

      Actually, those are almost universally considered to be the best recent NFS titles, and they weren’t supposed to be related to the older games, despite their names.

    • Feb. 11, 3:49pm

      QuikSlvr223: Yes, that is because they were basically a Burnout Paradise but without the best features.

  14. Feb. 3, 11:38pm

    Guys, it’s been confirmed that it will be info about the PS4, just look at the WSJ article. I sent them a tip, they haven’t posted it. The b*******.

  15. Feb. 3, 5:00pm

    I hope it’s 3 different chase views such as Far, Normal and Close.

  16. Feb. 3, 4:57pm

    I hope its licensed bodykits, spoilers and hoods such as Ings, CWest, Bomex, etc.

  17. Feb. 3, 2:04pm

    I really hope GT6 is NOT a PS4 launch title.If it is, then we might not get a complete game like GT5 (I know GT5 wasn’t a launch title). The PS4 can come out whenever Sony feels like releasing it, but I pray the Polyphony Digital takes their time with GT6.

    • Feb. 4, 3:14am

      We will know when GT6 is imminent, once Kazunori-san starts putting 100 hour weeks in again…

    • Feb. 5, 3:29am
      SZRT Ice

      GT5 is GT6 beta. It has repeatedly been said the development cycle for GT6 will be drastically shorter thanks to GT5. GT5 pushed PS3 to it’s limits (be it graphically, in fps, or memory). And all of GT5’s premium cars are already done in higher ((4x*) resolution. (Photomode). It’s not as far away as you think and the secrecy likely lies in the secrecy

    • Feb. 5, 3:35am
      SZRT Ice

      (Cont’d) surrounding PS4. You don’t think every car the model is put up for dlc do you? They’ve likely been doing new things even after GT5’s production was “finished” on GT6 for all we know.

  18. Feb. 3, 2:03pm

    Sadly if this is a PS4 announcement it probably first mean GT6 on PS4 which basically means GT5 will be the last installment of the series for me :-(

  19. Feb. 3, 8:52am

    GT5 forever! (that is, until GT6(prologue?) on PS4 this coming merrily merrily merrily holidays of 2013.)

    GT6 will not be made for the PS3, but GT5 will get Spec 3.0 with all sorts of goodies, to tide us into the wait.

    • Feb. 6, 3:37pm

      I’m with you Lambob!

      (sends massive anime reverberation of positive energy out into the universe..)

  20. Feb. 3, 8:00am

    I hope its more upgrades like Sorg’s rumor.

  21. Feb. 3, 3:13am

    If Sony where smart then they would do all they can to get GT6 out as a launch title with PS4, it would sell millions and probably break the GT sales record.

  22. Feb. 3, 2:37am

    GT6 ?
    Take out LONDON, & put SEATTLE back in.
    Is that too much to ask?

    • Feb. 3, 3:05am

      Why? London is a cool track, one of the best in GT5. Both tracks were good.

    • Feb. 3, 4:00am

      In GT5 the London track is a disappointment. I was kinda hoping for a nice long track version. But for me the small London track in GT5 just isn’t that good. As for Seattle, that’s what the London track should be like!!

    • Feb. 4, 7:24pm

      I like Seattle more then London by far. London doesn’t even have a pit and really only work for karts. You can’t even be 2 wide the whole way around it.

  23. Feb. 3, 1:06am
    Dushan 77

    I am not a nutcase by the way. I beg you PD PlayStation 3 only for GranTurismo 6. PlayStation 4 Rumors,Your all going down.

    • Feb. 3, 1:23am
      Pit Crew

      Dude your off your rocker. PS4 is coming so get over it. Besides your reading to much into whats to come out of Press Conference regarding GT6 and PD. Stop trolling with that rambling nonsense.

    • Feb. 3, 8:50am

      PitCrew is right. There is no point in being in denial over the PS4. Honestly, it’s a piece of computer hardware. I appreciate that you feel so strongly about something, but maybe try to redurect that energy towards sine thing like math or science. It will do you good.

    • Feb. 3, 11:44am

      Except London isn’t like Seattle, so……no. I agree that the London track could have been better though.

    • Feb. 3, 11:45am

      Replied to the wrong comment. Stupid mobile theme!

  24. Feb. 3, 12:58am
    Dushan 77

    Polyphony Digital, Please get rid of the PlayStation 4 Rumors who want Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 4. Its killing the PlayStation 3 lovers. Stop them now!!!!!. I want Gran Turismo 6 on PlayStation 3 Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!.

  25. Feb. 2, 9:12pm

    I’m not gonna hold my breath for this one… Let it take some years, dont rush it. I waited like crazy for GT4, nothing else on my mind. Then it was GT5 Prologue, which I also went totally crazy for. Then GT5 of course. I’ll just stick to playing some other games now, still have a lot to do in Skyrim, I can always play some more games on NHL. Maybe some Call of Duty and of course check back with GT5 once in a while. I have spent too many hours stearing at forums in pre-release stages.

  26. Feb. 2, 9:10pm

    This is exciting news :) I can see GT6 being a PS4 launch title, but I wouldn’t mind if PD held back just a little bit and release it 6-12 months later. I would very much like to play it straight away on the new console, but if PD need that extra time to make GT6 perfect, I don’t mind waiting.
    Just another thing: I’ll be pretty disappointed if the Stealth and Chrome Line cars become available to everybody. I paid a ridiculous amount of money ($300 Australian) for the Signature Edition.

  27. Feb. 2, 8:14pm

    I wonder if it’ll be possible to play GT5 on the PS4… I reckon GT6 will be realised on only the PS4… But hopefully a GT6 variation will be available to PS3 and obviously PSP/Vita users aswell.

    Anyhow, I can’t wait to hear what Sony have to say on the 20th!

    • Feb. 2, 8:50pm

      If they announce PS4 and GT6 is a launch title there is no way Sony would do a GT6 for PS3, if they know GT6 would shift a few million consoles they wont pass on the business opportunity to make a quick killing…

      Sad and some would say underhanded, but it makes perfect business sense

  28. Feb. 2, 5:41pm

    I wonder if the PS4 will be backwards compatible with PS2 games like the old fat 60gb PS3. That would be great. As for GT6. If it’s on PS4 (which it most likely will be) then I guess a 2015 release at the earliest.

    What I would like is a duel release of GT6 on PS3 & PS4 like (not PD) they did with COD 3 & NFS (amongst others) as I don’t think I will be buying a PS4 in the current financial climate just for a game. I can afford another game, just nor the console to go with it.

    • Feb. 2, 9:36pm

      It wasn’t just the fat 60GB – there were two generations of fat consoles (20gb – 60gb and 40gb – 80gb – 160gb). But I too hope there’s backwards compatibility. I got my PS3 in order to replace my PS2, but I didn’t want to just forget all of my PS2 memories. And my PS3 is dying (3 ylod’s in the span of 6 months), so I need a new console anyways. I don’t think I’d be going back to GT5 if GT6 is what it should be, but I’m sure I’ll still want to play games like uncharted, motor storm, and borderlands from time to time.

      As for GT6 on PS3, that’s hard to say – I’m sure releasing gt6 on both consoles would reduce sales for the new console, so Sony’ll likely only allow it on the PS4. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if it was on both, as long as it didn’t cause any set backs.

  29. Feb. 2, 5:38pm

    A lot of people on here are talking about Livery Editor and race mods and all cars converted to premium and god knows what other ridiculousness.

    In order for the best features of GT5 to be standardised across all cars, the entire car range will have to take a considerable hit in quality, which isn’t something that Polyphony are about to do.

    Let’s be realistic here guys, please. I’ve seen too many ridiculous wishlists.

    • Feb. 2, 7:10pm

      With the PS4 ‘apparently’ being 4 times the power of the PS3, a livery editor (and a few other suggestions) wouldn’t be much of a stretch for PD to add to GT6.

    • Feb. 2, 10:11pm

      I don’t think quantity is an issue here with all the giga bytes at their disposal. However, quality is the real issue with GT. As a true GT fanboy, I will continue to play as long as there.s life in this body. But as I said earlier, it’s just s’not going to happen as they will portray it to be. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if GT6 matches the video quality of GT5’s introductory movie. There’s nothing wrong with that. And a rehash of what’s already in their library, plus a couple of other cars is hardly a wish list. Jumping the gun?


    • Feb. 3, 2:15am

      My main concern is how long it will take to do all of these things, not whether the PS4 will be capable. Think of the work that goes into making a single premium car on GT5. It’s miles above anything else out there. To reproduce this with about 1500 cars and extensive custom race modifications for each sounds completely impossible to me.

      A livery editor perhaps, and all cars premium if we’re willing to take a cut in the number of cars maybe, but I can’t see all of people’s ‘expectations’ being fulfilled in the next five or six years.

  30. Feb. 2, 5:28pm

    Sony Playstation 4, “The World’s Very first Smart CONSOLE” :D

  31. Feb. 2, 3:17pm

    I haven’t heard Gran Turismo refered as Playstation’s ‘flagship’ in years. If that’s the case, I’d like to see GT5 released on the PS3.
    Throughout Gran Turismo’s evolution I’ve noticed the actual game play doesn’t quite match the quality of it’s introductory videos. I’d be very disappointed if and when GT6’s game play quality doesn’t match that of GT5’s awesome introductory “minerals to machine” video quality.

    I could be wrong, but I believe that while GT6 is in it’s early development stage, Polyphony won’t be able to produce the visual effects online the way we all would like to experience it. That said, it would be totally unexpected by me if they would be able to pull it off with today’s infrastructure.

    Livery and paint editors, better race conversions, complete premium car listlist (which includes all cars from previous editions), caster and tire pressure adjustments and slant nosed Porsche 930s and F50(GT)s with a ranking system (pp) that makes sense sound so very Forza but would be sooo welcome in GT’s next installment. Unfortunately, it just s’not gonna happen ;(

    PD will produce for us the best of what BETA can afford. And We can only hope for the best of what the PS3 can do for now.

    • Feb. 2, 3:26pm

      It must cost like $100 million to get the Porsche licensed. That’s why PD refuses to put it in the GT series.

    • Feb. 2, 5:22pm

      Very well said. It has the ring of truth. Sounds like Xmas 2013 to me.
      It would be a shame to not have control over livery and drivetrain.
      Also weigh, torque/HP. I also think the game should be broken into arcade and professional editions. Somehow I’m not sure PD is still dedicated to realism. I hope KAZ still has control of that. I hope he has not sold out to the $$.

  32. Feb. 2, 12:48pm

    If there is such a thing as “GT6”, all I ask is that they make it more realistic in regards to better blow off valve sounds and turbo wine/boost!

    • Feb. 2, 7:16pm

      GT6 is REAL!!

      Otherwise, I am surprised nobody – me included – thought of blow off valve and turbo whine sounds! Excellent thinking!!!

  33. Feb. 2, 11:45am

    PS4 will be introduced and will be at stores end of 2013.

    So maybe GT6 for Christmas?

    We shall see ….

    • Feb. 2, 1:06pm

      Imagine… leaked pictures of the Playstation 4 Gran Turismo Packaging… towards the end of the year… oh shoot!

      My trusty 60 Gig PS3 from ’07 has been my companion for long enough now…

  34. Feb. 2, 11:05am

    I hope its more manufacters such as Bertone, Devon, Spada, Rossion, Molser, Joss, Zenvo, Koenigsegg, Gumpert, Ascari, SSC, Saab, Radical, Noble and Even Porsche. And Livery Editor with Shapes and Playstation compatibility.

    • Feb. 2, 11:47am

      I really hope there will be a Livery Editor in Gt6.

    • Feb. 2, 12:16pm

      Hell ya StarLight :D

    • Feb. 2, 12:31pm
      Tenacious D

      I third what StarLight said.

      GT6 seriously needs two things to take it over the top:

      Race Mod for all or most of the cars

      Livery Editor

      And in particular, I’d prefer it if Race Mod would remake your car to fit the specifications for different racing leagues, and follow their rules, so you’d have to mod a car sanctioned for the league. No Corvettes for WRC for instance. But to make it cool for all, there should be a generic Race Mod in which you decide the specs, within reason. And then, off to the Livery Editor!

      And as others have said, this has to be on PS4. PS3 is so maxxed out from GT5, the issues sometimes poke you in the eye. Someone below (SavageEvil?) mentioned that you only get four (or eight) dynamic light sources at night, which looks lame on a crowded track. Shadows are still weird, particle effects cause nasty edgies… GT6 seriously needs to be running on a high end spanking new game system that isn’t six years ancient.

    • Feb. 4, 2:42am

      TWO THINGS I REALLY look forward in PS4. GT6 with more stuff. Maybe some open roads to cruise aswell. People think that it is not good but what about putting 2 different game style in GT6 ? Circuit or Cruise. both with different online lobbys. Plus I hope EA revives NFS Underground 3 ! Come on people.. All of us enjoyed Underground!

  35. Feb. 2, 9:36am

    I bet they will show the world the PS3 ultra mini nano slim 8-)

    It´s not the first Sony dissapointment so far but maybe the first in 2013 ^^

    • Feb. 2, 9:56am

      you dont call investors just to show a slim version of an old console ;)

    • Feb. 2, 11:29am

      I agree with Coiler :)

    • Feb. 2, 7:20pm

      Sele, you are a nutcase…

  36. Feb. 2, 9:25am

    I’m not holding my breath

    • Feb. 2, 11:13am

      Yes you are. You just don’t know it.

    • Feb. 4, 2:39am

      haha cause we all know GT6 will take some time. Who knows!!! PD might surprise us?

  37. Feb. 2, 9:10am

    If they release the PS4 with GT6 I will get it day one!

    • Feb. 2, 10:08am

      Yeah!!! I’ll be camping outside the store the Night Before XD even if they are not launching it with GT6 XP

  38. Feb. 2, 8:07am

    if ps4 will be announced, gt6 will obviously be developed for ps4. and more: will be the game to be released with, together with something like uncharted or killzone..

    • Feb. 2, 10:11am

      Killer-Combo What if they give us all the next Exclusives planned for the PS4… with the PS4 at the same price, There would be blood in the stores!

  39. Feb. 2, 7:11am

    It’s not a small chance.

  40. Feb. 2, 3:46am

    hahaha ALWAYS AN INTERESTING TOPIC. For me, I would say I will work out first on saving for my future first car. It’s hard being a College student and jobless due to school’s roller coaster schedule. Maybe I’ll wait for2 years or whenever the price of the PS4 will be reasonable.. Ofcourse its first year will be really high. I will enjoy my future 2000 Civic SIR or an Acura Type S first and slam it. hahah . But so far I am happy with my PS3 since It’s only just almost 3 years in my hands. Enjoying GT5, BF3, Nba 2K13 so far.

    • Feb. 2, 5:42am

      Precisely, even with the PS4 coming out there will still be a backlog of games to play on the PS3 for those who cannot yet afford a PS4.

    • Feb. 4, 2:38am

      yes exactly.. I bought PS3 mainly because of GT5. I bought my ps3 like 2 months before GT5 was launched . Only GRANTURISMO will inspire me to buy PS4. It is always like that even before. Question is, when will GT6 be. hm hm hm .

    • Feb. 5, 3:51am
      SZRT Ice

      The 1st line of systems are the most expensive and have all the defects. I’ll wait until it’s reasonable for what’s on offer. The improvements must be drastic otherwise.

  41. Feb. 2, 1:28am

    If Gran Turismo 6 and Playstation 4 were released at the same time, it would dominate the market

  42. Feb. 2, 12:54am
    Dushan 77

    Rumors who want GranTurismo 6 on PlayStation 4 are hooligans. I would like to see a PlayStation 4 , however I don’t want to buy a PlayStation 4 and see Gran Turismo 6 on Playstation 4 because it is so expensive. I would like to have Gran Turismo 6 on Playstation 3 because I still like the PlayStation 3 console.

    So There Playstation 4 Rumors. Dur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • Feb. 2, 2:48am

      the PS3 is a dinosaur, people thought they were expensive too when they came out, no reason to stay stagnant with 6+ year old hardware, progress.

    • Feb. 2, 5:49am


    • Feb. 2, 7:28pm

      I am inclined to agree with.. wait, you are a tool!!

      The PS3 and the on-line gaming with GT5 have had so many troubles over the past few years, and you want to stay with the old stuff?

      You’re not just a tool, you are an antquated tool!!!

  43. Feb. 2, 12:13am

    I actually read about this weeks ago, but wasn’t entirely sure if it’ll be about the next PS or not. But since NBC News and The Wallstreet Journal both report that this event hints at Sony’s next gaming console, I’m now pretty sure that that’s what it will be. The next PlayStation, code-named Orbis, will be announced on Feb 20 and will be in stores by the holidays/end of this year. Teasers for a few next gen games have also been released. This is all super exciting stuff and I cannot wait to see what the next generation of gaming will be like.

  44. Feb. 2, 12:11am

    Ok, I’m pretty certain that this will be for the PS4, but probably not GT6. All sorts of sources have been pointing to the console manufacturers (both Sony AND Microsoft) wanting to announce their console before E3, then showcase the new tech and games at the big event. So I’m holding out that if we see a GT6 announcement this year, it will be at E3.

    But who knows, maybe PD will surprise us…

  45. Feb. 1, 11:51pm

    I honestly don’t care when the game is gonna come out or what system its on, I just want PD to take their time to make GT6 the ULTIMATE DRIVING EXPERIENCE.

  46. Feb. 1, 10:41pm
    GT5 Level 41

    Finally rolling out that Kart Seasonal!

  47. Feb. 1, 9:52pm

    cant wait to c wat its like

  48. Feb. 1, 9:50pm

    So excited!

  49. Feb. 1, 9:41pm

    I Hope GT6 is released on PS3 because the only reason i bought my ps3 was because of GT5 an at the time knowing each console’s been a two game console i was hoping to get two gt games out of the ps3 if i don’t i want a 200usd rebate when gt5 came out i was very dissapointed. An i would rather have 400 popular cars then 1200 or should i say 600 avg cars with 20 versions of the same model and 100 nice cars. They have improved the game alot but No premium Supra and only a junk model Mustang for a premium and NO F’ING PORSCHE’S. If gt6 is only on ps4 i want a damn refund to be used towards the ps4 gt6 bundle. excited for the game an hopefully the standard cars will be dead and the tuning shops from gt4 will be back

    • Feb. 1, 9:48pm

      Almost forgot my biggest gripe of the game imports that make more power then pony cars i see more pony cars making 800+hp then i do imports The camaro and mustangs in this game really suck when built to top levels and hell the new boss runs around tracks faster then an m3 does and kills 95% of Jap cars or more this game is so anti-american cars it makes me sick

    • Feb. 2, 10:15am

      Which M3 does the Boss outdo? This is news to me and the Boss better kill 95% of the regular Japanese cars, most of those things are underpowered family/economy cars. Now if you are talking about performance cars, that’s a whole different topic and the Boss would be running back home with it’s tail between it’s legs. I bet it has problems with the 2004 Honda NSX on a track, I wouldn’t even put it up against the GTR in the interest of fairness.
      You must be new to GT, since you complain about there being no Porsches, everyone pretty much know the issue with EA and licensing. Lol, you want a refund if GT6 is on PS4? Why? GT is not Anti-American it just has cars from it’s homeland since they are easy as pie to get their hands on, but if you notice there are quite a lot of variation when it comes to premium cars. I guess you completely missed the Corvette Stingray being delivered in GT5.
      Anyway GT6 would be better served on PS4 since PS3 can barely run GT5 with all effects on, can only do two independent light sources at night, which looks pretty bad when watching races at night and also the heads lights do not illuminate the car ahead of you correctly. GT6 would just fit PS4 better, so we can have day/night shifts on all tracks, can you say 24hr races on any course, weather included as well so no course is left out. I can’t see the PS3 being able to do these things without problems.

    • Feb. 3, 3:07am

      @SavageEvil The Boss out does the e92 M3 which means it out does every m3 that was road legal and mass produced. An a stock nsx will be killed by a boss stock for stock just because of the huge power advantage the boss has. Out of stock production Japanese cars the GTR is really the only car in japan that can compete being as it’s the first to cars to break the Japanese law of restricting cars to 276hp. Not saying the boss stands a chance against the GTR but as far as production cars go thats all japan has in stock form. An EA’s license over Porsche expired last year. Which is why Forza added them to 4 an i think horizon even has Porsche but i’m not sure on horizon as i haven’t played it more then 5 minutes which i spent in the new viper. And i agree GT6 would look better on the PS4. Also i’m nowhere near new to GT i’m a tick under lvl 39 without using any of those glitch’s alot of people used, imo i think that takes away from the game i new people who went from lvl 20 to lvl 40 in a day or two using the glitch’s an i’ve been a huge fan from the first GT. I usually game on PC but when GT5 released i was thinking there would be a 2nd game released on the ps3 because thats how it’s always been PS-GT-GT2 PS2-GT3 Apec–GT4 an we also seen Tourist Trophy from PD. PS3 you have GT5 period. I’m also hoping GT6 can bring in street bikes from Aprilla to Yamaha including 250cc bikes from Honda an Kawasaki because there fun on track days and it’s better racing then 600’cc an 1000cc bikes. If PD just made GT6 the final version of what GT5 was supposed to be for ps3 i think it would still outsell GT5 and then gt7 could bring in everything Pd wants like more racing series from around the globe. An if they can’t make rally more realistic they should just remove it completely because it hasn’t improved any.

  50. Feb. 1, 9:21pm
    Mister Slow

    GT6 should be made for both console, the difference is graphic output will be based on hardware. Blocky shadows for gt6 on ps3, while smooth & seem less on ps4.

    • Feb. 2, 7:06am

      Interesting, That remind me Zelda Wii and Zelda Game Cube. Good idea.

  51. Feb. 1, 9:10pm

    They could still put gt6 on ps3 using the same engine with some improvements that gt5 missed on and make it a bit better the graphics can stay the same or improve on it just a bit, all other ps systems have had two gt games each ps3 has only had one, gt prologue was only a demo not a full game, like someone else posted kaz has said gt6 won’t even take long to make so there is a possibility that it will be on ps3

  52. Feb. 1, 8:56pm

    People who think ps4 will release this fall – just lol.

    Grand Theft Auto 5 isn’t out until Sept/Oct and will be such a prominent release for Sony that they’ll ensure the ps4 isn’t released until summer 2014 at the earliest in order to maximize revenue from the game.

    • Feb. 1, 9:05pm

      I think Sony cares more about First Party Titles than Third Party ones.
      Plus the release of the PS4 would be on Late December.
      I’m not saying it will be this way. It is only a possibility.
      Also PS3 market will not die if they announce it this month.

    • Feb. 2, 12:14am

      Yeah, as Chico said, Sony or Microsoft won’t care about third party games as much. And who knows? Maybe a next-gen version of the game will be made, like with many PS2/PS3 games? This won’t affect the schedule at all.

    • Feb. 2, 12:17am

      Actually, GTA V is scheduled for release this spring and not on Sept/Oct like you state. Also, GTA V will be a big hit for all gaming systems and even for PC, if when it’s released on that platform. Again, I don’t know where your getting your ideas from, but GTA V is coming this spring.

    • Feb. 2, 4:50am

      Sadly GTA5 has been delayed until Sept. Maybe to go on the new consoles? Who knows?

      More importantly I’d happily buy a PS4 if GT6 was launched on that platform. I was hoping it would be on PS3 though as until this announcement I had anticipated PS4 to be released in 2014, and none of us want to wait that long for GT6!

    • Feb. 2, 7:31am

      why do you think R* put GTAV in September and not in November or December. I think the reason is pretty clear….PS4.

  53. Feb. 1, 8:53pm

    I predict GT6 forum will FFFFFF EXPLODE that day… ;)

  54. Feb. 1, 8:37pm

    I very highly doubt that GT6 will be on PS3. Mainly because Kaz himself said that GT5 was pushing the limits of the PS3. I’d guess they’re aiming to launch GT6 within a year or two of the PS4’s release.

    • Feb. 2, 12:18am

      I agree!

    • Feb. 2, 6:26pm

      it’s true that kaz said it’s pushing it but i think he was refering to the engine i belive GT6 is just going to be more content , featers and bug fixes not a major overhall.

  55. Feb. 1, 7:19pm

    I agree with OMAR_NOS that gt6 will be on ps3 and ps4 which I truly hope is the case, because I remember there was an article on IGN about how Sony announce that even after the PS4 is released that work and new exclusive games will still be coming to the PS3 for another year or two.

  56. Feb. 1, 6:55pm

    Wow! Nice! Feb, 20 th is my birthday! I hope to get a nice gift from Sony and PD…

  57. Feb. 1, 5:33pm

    i beleave that GT6 is going to be on PS3 because of 2 reasons:
    1-look at the pattern these past years 2 games+prolouges for each of the counsels.
    2-i remember PD said in an interview that GT6 will not take as much time as GT5 because it will use basiclally the same engine, and that GT5 took alot of time because it was built from scratch.

    just don’t get your hope’s up too high but i think they will probably announce the PS4 and definatly something vita realated.

    • Feb. 1, 6:37pm

      GT6 will absolutely not be PS3. PS4 will likely release this fall, and PD’s not going to release a new game after only three years since GT5 on a system that is about to be outdone.

    • Feb. 1, 7:14pm

      I think you are delusional… once the PS4 is announced, there is NO WAY GT6 will be on PS3.

    • Feb. 1, 7:40pm

      @Dude27 YOU are delusional because they wouldn’t waste 6 years of engine and game development for only one game and an oversized demo they said it will have the same engine; new counsle=new engine for the game.
      unless you got something to prove that “there is now way it’s on PS3” then just SHUTUP and stop hating on pepole for saying thier openions.

    • Feb. 1, 8:58pm

      Get over yourself @OMAR_NOS. GT6 is NOT going on the PS3, its going on the PS4 to hopefully try to be the launch for it. Yes GT6 will be using the same game engine from GT5 but tweaked up. Also, yes Kaz did say GT6 would not take as long like GT5 has, but thatdoesn’t mean its going be on the PS3… You seriously need to wake up dude…

    • Feb. 1, 9:13pm
      Drag Labs 101

      ^Toko+1! It will be a PS4 or whatever the next system is actually called. It will hopefully be a release title which I’m quite sure they are aiming for. Anyone who thinks GT6 is going to be on PS3 is plain silly or not very bright. I’d bet money on all of the above!

  58. Feb. 1, 5:22pm

    I hope gran turismo 6 is for ps3/ps4 cause I don’t want to buy a $500 console :(

    • Feb. 1, 5:36pm

      More like $2,000,000,000.

    • Feb. 1, 9:14pm


  59. Feb. 1, 5:10pm

    Just a wild guess but I think PD is going to release some DLC

    • Feb. 1, 6:27pm
      The Stig Farmer

      Bet you’re right xD

  60. Feb. 1, 4:53pm

    Probably something to do with the Vita… I really hope its PS4 related though. *crosses fingers*

  61. Feb. 1, 4:49pm

    Looks like GT6 is going to be on PS4 or PS3 but I doubt it why would they release it in PS3 when its about to shut down..?

  62. Feb. 1, 4:36pm
    Tdot GTR

    This is def the Playstation 4 announcement, but I doubt they will say anything about GT6..

  63. Feb. 1, 4:24pm

    Fantastic! Time to start lobbying for Saabs in GT6.

    • Feb. 1, 4:54pm

      lol ?? not my first thought

  64. Feb. 1, 3:50pm

    GT6 on PS3, or GT7 on PS4? Which one?

    • Feb. 1, 5:41pm

      GT6 on both lol

  65. Feb. 1, 3:38pm

    definitly GT6 is going to be shown and I do beleive it will be a PS4 announcement .

    • Feb. 1, 4:19pm

      I agree with you on this. GT6 on PS4.

  66. Feb. 1, 3:00pm

    So according to the lines of one of your Super Moderator’s his stance on anyone posting the same topic as you did was and I quote “Not GT5, or GT6 related.”
    So some sort of explaining there perhaps?

    • Feb. 1, 5:03pm

      Things that aren’t directly related to GT5 aren’t allowed in the GT5 subforum. Things not related to GT6 don’t belong in the GT6 subforum. But if they’re related to the PS3 or PS4, they are allowed in the Console subform. Most topics are allowed here so long as they are posted in the right spot.

      But you shouldn’t start a thread for something that already has one either.

  67. Feb. 1, 2:44pm

    Yes you did Karel :p

    • Feb. 1, 3:36pm

      LOL Karel :D

    • Feb. 1, 3:50pm

      noooo, well i have bought Fifa 11 but i play it only with friend(s). So doesnt count. :)

    • Feb. 1, 4:37pm

      sorr wrong reply ^

  68. Feb. 1, 2:13pm

    I hope GT6 for PS3. I didnt buy a console for only one game!

  69. Feb. 1, 1:59pm

    I’ve been waiting for news on the new Sega Genesis.

    • Feb. 1, 2:21pm


    • Feb. 1, 2:23pm

      I’m strongly anticipating the unveiling of the Atari Jaguar.

    • Feb. 1, 2:44pm

      What. No love for the Magnavox Odyssey? You guys are missin out!

  70. Feb. 1, 1:50pm

    Could be anything being announced here.

    Maybe PS4.
    Maybe a new improved PSN
    Maybe GT6 for PS3 and PS4.
    Maybe some AAA titles for the Vita.

    Who knows.

  71. Feb. 1, 1:43pm

    Where can I watch this live?!

    • Feb. 1, 1:46pm

      It will be streamed live by Sony. I’ll have a link up in a new blog post the day before the event starts.

  72. Feb. 1, 1:42pm

    Looking forward! Hopefully this means PS3-successor will be released soon (worldwide) and I hope even more for GT6… Sounds too good, too soon, to be real.

  73. Feb. 1, 1:38pm

    I just spent £10 on beer, I have £160 left in my account with no income so I’m now accepting donations to Chris’ PS4 fund.

    • Feb. 1, 1:59pm

      I have spare Chinese Yuan…

  74. Feb. 1, 1:35pm

    This time PD has the time to make GT6 a launch title…. yeah not going to happen :/

  75. Feb. 1, 1:31pm

    To me this is a regular meeting in where they are going to show some new features to PSN, probably Gaikai and then some other stuff related to the future (near future in this fiscal year).

    Probably they are going to give some hints about the PS4 or talk about a new controller (because they are going to discontinue the DS3). Or new peripherials like a new PS EYE, Move related stuff and of course the VITA.

    Don´t put your hopes up guys, no PS4 announce here yet. We have games coming this year and most of them exclusives.

  76. Feb. 1, 1:29pm

    i am very nervous about how much this is all going to cost me…

    1 PS4 console
    1 copy of GT6 + DLC

    £500 and more i reckon lol

    • Feb. 1, 11:58pm

      An eye and a kidney more likely

  77. Feb. 1, 1:19pm

    Well this sounds “promising” . Time to head to the forums and keep a good eye for leaked info

  78. Feb. 1, 1:18pm

    I hope for GT6 trailer!

  79. Feb. 1, 1:15pm

    GT6 on PS4.

    • Feb. 1, 1:19pm

      Was there really any doubt about that?

    • Feb. 1, 1:37pm

      Speculated, but not confirmed.

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