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GT Sport Glitch Suggests the 1991 Acura NSX is Coming

GT Sport players have been wondering when the next injection of new cars will arrive. A recent glitch may not answer that, but it could provide a hint of which… Read More »

Could the Acura NSX GT3 Appear in Gran Turismo Sport?

Gran Turismo Sport 15 Dec 5, 2016 by Matej

A car exhibit at the 2016 PlayStation Experience suggests what could we see in GT Sport next.

GT6 Screenshot Gallery: Acura NSX '13 Concept

Gran Turismo 6 Dec 6, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Honda/Acura’s upcoming supercar is officially announced for Gran Turismo 6 in the latest batch of screenshots.

Gran Turismo's Updated Seattle Circuit, Apricot Hill, & Ginza District Revealed in Video

Take a closer look at the new locations shown off in the latest Gran Turismo trailer.

Acura NSX Concept Featured in New Gran Turismo Video

Another new Gran Turismo video is released at the North American International Auto Show, featuring the new Acura NSX Concept.

New Gran Turismo Track Revealed in NSX Concept Video

New track location(s) are revealed in Polyphony Digital’s latest promotional video, introducing the new Acura NSX Concept.