Gran Turismo’s Updated Seattle Circuit, Apricot Hill, & Ginza District Revealed in Video

Much like the 2014 Corvette Stingray’s trailer introduced Willow Springs Raceway, so too has the new Acura NSX Concept trailer made some exciting revelations for Gran Turismo fans.

In addition to what appears to be several never-before-seen locations, two of the most popular original tracks to the GT series which were absent from GT5 can be seen in apparently updated form: Seattle Circuit and Apricot Hill Raceway.

Before continuing, it is important to remember that just because these new tracks and locations have been shown does not imply or suggest they will be released as downloadable content in Gran Turismo 5. Curiously, the NSX video as posted on the official Gran Turismo YouTube channel makes no mention of GT5 in its title, unlike the Corvette Stingray clip posted just one day before.

Seattle Circuit

Apricot Hill Raceway

For comparison of the track in GT4, see here.

Tokyo’s Ginza District

For a comparison photo of the real C’BON Cosmetics store sign, see here. Also note the buildings displayed in the reflections on the bumper.

Unknown Tunnel

Shown during a collection of shots taken at Special Stage Route X, this tunnel appears to be some kind of spillway.

Unknown Mountaintop

This location has yet to be identified. If you recognize it as a real-world vista, please share your comments below or in our forums.

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Comments (242)

  1. B2P

    why not an old pack from al the other gt’s.. it would make this game a lot more fun, i’d pay lots of cash for this..

  2. B2P

    This would be great.. Finally some new tracks.. both were on my wishlist but its taking a long time now.. I would still love to seem some more old tracks.. Great

  3. wheelsonfire50

    OMG, are they really bringing back the seattle circuit?? I almost did the peabody when I heard that!!! I can’t wait!!!

  4. Halcyon925

    I wonder if they could make a HUGE race track, or something just to cruise on. I thought if they can put all of the Special Stage Routes in one race track/highway system. I’d pay a butt load to see that!

  5. forzaturismo

    Yesterday i played GT4 on PS2, to remember how Seattle and Apricot was good tracks.
    Cant wait to test them on GT6 for PS4!!!!!!

  6. mcalva98

    It would be nice to see red rock valley, all the Tahiti circuits, smokey mtn, super speedway, midfield raceway, complex string, el capitan, well just all of the old tracks!! :)

    1. Sonygamer455

      Amen there bro! We need all them back! Of all the tracks, i can’t believe they didn’t include the test course or complex string! You would think they would.

    2. ScotteDawg

      Midfeild, yes! Red Rock Valley, yes! Tahiti Maze and it’s varients, yes! Apricot Hill and Seattle – YES!!

      But what about Grundelwald (from GT1)? And Bathurst? And Seoul? And Hong Kong? New York? The older Rome tracks and Rome Night?

      We do NOT need Complex String and Route X IS the new (and very much improved) Test Course!

      As for SSR11, I have a blueprint style map of a new one that incorporates the old SSR11 with SSR5 and it has been called SSR16!

    1. Pit Crew

      PD probably added the lines, to give it an updated appearance, considering it is not a Real World course, and the Screen shot was taken of an area without GrandStand area.

  7. panjandrum

    I so, so hope that PD brings back all their old circuits. It would really breathe life into the game. Unfortunately I lost most of my interest in GT5 years ago due to the online/offline physics glitch, and while I realize they have finally fixed that, it wasn’t enough to bring me back to the game in any big way. The return of the old tracks, every single one of which was a “favorite” of my racing club, would bring me back though.

  8. Crispy9001

    You know, if GT is bothering to add a NEW City Circuit, maybe they can bring back other old City Circuits as well.

  9. Crispy9001

    Finally! The Gran Turismo developers have finally got off of their a**es and have started to address important problems!!!!!!!!

    1. Quakebass

      Lack of tracks wasn’t on my list… Uncompetitive AI and short A-Spec was my problem…

      But it’s nice to be getting these…

    2. ScotteDawg

      Lack of tracks was on my (very effin long) list of what would make GT5 even better!

      But you’re right Quakebass, the AI and A-Spec definately need “repairing”!

      We also need to be able to “name” our replays and photos too!

      And on the subject of replays, they don’t last long enough at the end. Instead of 5 seconds, maybe 15.

      And personalized number plates…

  10. hobanator24

    I have a theory on the tunnel image. You know how SSRX has all those roads that are unused? Well, could that tunnel be part if the unused roads in SSRX. If you look closely, you can see mountains at the end of the tunnel that look very similar to the mountains on SSRX. As for the Unknown Mountaintop, I looks like someplace possibly in northern Afghanistan. But I highly doubt that it is. I guess we’ll have to wait for PD to give us more information

    1. ScotteDawg

      I share your theory on the tunnel. I have a map of the SSRX Road Course and it is my belief that the area in the above screenshot is somewhere on the side opposite to the start/finish/pit area. When you leave that area, you will notice a loop that then crosses the track? Then, on the other side just before you enter the tunnel you will see high and curved road structures! I’d say it’s in that vicinity…

      nascarfn – learn how to spell. There is no spellcheck in these forums!

  11. sangdude82

    I wonder if PD will have some togues (mountain passes) on GT6. Also, it would be nice if Ferrari is willing to license out their Fiorano Circuit to PD so it can be scanned for GT6.

    1. Rushton1996

      the touge will be cool and I have been wanting that for a while now, but I doubt that Fiorano will ever be licensed because Ferrari wouldn’t want their lap times beaten on their own trace track :D

  12. BongRipz

    Apricot Hill is one of my all time favorites as far as the original circuits go. I was so disappointed when it wasnt in 5. I hope we are getting it in 5 and dont have to wait for 6 to get it back. If it is for GT6 though I would be happy if we are getting all the missing tracks back

    1. ScotteDawg

      We should also be getting Willow Springs and Bathurst!

      It was reported some time ago that Bathurst will be in GT6 as some reader of GTPlanet met and spoke with the guys who were mapping it! They told him GT6!!

    1. Quakebass

      I’d like cars too, but not the same we got with GT5. Not too many exact copies, and absolutely no standard cars. I’m more worried about competitive AI and a lasting offline career mode.

    2. ScotteDawg

      Tracks, definately need MORE tracks!

      Cars, I could do without Kcars and fart boxes and things that run on an oily rag!

      Keep the go-karts though…

  13. rallymorten

    Interesting.. I did [url=]this poll[/url] some time ago and these news made me check it again with some interesting discoveries:

    Seatle Circuit is #1 with 53 Votes
    2nd place is a tie between El Capitan and Trial Mountain but the last is already in GT5 and uninteresting in this case
    3rd place is… Apricot Hill! (although tied with Midfield)

    So can this hint that PD is actively looking on GTPlanet? We know some with connections to PD are but this just seems too weird/strange to me.

    Now, how long might it be until we see El Capitan and Midfield in a teaser?? [sarcasm]Place your bets[/sarcasm]

    1. swynder

      I always liked to drive around Midfield, it´s one classic track of the GT series, and in my opinion, i´d rather see it than Apricot Hill, only thing i wonder is that why isn´t SSR11 in the top tree….

    2. ScotteDawg

      swynder, go to the top of the page, scroll down just a little and you will find, on the right hand side of the page, a box in which you can type something. Next to that is another box that says “search site”.

      Type in SSR11 and click on the specified box. Your question may just be answered!

  14. Normalaatsra

    “-It is important to remember that just because these new tracks and locations have been shown does not imply or suggest they will be released as downloadable content in Gran Turismo 5.”

    If it was Gran Turismo 6 I don’t know what the hell is the game running on.

  15. HarVee

    So PDI, how much longer are you going to tease us with this stuff? You now what we want. And you know we’re willing to pay money for it. So just give it to us already.

  16. Quakebass

    I REALLY hope we get Seattle – it’d be so cool to virtually race my favorite super cars around my home city. And it’d be even cooler if PD released an HD up-scale of the classic track (with the king dome, which has been gone for several years now), and a newer version with current scenery… It’s a bit to ask, but man, I’d love that!

    And considering that we’re seeing a good three or four unreleased GT5 tracks show up in these videos, I could now actually believe people claiming that some sort of “Spec III” update could be coming. I hope there is, and that it addresses more pressing issues than just a few cars and tracks, minor physics tweaks, and updated features. I’d like to see an addition to A-Spec, no more separate online and offline physics, and at least a SLIGHT upgrade in the AI algorithming. That or seem way to balance AI cars, like allowing them to have upgrades or certain tunes. Maybe even AI cars could show up in rare paints and aero kits…

    Ok, enough dreaming for me…

  17. sammo85

    Id like dlc for the Ferrari 250 GTO and premium Shelby GT350. Don’t even have premium Bugatti Veyron, ??? What is going on.

    1. Amac500

      1962 Ferrari 250 GTO (starts drooling)… that’s the dream of all dream cars. I think a Ferrari S Dino Spyder 166 would be bad ass to, that style of car might be my favorite ever!

  18. D_gamer725

    As greatful as I am for the free C7 Proto, as well as the upcoming DLC. And as much as people may have brought this up, I’d still love to see DLC for the 2013 SRT Viper and to be fare, the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500.

  19. RandomCarGuy17

    Something tells me that Seattle, Apricot Hill, & Willow Springs are actually courses that are going to be in Gran Turismo 6. At least I know that GT6’s track selection is going to be amazing.

    1. swynder

      We don´t know anything yet, and i don´t think PD is already releasing stuff about GT6, we don´t even have a teaser trailer about the game, i think this has a high chance to be released for GT5, and honestly, i´d rather have it that way.

    2. Amac500

      If GT6 is going to be so amazing then it won’t matter if they slide us a few of those real good tracks now. Something with time and weather change would be nice :)

  20. BHalpen

    It’s almost like just baiting people to be pissed off! They know how many fans want these tracks. Why bother bringing all this attention to what we still haven’t got?

    1. Amac500

      I swear to God, I know!!!! Lol, it’s like that with the NSX too. It’s like a form of Japanesse war torture or something, what the hell???

  21. BHalpen

    This makes NO sense! Why release a promo video for the NSX concept car AGAIN? Then use practically every fantasy track not included in GT5 to promo the Acura with?

    1. Since80three

      As much as I love GT5, I couldn’t agree more with your statement. The the fact that there are constant complaints is because of the way PD handles things like this. They know what we want, they show that they have it, but choose to implement it in the most retarded way.

    2. Amac500

      +1000, if we don’t get this stuff doesn’t come with in the next few weeks I will be cross, if it is longer then a month I will be MAAAAAD!

  22. Boxout

    I feel like none of this content is coming to GT5
    No Seattle, Apricot Hill, Ginza, Willow Springs (from the corvette video), and the tunnel thingy (If that’s even meant to be a track)
    At most we’ll get the NSX for free as a final update, and maybe 1 more car pack with a paintable/tuneable C7, another GT-R and some other cars that aren’t that much of a big deal

    Imo they are holding these tracks for GT6.

    1. Boxout

      On a side note, I’m not trying to hate on PD saying they don’t care for GT5.
      I just don’t want to get my hopes too high for a 2 year old game.
      Any new content is good for me to be honest.

  23. liampage123

    I LOVED SEATTLE CIRCUIT! The jumps where awesome! I also liked Apricot hill as well. And what is the ginza district??

  24. hogger129

    Cool. I enjoyed Seattle Circuit from Gran Turismo 2, and I’m glad to see they’re still coming out with new material for Gran Turismo 5.

    1. Halcyon925

      If I could drive in that tunnel, I would see if I could go on the ceiling or basicly, driving on the walls.

  25. barkeep

    Given the history of these sort of videos in the past, I’m assuming these new tracks showcased in the background of this video will be released in the coming months, if not, weeks.

    With that said, I’m so excited for the new NSX, and what could be new tracks coming up! :D

    1. steebz

      Agreed. They released ss route x a couple of months after showing us a video of the nsx concept on route x, so we can assume seattle and apricot hill will be dlc for gt5 soon…hopefully lol

    2. nascarfn

      I wouldnt jump on that so fast honda nsx, 3 tracks, plus 2 unidentified places, plus willow circut in the stingray video all this coming out so fast im thinking theres some gt6 stuff coming out in front of our eyes and pd has tricked us to think its gt5 (typical pd hidding stuff from us)

  26. infamousphil

    Hey PD… looks like your patronage is about 75/25 for new (or old) tracks as opposed to Honda’s new hybrid? Get the picture? Thank you in advance for the new (or rehashed) venues. Now how about a 2013 Viper cruising through the Complex String, then taking some turns in anger at Red Rock, drifting through the underpass at R11 and finishing out with a tank slapping screeching halt at Costa di Amalfi or Citta di Aria? Fade to reality…..

  27. Flagmo-T

    Hahah Just thinking, that there can be some ultimate Fun overtaking in that Tunnel Vrmmmm ( MIB Style or even Dark Night Style )

    Good one PD..

    Thank you :)

  28. glassjaw

    I need more reference points to believe that second track is Apricot. It’s just a chicane, it could be any chicane as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Amac500

      I’m a Sebring man myself and I’m am out of the closet bias towards my home track at Belle Isle Park, but I will champion any American circuit coming to GT5. Ya know what would make me as happy or happier as a new venues though is updating the Daytona road course so that it has runoff in turn 1, we run the proper sports car bus stop, not the motorcycle one that isn’t even there any more, fixing the infoeld sp there are stands campers and the Ferris wheel, and giving it time and weather change. Rolex 24 baby!

    2. infamousphil

      Yup yup, Triple Crown or Quadruple Trophy or Quintuple Victory… If the sun sets and/or rises on it, PD needs to bring it!!!

    3. Amac500

      COTA is a great venue. That’s what I’m saying infamousphil, we gotta have the triple crown of endurance racing! For those of you not in the know, that has always been the 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 Hours of Sebring, and 24 Hours of Le Mans. The last driver to win it was Mike Rockenfeller in 2010. We don’t see it as much anymore with car model because the homologations are different.

    4. The Prodigy

      no offense but most of us gamers are looking for the classic gt courses to make a comeback

      those tracks I find are more fun because they are unique to all courses in the world because they cant be found in real life

  29. LeMansIndy500

    I got a message when loading up the game saying the GT5 servers are undergoing maintenance. Could this have potential of being a major DLC update?

  30. samuelesm

    I suspecting that all of this is part of GT6 because the renderings (even though they’re probably quality improved for video) seem to be much better than that of GT5. The reflections are also much richer too.

  31. Amac500

    Remember when all those track logos appeared on GT website? I wonder if we are starting to integrate those. If so, then how about Sonoma (starts drooling)

    1. GTracer98

      And Citta D’Aria, Costa D’Amalfi, Midfield Raceway, El Capitan… I’d be SO happy if they made they way in GT5 or GT6! :)

    2. Amac500

      Come to think of it GT4 did totally trump GT5 in the street circuit department, lol, New York would be pretty boss as well I think.

  32. Wiki

    If you look carefully at the tunnel picture, you can see a mountain at the end of the tunnel. Although that pipe or tunnel would be a dream for any skateboarder. :)

  33. Amac500

    Well PD, great job to you. It looks like they really know how to respond to their critiques, because I simply don’t believe they would dangle 4-6 tracks infringing of us as we’ll as the NSX without intending to add to the game. Don’t hold back on us PD, give us something to tie us over for a while. Maybe make an event out of it, give us like 1 track a week for a while on Tuesdays for $1.99 or buy them all in advance for a price. As far as car DLCs, you can pretty much just lay that on us, or do like 1 DLC’s worth per week, 4-6-ish, but make them $1 a pop so we can choose which cars we want like with the last group of car releases. That way, if ya spread it over the weeks like an event, you won’t get people starting to whin again after about about 5 weeks.


    1. infamousphil

      lol… speak with your own cheddar. I’d rather PD DLC GT5 for next 2-4 years then have to purchase yet another electronic 21st century gizmo to enjoy the next Chrysler, NISMO or Ferrari at Road America, Sebring or old Hockenheimring.

  34. Amac500

    Correct me if insuring but wouldn’t Ginza be a new location in the game? I don’t recall it in previous Gran Turismo games.

  35. KilzoneStrife

    Ps4 announced at E3 2013 WITH GT6 debut trailer :D
    Oh.. we can dream…
    Im hoping for December 2014 PS4 release with GT6 though..

    1. swynder

      Would only be glad for GT6, honestly, i´d rather have it on PS3, because i do not have much money to acquire the PS4 that will probably cost over 450$ dollars when it´s released.

  36. notStig

    I have noticed yesterday what Jordan stressed in this post. There’s no mension of GT5 on the video. The video is aimed at promoting the car more than the game.
    If GT6 is really for PS4 (unfortunately) and uses the same engine as GT5, it’s natural that the graphics are similar. I’m not saying the video is from GT6 but it doesn’t mean it’s from GT5 also.

  37. UrieHusky

    And here I was just yesterday saying not to get hyped.

    What am I doing today?

    Getting hyped…

    *smacks myself back into reality*

  38. waddy2001

    I loved Seattle! Don’t remember Apricot Hill, though. That first corner in Seattle was a killer as was the little dip left onto the final straight. Creamed at speed many times there. You could catch good air by times too in the city uphill run.

    1. Amac500

      I think Apricot Hill would be the only fictional GT5 circuit without an unrealistic tunnel, if that helps ring a bell. I just looked the track up on YouTube

  39. QuikSlvr223

    I remember a long time ago, when I was only a few years old (I’m actually only 13, and no, I do NOT like dubstep), I was playing Gran Turismo 2 and racing on Seattle Circuit in a silver Renault Clio V6. I remember taking that first smaller one and going, “Whoa, cool!” Then, I hit that bigger one, and I felt like I was really flying. Ah, the good old days when everything was so fun…
    Anyway, it looks like this is going to be a HUGE year for the Gran Turismo series.

    1. QuikSlvr223

      That first smaller JUMP. Not sure why I didn’t clarify that. I also just thought that it would be awesome to have Midfield back, too

  40. Zuel

    In all it’s great news. We know now that the tracks have been worked on and further tracks and locations are being worked on.

  41. emanuelmelo

    I would bet some money that the moutaintop and the tunnel are new Photo Travel mode locations. But I’m just guessing…

    1. Super Novi

      Oh my god yes. Although I would do it more so with the Tank Car. Why? Because that would be AWESOME!

  42. ChicoMaloXD

    Too much stuff. Makes me think it’s GT6.
    I hope all this is for GT6. That makes more sense.
    GT5 is way too bland to have this new content, alone.

    1. SubaruWRC555

      Whatever dude!! If new content is available then I want it ASAP!! I don’t see them jumping ship on the game at least not at this time, but late in the year I suppose!

    2. SubaruWRC555

      Whatever dude! If new content is available then I want it asap! I don’t see them jumping ship on the game at least not at this time, but late in the year I suppose!

    3. The Prodigy

      remember when spec 2 was released whole lot of content their. it is possible this is spec 3 but what do I know only time will tell

  43. kalakanto

    It smells like GT6 coming to ps3.. damn i wished it to be launchgame for PS4.. KY told earlier big news coming, it surely seems so! But anyway whatever will happend this all new information reminds me of oktober 2010.. just can’t wait to hear more!!! :)

    1. TomBrady

      I suppose GT6 being on PS4 would be good for Sony but it may actually hurt PD. I don’t think the sales will be as good if everyone has to get a new console to play it.

      Frankly, I’d be happy if it was on PS3 because I don’t want to spend 700 on a console, and GT6 is enough to make me do it. I’m hoping it’s on PS3, and it ends up being everything GT5 could be. They should hurry up though, if it takes 4 years for GT7 to come out after the release of PS4, they’ll be hurting themselves even more. The word disappointment is often mention in GT5 reviews, and it’s almost entirely because of development time. The longer the development, the more people expect and no game will meet all expectations. Making people wait leads to disappointing thme

    2. MeanElf

      GT6 will not meet the expectations of everybody – there are too many groups who feel that the game should represent what they want it to be instead and it’s impossible to satisfy such a broad spectrum completely.

      Only for those people who have played more than one GT game, will it meet expectations.

  44. DSUjoeDirte9

    i see spec 3 comming… or whatever the new spec is :)

    I mean when patch 2.0 came out didnt that launch a new spec with a lot of new stuff :)

    so patch 3.0… may do the same… Yes no?

  45. Lambob

    I think with Spec 3.0 and these new tracks, I will be taking time off work for the first time to play GT5, good times to be had by all. Cheers PD and GTPlanet. I still have to buy the GTPedia, and may I suggest some GTplanet Tees (with Nurburgring track) at your store?

    1. researchALLwars

      I would definitely get in line for some creative GTPlanet t-shirts. Maybe have a thread with ideas coming from members?

    1. QuikSlvr223

      Now that you mention it, I can see it pretty well. I think it’s great, the One-77 is one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

  46. JeremiahTB

    And the news just keeps on coming. With all this new hype, PD must have something up their sleeve VERY soon. Either that or Kaz is just slapping our fantasies around…again.

  47. leeson

    I think the mountain vista looks like it could be Colorado. Probably could be a lot of places though.

    In the video, if you’re quick, you can catch a glimpse of a semi-truck driving down SSR7. Can’t wait to drag race a tractor trailer; after all, I am a big mother trucker.

  48. steebz

    Okay, who was the person who told me not to get excited???!! YOU WERE WRONG, WHOEVER YOU ARE!! I’m mega hyped about this news, Seattle was one of my favourites. At last, some good news!

  49. 05XR8

    Maybe that spillway connects to the inner portion of Route X or to one of the towns in the distance of Route X.

  50. HuskyGT

    It’s good that this news report has been posted. Too many people talking about this being a new DLC pack. We’ve seen some old tracks before and they were never released.

    the most we could get out of this is probably the NSX, but I’m doubtful about it.

    It’s good to keep your hopes high people. This has certainly sparked my interest in GT5 again, but remember this is PD we are talking about. we can’ expect much from them when it comes to extra content.

  51. swynder

    Knowing Seattle is probably going to make it to GT5, makes my day, but i´m sure i´m not the only one feeling like this!

  52. CapnCowboy

    I haven’t played since GT2, I sure missed out on some pretty nice tracks! It’s good to see what PD have been up to! I DO hope that there is something for GT5 here, soon (obviously besides the new Stingray)!

  53. pasigiri

    Well if PD isn’t going to release GT6 until after PS4 is launched, I guess they are going to have to include new content (read a LOT of new content) to tide us fans over till.

    1. SavageEvil

      Seattle in GT5 or 6 will be rolling hills and unlike those angular jumps from GT 2-4. This should be a great track and will definitely show how well physics are realized because you’d have to line your car up and be careful of how you use throttle to be sure you don’t cause over rotation causing the front end to tip too soon. This track will wreak havoc with those balls to the walls drivers, I say bring it on. Would be awesome if Red Rock Valley and Mid-Field Raceway were also completely updated just like these other courses, PD’s fantasy courses have always been very intriguing to drive on…fingers crossed that PD also recreated Complex String for GT6.

    2. FormulaKimball

      Seattle > all other city courses indeed! Also, R1600Turbo, go to google maps and look at James St between 2nd Ave and 5th Ave, those jumps really are there… Though maybe GT exaggerated them a bit :)

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