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Five of Our Favorite Super Bowl Automotive Ads

Super Bowl LII kicks off in just a few hours. While many will watch to cheer on the New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles, several (million) more will tune in solely for… Read More »

The Best Way to Sell a Used Honda Accord Is With a Luxury Car Commercial

Car Culture 18 Nov 5, 2017 by Joe Donaldson

If you’ve ever sold a car you know what a hassle it can be. Between low ball offers, scam e-mails, and even some shady buyers, it’s not an experience most… Read More »

Sony Re-Starts GT5 Marketing on Speed TV Channel

Sony finally appears ready to re-start marketing efforts for Gran Turismo 5, sponsoring Speed TV’s prime-time lineup of shows next Thursday.

Another Strange Gran Turismo PSP Commercial

Remember that heart-wrenching sacrifice of a 1988 Lamborghini Countach and 1969 Corvette Stingray in the first Japanese Gran Turismo PSP commercial? Well, the marketing team isn’t done yet – here’s… Read More »

GT PSP's Laguna Seca Commercial: Behind the Scenes

Remember that Gran Turismo PSP commercial, featuring a Corvette ZR-1 with Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust? (No, not that terrible Japanese spot!) While we wait for the next round of… Read More »

Cringe-Worthy Japanese Gran Turismo PSP Commercial

It’s always interesting to see how marketing teams approach international audiences differently, and it looks like Sony’s campaign for Gran Turismo PSP is no exception. Here’s the Japanese Gran Turismo… Read More »

Gran Turismo PSP TV Commercials Hit Airwaves

  The Gran Turismo PSP marketing campaign that first kicked off with this teaser is ready for prime-time, and is running on a television network near you, right now. Take a look… Read More »

Gran Turismo PSP's Marketing Campaign Begins

Advertising for Gran Turismo PSP starts now!  Here’s the first commercial promoting the new game, announced yesterday by SCEA Senior Product Marketing Manager Stephanie Yoshimoto. According to her blog post,… Read More »