GT PSP’s Laguna Seca Commercial: Behind the Scenes

Remember that Gran Turismo PSP commercial, featuring a Corvette ZR-1 with Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust? (No, not that terrible Japanese spot!) While we wait for the next round of GT5 news, you might enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at how the clip was put together. Even if you didn’t like the commercial, you’re on the wrong website if you don’t enjoy watching this collection of cars pushing it around legendary Laguna Seca. See the video after the jump…

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  1. ian

    i too am shocked how quickly people are to dismiss Rhys Millen out of hand before checking thier facts .Check out his Pikes Peak history which goes back beyond his latest world record in the 2wd category

  2. Dracwolley

    I like the behind-the-scenes better than the actual ad itself.

    What’s the name of the song from 1:32 to 3:03? They’ve used it previously in one of their producer interviews… I’ve been looking for it for a while and haven’t been able to find it yet.

  3. rofajole

    OMG, I’m astonished on how people don’t know who Millen is… He just set the world record of the uphill Pikes Peak in the 2WD class on his drifting/rally Hyundai Genesis Coupe!

  4. ferrarifan962

    I also enjoyed the commercial but it is always the same talk that tanner gives about how real gt is. I know it is real I absolutely love gt but say something else man.

  5. maxpontiac

    I enjoyed this commericial. Heck, I might be in the minority here, but I also like the Japanese one with the Corvette and the Lamborghini..

  6. PeterWRC

    Yeah! The E39 M5 was there against new sport cars. I’d like to see it in the GT5! But the man has talking about the corkscrew. If you there in that corner, you don’t see the apex at the following corner and its absolutely amazing. Has He seen a stage from the Rally Finnland? You never see nothing behind the crest. That’s amazing! But the GT is good game anyway, I can’t complain!

  7. Luke

    I really hated that track at the beginning, it was so difficult for me to drive. But GT really made me love every track it offered.

  8. ICANT55

    Rhis millen was the drifting champion before tanner foust was,And rhis ‘s dad is also some famous race car driver and car customizer.If i remember right his dad was one of the first people to put twin turbos on a ford gt 40…

  9. Sam__NY

    I know Tanner, but i’ve never heard of Millen. They should have used Johnny O’connel or someone else famous for racing Corvettes.

  10. S3 Racer

    yop. same here
    I don’t like the movement that celebrities and sportguys become “racers”. Get’s more and more every year. But Tanner is yet ok, he can drive, but there are others :S .
    but hey we probably do just the same!

    Wanna have new GT news :(

    Gran Turismoing the world

  11. RedBaron

    Two things come to my mind. The view in video preview picture before you start it, that would be great camera angle for replay in GT5. And that E39 M5 would be perfect, with Ring Taxi version, of course :o)

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