Another Strange Gran Turismo PSP Commercial

Remember that heart-wrenching sacrifice of a 1988 Lamborghini Countach and 1969 Corvette Stingray in the first Japanese Gran Turismo PSP commercial? Well, the marketing team isn’t done yet – here’s the latest clip, showing a Dodge Viper, Chrysler 300C, Mercedes SLK, and a Lotus Elise driving around in circles, in the dirt. It probably makes more sense if you can read the Japanese text at the end, but for now, I just can’t figure this one out. So…what’s going on here?

UPDATE: According to our readers who commented below, the wording at the end means: “When friends get together, it doesn’t matter where the circuit is,” so it makes more sense now. Thanks for the help, guys!

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  1. S3 Racer

    I like the clip-with the translation.
    Always enjoy nice car footage like the rear camera view showing the Viper.

  2. meatbag_

    This was a great commercial, witty and memorable and clearly succeeds in promoting the game.

    People, stop complaining, whining, begging, or whatever it is you “claim” you’re doing when you say “we need more [pictures, details, leaks, etc]” just enjoy the show. GT5 will be out. and it will be out in a fairly clear timeframe. this is not Duke Nukem Forever here. there are many other things you can do to fill your time until GT5 comes out. really. try going outside. If the effort of actual physical recreation is too much, try playing another GT game. whatever you do, stop your pissing and moaning, it really gets tiresome having to sift through all the fodder looking for a little bit of insight on things like the text translation. its not that your comments fall on deaf ears, its that the ears they fall on are powerless to do anything. if you really want to bug the developers and ask for details, write them a letter (not email).

  3. pegaz2507

    this is all a bunch of crap,we need gt5 news,pictures,videos…cmon pd make us happy,it will be a long 4 months….

  4. ralph89

    I though it’s another, “OMG rare cars crashed!” moment. Japanese are weird, but they made a lot of masterpiece that no western can do!

  5. noname

    Please.. Kaz, let’s see some Gran Turismo 5 footage. I hope we will see some of the game soon.. I want to see the product im gonna buy ;( Turn 10 showed a lot of their game before it came on the marked. too bad forza 3 dissapointed. (in my opinion)

  6. Wolgib07

    Really, the “gt-real” website has the cars, place and does the video. So Kaz is not implicated in this vid at all.

  7. H3avyM3tal

    What I said is true – When friends gather, the circuit is everywhere. Maybe my wording can be better, but that is the translation!

    God I love being a student for japanese!

  8. Worstdriver_1393

    I seriously don’t get it. Like the one with the corvette ZR1 on Laguna Seca is brillant, but the japanese ads are like WTF.

  9. Viktor Navorsky

    I think the idea here is: They´re in football field , and Instead of playing football they´re “drifting around” the field… its something like “You never have that kind o fun in a Field”.

    I guess…

  10. GV27

    Probably means you can’t race anywhere on real life. Hence the reasoning of having “non-usually-dirt” type of cars, like the Viper and the Elise.

    With Gran Turismo, however, you can race anywhere.

    That’s my two cents!

  11. Imari

    I’d translate that as:

    “When friends get together, it doesn’t matter where the circuit is.”

    Implying obviously that they’re having fun together despite it being a rubbish track. Odd sentiment when you’re trying to sell your game…

  12. Aero-R

    I think it’s on a circle for a concept of “connected” or “connection”, I mean, all in the same cicle/round and circuit to ad. the online property of the game. Unfortunately I do not know japanese so I really don’t know what the text means

  13. MSZ

    I can understand some Japanese…I believe it says “play with friends, it doesn’t matter what track it is.” (mind you, it is not an accurate translation.)

  14. Lukas Berns

    The text says: “When friends come together, every place is a circuit”
    I guess that place is an empty lot which used to be a place where kids played about 30 years ago when there weren’t that much playgrounds.

  15. Emu76

    Interesting, I think it has something to do with people in helicopters playing the game with real cars, and it tells you it’s more fun just to play GTPSP. LOL @ voiceover though :L

  16. jul_1087

    OMG..what were those..random cars just speeding for nothing??
    I hope that kaz hasnt seen it..this just dont “properly” fits with his idea of GT as a car museum..

  17. Wolfer

    I think this ad is supposed to mean “It’s better to race on ring in the game than on playground in reality” as they show some racing rings on the PSP screens and there is also written “GT > real”

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