E3 2010

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In-Depth GT5 Gameplay Analysis by InsideSimRacing.tv

InsideSimRacing.tv has just published their extensive Gran Turismo 5 E3 2010 Special Report, filling more than half an hour of footage with their detailed impressions and thoughts on the demo featured at the big show. It’s a refreshingly detailed look at the latest build of the game by “hard-core” sim racers, as they discuss everything from physics, to head-tracking, to 3D gameplay – it’s the best impression of the demo you can get short of getting your hands on it. Thanks for the GTPlanet shout-out, guys!

GTPlanet’s Guide to E3 2010 Coverage: It’s Here!

The biggest game show of the year is finally upon us, and there’s a lot to suggest that Gran Turismo 5 is finally set for its big debut! Here’s a quick overview of exactly what’s going to happen over the next few days:

Peek at Rome, Tuscany in Latest GT5 Video

Sure enough, the SpikeTV/GameTrailers that Sony helped hype up yesterday didn’t show much, but there was indeed some more footage revealed of the beautiful new Rome and Tuscany circuits. Watch it for yourself right here.

New GT5 Video (Maybe) on Spike TV Tonight

The official PlayStation Blog is hyping up a broadcast of Spike TV’s hour-long E3 preview special, which they claim will show off “video debuts of Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, and Gran Turismo 5.” With Sony’s big prime-time press conference now a mere 4 days away, I’m highly suspicious that Polyphony Digital would use such a comparatively low-profile event to show off anything new about the game, but you never know.

Sony Confirms Gran Turismo 5’s Presence at E3 2010

This isn’t so much “breaking news” as it is “peace of mind”: Sony has prominently featured GT5 on its special E3 2010 website (click and drag the page to view the top left corner). This is, of course, a pleasant change from last year, when Sony actually requested the press not ask Yamauchi about the big game during interviews for what are now obvious reasons. E3 kicks off with Sony’s press conference at 11:30 AM PST on June 15th. As always, I’ll have everything you need to know right here, updated by the minute on the (hopefully) big day…