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GT5 Prologue Gets New Lease on Life (Until September)

Polyphony Digital announces it will continue supporting GT5 Prologue’s online services through September.

End of Life for GT5 Prologue, Servers Close June 30th

After selling over 5 million copies, Polyphony Digital is finally about to lay GT5 Prologue to rest.

Logitech Responds to Cheating in GT5:P Challenge

Since the Logitech Challenge cheaters were exposed, many of you have spread the word and contacted Sony/Logitech, expressing your anger with poorly-skilled drivers who were bending the rules to get… Read More »

Cheaters Ruin Official GT5 Prologue Competition

The Logitech Challenge in GT5 Prologue is well under way.  Unfortunately, though, with thousands of dollars worth of prizes up for grabs, it has attracted the attention of cheaters with… Read More »

"GTbyCitroën - The Inside Story" in HD

There’s a new program coming to Gran Turismo TV – it’s the “Inside Story” of how the GTbyCitroën made the journey from polygons to production.  Check out the high-definition preview… Read More »

Coming Soon to Gran Turismo: Your Music (Or Not)

Since the release of Gran Turismo 1 in 1998, one feature has been on the wishlists of GTPlanet members everywhere: the ability to load your own music into the game. … Read More »