GT5 Prologue Gets New Lease on Life (Until September)

June 30th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

As you may recall, today (June 30, 2011) was supposedly the last for GT5 Prologue‘s online services. For unknown and unexplained reasons, Polyphony Digital has announced the service’s end-of-life has now been delayed (yes, there’s a lot of jokes to be made there) to September 30, 2011.

Of course, you’ll still be able to play the game after that date, but you won’t be able to enjoy the randomized online racing or the game’s leaderboards (which are still notably absent from Gran Turismo 5).

Thanks to all of you who sent this in!

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  1. Jul. 11, 12:44pm

    PD desperately aiming to comply to everyone’s wishes for the game was GT5’s downfall. GT5 Prologue with more cars and tracks would have been massively superior to the GT5 we have now. Here’s hoping that PD go back to basics with the next GT, as opposed to listening to the so-called “fans”‘ smart-ass remarks: “omg it’s got no damage so it’s not a sim!!1!” Pathetic.

  2. Jul. 5, 6:38pm

    It seems the prologue has become completely obsolete.

  3. Jul. 3, 8:28am

    That’s the next big GT5 update in october i’m talking about!

  4. Jul. 3, 4:49am

    I guess this means Leaderboards will be impliemented in GT5 sometime between now and September, as that is the only reason I can see for them to continue the support for GT5P(to satisfy those who are living on the leaderboard system).

  5. Jul. 1, 7:21am
    Bien Cien

    I can explain this. See in my country I only had money for one racing game so I bought GT5P and played ever since. That was more than 3 years ago and now I’m trying to save up money for GT5. I pleaded with Polyphony not to cancel online play. I said: “Please PD, let me continue playing with my joyous and happy friends online.”

    Then they said, “Sure no problem. I think it’s cheaper to keep the servers up and running till September than to actually send me a copy of GT5.”

  6. Jul. 1, 1:13am
    SKOT Free

    I get the Feeling That PD is using GT5P for testing. When is Forza coming out? Let’s see if we get another big update at some point!

  7. Jul. 1, 12:58am

    When do we get online fast lap times in the real GT5? (surprised no one has echoed this one yet!) I was super bummed this wants in GT5 because it was one feature i seriously wanted in GT for years. Save me having to “save” out my fastest replays and keep track of them all the time.. auto save fastest legal replay and time stats. DONE!

    But no… PD are slack fks and its not even in GT5!

    • Jul. 1, 4:16am

      You right, imo GT5 can’t be a sim game without rankings

    • Jul. 3, 5:11am

      The lap times are a clever idea and such, but they are doing that through the medium of the online events. If they just hard normal online rankings it would be filled with idiots driving their redbull x2010 because they think they’re cool.

      it’d be a complete waste of space IMHO

  8. Jul. 1, 12:47am

    When do we get the manufacturer’s uniforms in the real GT5?

  9. Jun. 30, 11:41pm
    Tim Marshall

    I guess that means GTP is still holding strong on it’s server traffic. We are in economic stressed times in many areas of the world. Perhaps these are people who love GT but haven’t had the means to get GT5 yet. I for one got more hours out of GTP than any other ps3 game. Cheers to PD for keeping it alive for those who still want it.

    • Jul. 1, 11:35am
      Jack Master

      Good points!

  10. Jun. 30, 11:23pm

    Please…just stop already. It didn’t work back then, and it will never work now.

    • Jul. 1, 2:49am
      Everybody now…

      Second verse, same has the first. Only a whole lot louder, and a whole lot worse!

  11. Jun. 30, 10:36pm


    • Jun. 30, 11:23pm

      Please…just stop already. It didn’t work back then, and it will never work now.

    • Jul. 1, 2:45am


  12. Jun. 30, 9:53pm

    There’s probably still hundereds of thousands of people who have Prolouge laying around, but haven’t bought GT5, so it’s stil a godd promotional tool.

  13. Jun. 30, 9:14pm

    Why Mines Evo missing in GT5? wasted what they do on GT5P

    • Jun. 30, 9:25pm

      It’s a standard car in GT5.

    • Jul. 1, 1:21pm

      Mines Evo 7 my bad..why they not put in? Only mines R34 on GT5..still a mystery

  14. Jun. 30, 8:37pm
    Retro flasback 2009

    JUST GIVE US A RELEASE DATE ALLREADY!!!!!!!! oh, and reverse lights……..XD

    • Jun. 30, 10:40pm

      keep dreaming. You’re not supposed to drive in reverse unless you’re trolling or you suck.

    • Jun. 30, 11:13pm

      @Retro flasback 2009 I was gonna say I coulda sworn I saw working reverse lights at one point, but now that I’ve looked at your name… nice one good sir.
      @fitftw so you suck if some a-hole punts you in a wall? Not that I personally care for reverse lights, though it’s nice to have them for novelty purposes. I’d rather have reverse lights than better trees.

  15. Jun. 30, 8:25pm

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they delayed it because of the PSN outage.

  16. Jun. 30, 7:40pm

    Why would they even bother keeping it open? How much traffic can there still be on the prologue servers?

  17. Jun. 30, 7:28pm

    Hey I still fish this game out when I need a GT free from all the distractions in GT5.

  18. Jun. 30, 7:15pm

    Why ? let GT5 Prologue’s rest in peace PD

    • Jun. 30, 7:45pm

      lets hope they have some plans for the server space and being PD they aren’t ready yet….. i’m sure once GT5P’s server goes offline alot of peeps will be expecting the old style TT boards or something to that effect, i personally am expecting more thrilling updates over time as GT5 feels as tho it’s lacking something that should have been in the final build….. anyways here’s hoping that GT5P’s servers going offline (later) actually means something for GT5.

    • Jun. 30, 9:36pm

      GT5 wasn’t complete on release from what I understand. I think the helmets and suits are just a small part missing. There’s no telling what’s next.

    • Jul. 1, 2:24am


      GT5 wasn’t finished at all. That’s why Kaz wanted another 2 years. He only release the title because of Sony and the fans. So we got an unfinished product. There were many feature that were taken out of. Even the Kart feature wasn’t supposed to be in GT5 it was meant for GT6. I’m sure prologue is still up because there’s still players playing on the online feature. I’m also expecting big updates also.

  19. Jun. 30, 6:56pm

    Gotta´ love GT5 for the passion of Miata´s and NSX´s

  20. Jun. 30, 6:56pm

    Who still plays prologue?! I’m sure he extra servers will come in handy.

    • Jun. 30, 8:14pm

      I played yesterday just because I knew(thought) the servers would be closed today. If you think GT5 has its problems, play Prologue, you’ll be thankful of what you got now.

    • Jun. 30, 9:50pm

      haha and that’s the truth

    • Jun. 30, 10:25pm

      At least all the cars in GT5 Prologue are premium. I still play it from time to time in my old fat PS3.

  21. Jun. 30, 6:55pm


    • Jun. 30, 6:56pm

      This isn’t the special Olympics. You win nothing.

    • Jun. 30, 8:31pm

      It shows that there are WAY too many immature people on this site.

      What is the point of posting a “first” comment when nothing good really happens?

    • Jun. 30, 8:41pm

      Thirteen million, five hundred and sixteen thousand, and fifty thirdth. I win.

    • Jun. 30, 10:23pm

      You’re not the first. So you fail.

    • Jun. 30, 10:23pm


    • Jun. 30, 10:26pm

      Actually, no. You said “thirdth.” Unless that was sarcastic and on purpose.

    • Jul. 1, 12:42am

      You all fail to replying to “First” that must mean I fail too :(

  22. Jun. 30, 6:55pm

    [Insert smarmy sarcastic comment involving PD and delays] :D

    • Jun. 30, 10:22pm

      [Insert comment about how delays make things better]

    • Jul. 1, 5:48am
      Union 76

      (insert quarter for an additional five minutes)

    • Jul. 15, 7:24pm
      Gt5 ftw

      @ Union 76: haha, nice one.

  23. Jun. 30, 6:55pm

    Hmmm.. Could this be due to the trouble we’ve been having these last few days?

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