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Northweek Reveals Limited-Edition Gran Turismo Sunglass Collection

Raise your hand if you saw this one coming: Gran Turismo… sunglasses? Yes, that’s correct: Polyphony Digital has partnered with Spanish sunglass maker Northweek to produce a limited collection of… Read More »

Here's The New Gran Turismo Merch from Undefeated, BAPE, & Anti Social Social Club

The 2017 PlayStation Experience was held in Anaheim, California over the weekend. Gran Turismo Sport was on full display at a massive booth of its own, which hosted races for… Read More »

Undefeated Clothing and Gran Turismo Launch Exclusive E3 Collection

Undefeated Clothing and Gran Turismo have joined forces for an exclusive E3 clothing range. Following on from last year’s PlayStation Experience, attendees can pick up GT branded clothing and accessories.… Read More »

Undefeated Gran Turismo Hoodies Available Exclusively at PlayStation Experience 2016

Officially-licensed Gran Turismo hoodies from Undefeated will be on sale this weekend at PSX 2016.

The World's Largest Gran Turismo Collection

The world’s largest private Gran Turismo collection features over 115 unique GT games and mountains of limited-edition, licensed gear.

Get Your GT5 T-Shirt at Norway's Oslo Motor Show

If you’re up in Scandinavia this weekend, head to the Oslo Motor Show and reserve your copy of GT5 for a free t-shirt.