Get Your GT5 T-Shirt at Norway’s Oslo Motor Show

October 29th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Most people have given up on release date news to emerge from Paris Games Week, and with only two weekend days left in October, there’s not much time left for Sony to follow up on their tweet. Regardless, if you’re up in Scandinavia, don’t let that stop you from checking out the Gran Turismo 5 demo on display at the 2010 Oslo Motor Show this weekend.

Norwegian electronics retailer Expert will be at the show accepting pre-orders for the game. If you take them up on the offer, your copy will be signed by the Solberg brothers (WRC champion Petter and his brother, Henning) and you’ll get a free GT5 t-shirt. Officially-licensed Gran Turismo merchandise is very difficult to come by around the world, so I think you’d be wise to pick up that shirt… Let me know if you’re going!

Thanks to Christoffer for the tip.

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  1. Nov. 1, 2:21pm
    Fatboy slim

    I was at this show, however I did not get to try GT5 :(

  2. Oct. 31, 7:10am

    Im on my way down there now! I may post something when im back..

  3. Oct. 30, 5:34pm

    Can i get the T-shirt in denmark or is it only in norway?

  4. Oct. 30, 3:03pm

    I want a T-Shirt with the release date …

  5. Oct. 30, 2:00pm

    I see a bunch of people are unhappy that we’re moaning about a release date. Listen, you’re on a website dedicated to Gran Turismo. Right now, the next Gran Turismo has been delayed to no-one-knows-when. Like it or not, the release date is the biggest topic on this site, and justifiably so. People have every right to bash PD in every thread and news item – remember, without a release date, all our info, all our speculation is POINTLESS.

    Also, Jordan is doing a great job of reporting all GT related news. It’s PD who are being downright arrogant by giving out anal news about T shirts and Sebastien Loeb.

  6. Oct. 30, 1:55pm

    Anyone getting mad at Jordan is taking things way too far. I’ll admit I was crushed when I refreshed the page last night, saw that big yellow article, but then read it to see it WASNT a release date. But thats not Jordans fault. He did what he should have, informed us that Sony was a no show for news at a convention we all had our hopes on.

    Whats starting to boil my blood now is the lack of ANY information. Would it kill them to just be honest with us? Release something saying they are still working on a hack solution, may have it solved by X date, we have burn time booked on Y or Z dates, and if we meet those windows, A or B will be possible release dates. If today they foresee that they wont make 2010, then just tell us. They are going to deal with an angry mob anyways, but why make it worse by saying nothing, and then we are celebrating New Years STILL without a game, or worse, no release date. Its unprofessional to the highest degree.

    And Im going to take a shot at Kaz right now too. If he cared about us so much, he would make Sony allow him to keep us more updated on the progress of whats really going on. “Just wait longer” doesnt cut it Kaz. And now that Oct came and went, and Sony lied to us again, SOMEONE needs to come out and start fessing up instead of leaving the LARGEST game fanbase ever in the dark. Sure we all say we want to cancel, yada yada, but thats fools talk. But that they seem to know that, and know they can STILL yank our chains, and that pisses me off. Kaz’s great work is being utterly tarnished with this mess. Its going to take several months of gameplay before the sourness of this leaves our minds. If someone finds a huge flaw in the game after all this mess, heaven help Kaz then. Is THAT what Kaz wanted the day he finally released his Mona Lisa? I think not. Step up Kaz! We CAN handle the truth. Its better than being kept in the dark. Maybe this delay is out of your control now, but this lack of honesty and no communication IS something you have control over if you throw your weight around at Sony.

    I was thinking, to make up for this mess, they should be releasing new info about the game daily. I know some people like a surprise, and seeing as how we still wouldnt have the game, maybe thats more torture. But, I want the info, something to keep my mind off this bullS*** caused by hackers, or so they say.

    And yes, I dont have a life right now. I just got divorced and no longer have my wife and her two kids that I loved. I was looking forward to playing this game this holiday season to drown out the sadness of going through a second holiday season without the family I had. I dont drink or do drugs or smoke weed, never have. GT5 was going to be my liquor and I wanted to get stupid drunk on playing it. Is that wrong ? lol

    • Oct. 30, 3:04pm

      only one more day to see if sony lie or not … they can’t lie to us !! T_T ..

      i hope that u get over it :) life is hard but don’t stop doing what u like because it’s the only thing that makes u happy :) .. go out with ur friends , but don’t drink or smoke or anything like that because it won’t help u , it will make u worst , trust me , that’s what will happen , if u play games alot buy cod black ops and assassin creed brotherhood :) , both are great games :D ..

      i just hope that they give us a release date , i hope the game comes out this year , if they are delaying this game to the next year they must give us a demo or i’ll kill them T_T , they already annoyed me and made me sad because of the delay , they must do something for us !! they already put demos in stores so why not puting the demo in psn store ?!!….

  7. Oct. 30, 1:32pm

    We’re not whining at Jordan for these articles, we’re whining at PD for just leaving their fans out in the cold when it comes to getting a solid release date.

    When you delay your game three times, you need to start giving legitimate reasons, and not blowing smoke up our asses.

    • Oct. 30, 1:44pm
      Magic Ayrton

      That’s big companies for you..

      As for whining, we are well within our right, unlike some of the twits on here sucking up to Phony, I mean Sony.

  8. Oct. 30, 12:05pm
    gt4ever/ pranl

    I need a GT5 t-shirt to represent!!!!!! :(

  9. Oct. 30, 11:55am

    Id love a GT5 T shirt. I hope they make them easier to get hold of than the release date currently is.

    I really hope they don’t wait till after November 2nd to give a release date. Its unprofessional and bordering on unethical. Many retailers haven’t even told pre order customers of the delay as they are waiting for a solid release date before they do so. This means there could be thousands of unhappy people on november 2/3/4/5 etc if they haven’t been keeping track of this site.

    • Oct. 30, 1:40pm
      Magic Ayrton

      you can have the t-shirt, after all it’s the most important thing lol

  10. Oct. 30, 11:33am

    Delay always breeds danger; and to protract a great design is often to ruin it.
    Miguel de Cervantes

  11. Oct. 30, 11:28am

    The 2010 Oslo Motor show was delayed due to GT5 delay… A new date for the Oslo Motor show will be communicated after the new release date for GT5 will be communicated.

  12. Oct. 30, 10:54am

    The Shirt should have the Gran turismo logo on the chest, and below it written;
    “So close, yet so far”.

  13. Oct. 30, 10:45am

    So this is what kaz meant in his quote. ” gran turismo 5 (t-shirts) are 90% done and we can release them whenever we want!”

  14. Oct. 30, 10:27am

    I Hope..all the marketing crap with Schick etc Isnt to blame!Its seeming that way,or atleast thats why I think their not getting their ass into gear! Damn you Kaz ,say something.

    • Oct. 30, 10:43am

      No doubt the marketing folks are a lot more angry that we are. They have actual money riding on the projected release date and have tied marketing campaigns to that date and now have nothing to tie their product to.

      We’re griping (griper no griping…Dora the Explorer reference) and they’re loosing money.

      So no, it’s definitely no the advertisers to blame.

      I still think the most plausible reason is the software piracy issue…which if it were each of us, we’d do all we could to prevent ourselves from being robbed, even it it meant disappointing those who were expecting us to show up to work that day!

      BTW…I’m definitely a ‘griper’ and have whined and moaned myself hoarse…and have run out of tissue to dry my runny nose and wipe away the tears from my blood shot eyes.

      No more complaining from me…I’ll try to act my age (maybe not all of it) and just standby revving the engine waiting for the starter’s flag to drop.

    • Oct. 30, 1:38pm
      Magic Ayrton

      Schick razors, yeah that figures, we will all need them to end our lives!

  15. Oct. 30, 10:07am

    a t shirt?????
    that’s all they have to say now?
    don’t you think we don’t care about your t shirts ?
    but in the meantime there’s no new from kaz,PD, or Sony…
    so we have to wait again and again….

    we re the 30th of October….i think Pd lied to us for the new release date annoucement!!!

  16. Oct. 30, 7:30am

    Ohh.. I’m going to a birthday party today and do all my homework tomorrow…
    I’ve already pre-ordered the Signature and I have the Signature Edition, but it would be a cool T-shirt!

  17. Oct. 30, 6:30am

    The phrase “I waited 6 years and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” sums up my emotions right about now.

    • Oct. 30, 9:08am

      It really does!

  18. Oct. 30, 6:17am

    I guess the following is going on right now:

    The game was ready for production with 3.4x firmware, since jailbroken, sony needed to get ready the new firmware and rewrite some code of GT5 to run only in the new firmware. One of these delayed and they missed the Blue Ray printing window.

    They have found a new one (somewhere in the future), and they try to rearrange that as soon as possible, so when the discussion is over, they will anounce the date, that’s why announcement will take place while a working day.

  19. Oct. 30, 5:45am

    I was there and tried it yesterday, man it is a sweet game! The best thing is that there was not to many people there, so you could drive in pease. I did 4 laps on the ring in a 458 Italia and a couple on toscana in a C4. The feel is just awesome! Can’t wait for the real this to be released!

    • Oct. 30, 8:04am

      Lucky guy.

  20. Oct. 30, 5:44am

    hehe, i already have gt5 t-shirt :P black with huge number 5 on the back and small gran turismo 5 logo on front.

  21. Oct. 30, 5:06am
    Mr Latte


  22. Oct. 30, 4:15am

    Can’t wait to get this game in 3 days!!! Whhhhhhaaat????? where have I been??????

    • Oct. 30, 4:58am
      Magic Ayrton

      lol!! YEAH, where have we all been… stuck in some time warp, woke up back in 2005 when they said it would be out in 2010!

  23. Oct. 30, 4:15am


  24. Oct. 30, 4:04am

    While this isn’t the greatest piece of news for most readers of GT Planet it may have been use to some in the locality. But even when we’ve had decent news like the Tuned Car Trades, Snow Ruts & X1 Video the comments have all descended the same way. It must be a real shame for the owner of the site to see this response t all the hard effort they put in bringing us every piece of news possible on gt5.

    Now only if this site had a forum section and a thread entitled “GT5 Delayed” where people could vent their frustrations instead of commenting in said news threads……

  25. Oct. 30, 3:15am

    Irrelevant news. I just want a damn release date.

  26. Oct. 30, 2:49am
    White & Nerdy

    Well, it’s 10:49 PM Friday here in Alaska. I think it’s safe to say that Sony has lied to us again.

    • Oct. 30, 3:00am

      the thing is, that is absolutely NO news. i just wish so hard for some real competition to sony and gt. i am thinking fan-project – i mean we got a jailbroken ps3, probably lots of talent, ive seen nice models up on facebook. lets go for it – first thing: engine sounds. :D

  27. Oct. 30, 2:29am
    Stig Jr.

    I want the game not that t-shirt!

  28. Oct. 30, 1:29am
    Magic Ayrton

    *thank* lol

  29. Oct. 30, 1:23am


    and you’re telling us about a free t-shirt … really?

    how is this news?

    hey guys, go to the lana lounge club in hoboken tonight and they’re giving out free absolut vodka t-shirts.

    • Oct. 30, 1:28am
      Magic Ayrton

      Don’t blame the Site mate, Jordan has done a fantastic job with all the news he brings, can’t be easy and I think him for that.. No, Sony is the **************

    • Oct. 30, 2:23am

      there is no news about a release date or new track or new car, does that mean the site shuts down until then?

      or would you like every bit of insignificant whacked out far fetched gt5 news there is.

      I know what I ganna choose, and you are entitled to your choice, but jordan gets to choose and I like his style.

    • Oct. 30, 2:57am

      in a way i am sick of these tiny news as well. i mean all of it to me reads: still no release date. that IS kind of unnerving.

    • Oct. 30, 2:58am

      but it probably helps to at least have something to talk about besides this stupid release which obviously doesnt work too well. ;-)

    • Oct. 30, 5:02am

      If you actually read the article above, gtloverboy, you’d see it serves two purposes:

      1. A lot of people are wondering what came out of Paris, and I wanted to reassure them I’ve been watching developments from the show and they haven’t missed anything.
      2. Over 23,000 people from Norway visit GTPlanet every month, most of which probably haven’t managed to get their hands on a GT5 demo yet. If I was one of them, I’d want to know about this and I would definitely want to nab one of those shirts.

      Yeah, I get it, you won’t be happy with anything I post until we get a release date for GT5. Until then, you can gripe, moan, and bitch about my articles all you want – I’m going to keep sharing every bit of information related to the GT series that hits the web, regardless of when GT5 is coming out. If you’re not interested in that, stick to the “lana lounge” and don’t waste your time reading this blog.

    • Oct. 30, 8:17am

      I am very greatful Jordan!
      Thanks from Norway.

    • Oct. 30, 8:56am

      Lol, right on. Give Jordan some respect in form of not cluttering the page whining, and give PD some respect for all the true passion they put into this game. I agree it’s a bummer we can’t play this game in a few days but to those few people who are on a complaining rampage, understand that PD has outdone what most developers in the video game industry have had to do, so respect that and don’t go calling PD liars. That’s pretty damn low.

    • Oct. 30, 9:48am

      hey jordan … i probably should’ve included in my post, but i’ll just add it now. i’ve really got nothing against you and i appreciate all the hard work you do. I’m just upset we don’t get news on the game. I said it in an inappropriate way with the brunt of the anger seemingly onto you. So I’m sorry for the misguided post.

    • Oct. 30, 10:29am

      Jordan…you’re absolutely right and obviously have the bigger picture in mind.

      That is one of the very positive aspects of GT Planet…it is global in its view and participation.

      Keep up the great work.

      “There is a famine in the land…not of food or drink but of hearing the word of” GT5. A little reference for you Bible scholars out there.

    • Oct. 30, 10:35am

      Oh and my Grandmother was from Norway…Oslo even, so she’d appreciate the news…though I think it is too late for her (she died in 1965)! Who knows, maybe there’s GT Heaven, not just GT Planet. Who’d be minding that site?

  30. Oct. 30, 1:18am
    Magic Ayrton

    Never seen anything so unprofessional.. bought my ps3 4 years ago and still nothing.. what a dissapointment.

    Thanks for ruining peoples lives Sony, people have cancelled prior arrangements and taken holidays to play this game.. some kids are in Hospital waiting for it and may never see it before the end of their lives and you are just playing with them. Really bad service :/

    • Oct. 30, 2:56am

      that stuff with the kids is just mindblowingly funny. ROFL.

    • Oct. 30, 3:54am

      The amount of childish whining that goes on is just damn irritating, the game comes when it comes, end of story. If your so upset, message me your address and i’ll send you a free razor blade to help you end your suffering. For the majority of us fans that are waiting patiently, we have something to pass the time and that’s called a life, you should think about getting one, instead of making yourself sound like a spoilt little bitch……….sorry to be explicit but someone had to tell you…

    • Oct. 30, 3:59am

      “getalife”, i totaly agree bro, about time someone told these babies to shut the F@#k up

    • Oct. 30, 4:02am

      +1 getalife

    • Oct. 30, 4:50am

      guys, say what you will. its not even for me, but there is a lot of people that are died hard fans and motorsports enthusiasts who want this game bad. some of them even took a holiday next week.

      its all about the style this goes. not knowing anything, being lied to. if they’d said the games delayed a lot earlier, nobody would complain.

    • Oct. 30, 1:47pm

      getalife, what you’re doing is like killing someone for being a murderer. If you don’t agree with people whining about things, why the hell are you whining about them? They’re coming up with real reasons why they should be upset while you’re getting upset over someone else’s opinion, and you tell them to get a life? It’s a really pathetic thing to say when what you’re doing is far worse. If you actually had a life, you wouldn’t care what other people had to say. Everyone’s opinion doesn’t effect you. You’re doing the same thing they are except in a different way, but you’re worse because you don’t mind your own buisness

    • Oct. 30, 2:00pm

      My thoughts exactly. The irony is hilarious.

    • Oct. 30, 2:13pm

      Taking up for the dying children in hospitals is epic man, pure EPIC. Gave me a big hearty laugh, that I really needed. LMFAO

  31. Oct. 30, 12:24am

    this is the same thing has happened to me when i bought my ps3 online, the retailer got confiscated merchandise and i have to wait to get my money back, still no word when i will get i back
    so annoying

  32. Oct. 29, 11:41pm

    I was thinking that maybe a release date may be unveiled at the SEMA car show, which is next week on the 3rd. That is “kinda” the end of October, I guess. Honestly though, I am starting to believe that this will be a January 2011 release. But wow, if that is the case Sony will have one heck of a Q1: LittleBigPlanet2, Killzone 3, & GT5. Financially I don’t think that is a great idea, it is best to keep sales (and stock figures) consistent rather than have them spike during a specific quarter.

    • Oct. 29, 11:45pm

      Octember 34th, jajajajaja :-D

    • Oct. 30, 1:27am
      Magic Ayrton

      played the nfs hot pursuit demo last night, it’s fun! might cancel GT, it makes my stomach hurt.

    • Oct. 30, 2:55am

      @noonenf1: stop saying these things. that boils down to a q2 2011. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  33. Oct. 29, 11:35pm

    It’s really too bad PD doesn’t read this site. They seem to be just delaying it without understanding the social impact they’re having on their fans.

    • Oct. 30, 11:03am
      Gamer GT5

      Yes they do. Kaz even mentioned about this site. People was complaining about there were no skidmarks, tire smoke etc in the past. Now they have those features in the game lol

  34. Oct. 29, 11:17pm

    Wow, a whole month and they STILL dont have their s*** together enough to determine a new release date? Maybe they think it will be cute to release a new release date on the original release date for this holiday season, Nov 2nd. I dont find it cute at all. Seems pretty clear nothing is happening news worthy in Oct.

    Im REALLY REALLY scared now this game isnt coming out in 2010, no matter how much “2010 Holiday season” smoke they blow up our asses. I get the idea that as of Oct 29, they STILL havnt got their hack solution figured out and resolved, let alone booked time on the BD burners.

    Q1 2011 here we come….

    • Oct. 29, 11:41pm

      You know there are two days left in october…right?

    • Oct. 29, 11:41pm

      Urghh! That comment made my coffee-milk sour!!!

    • Oct. 30, 1:26am
      Magic Ayrton

      Well it’s simple, no 2010 release, no buy and I mean it..
      same goes for 3 of my friends and countless others.. it will never get released.

    • Oct. 30, 2:54am

      i am honestly really and deeply disappointed when i think about the fact that gt5 – the racer of all racers – could have been in my postbox this morning or at least monday. how does that make you feel?

  35. Oct. 29, 11:03pm

    Warteten, was Sie zu sagen PD. Wir sind auf Sie wartet.

    • Oct. 30, 1:15am

      I know what u mean

    • Oct. 30, 1:24am
      Magic Ayrton

      yeah but wouldn’t you like 3 of those!

  36. Oct. 29, 9:45pm

    Cool story, bro.

  37. Oct. 29, 9:40pm

    Didn’t know the Solberg bros were involved with the series, I thought Loeb was the official WRC guy. I guess it’s much easier to do a promotion like this in Scandinavia compared to France cause Loebs hand would cramp up from all the autographs.

    • Oct. 30, 1:23am
      Magic Ayrton

      I Don’t care if the Blues or even the Krays brothers are involved in the making of Tromember the 56th release date!

  38. Oct. 29, 9:33pm

    lol aww man.. you aren’t kidding Officially Licensed Gran Turismo merchandise is hard to come by! I can’t find that official GT release date anywhere!! Throw us a bone here PD or Sony! Come onnnnn… >:(

  39. Oct. 29, 9:28pm

    would everyone please just leave the release date. moaning about it is not going to make the release date, or for that matter, the game come any faster. and as for this, cheers for the info Jordan… makes me wish i lived in Scandinavia.. Boourns!

    • Oct. 29, 10:03pm

      Didn’t you know? Each complaint speeds production by one minute.

    • Oct. 29, 10:40pm

      oh yeah may aswel spam every site and twitter account of anyone involved with sony, or polyphony with abuse… that always works…. no

    • Oct. 29, 11:04pm

      spam? your delusional dude. if you’re not annoyed by people who don’t follow through on what they say, you must lack all personal integrity. and besides, complaining about a conplaint is worse than the complaint in the first place, shouldn’t you have better things to do like beat up your girlfriend?

    • Oct. 30, 1:14am
      Magic Ayrton

      We won’t leave the release date, Sony isn’t at all professional, I will NEVER buy any of their products in the future if I can help it.. very poor service.

    • Oct. 30, 1:19am

      Magic, yes u will.. I bet u will buy GT6!! But I feel its good for us to vent and let off some frustration @ least. I’m kinda disapointed, but can’t wait.

    • Oct. 30, 1:40pm

      well like he said, he will never buy sony products unless he has to and GT6 qualifies. The problem is for me, I really don’t like microsoft and I don’t trust them. Xbox has great games but I just don’t trust it. the whole charging for online gaming is insane and they have a 50% failure rate. And nintendo is no longer making serious, top of the line adult systems anymore so I may be stuck getting PS4 but besides games, I WILL NEVER BUY SONY AGAIN

  40. Oct. 29, 9:26pm
    ferhound psnid

    This is all about a shirt? please dont give up! we want a RELEASE DATE not a lousy t-shirt.

    November 2nd never forget.

    • Oct. 29, 11:01pm

      LOL November 2nd, a date we will never forget lol think about the fact that we all are going to have a bad day on november 2nd just from thinking “I should be playing GT5 right now” LOL

    • Oct. 30, 2:50am

      “remember, remember, the 2nd of november,
      the marketing treason and plot,
      i know of no reason why this treason
      should ever be forgot.”

    • Oct. 30, 1:37pm

      LOL that’s exxactly what I was thinking of, i just couldn’t remember the words

  41. Oct. 29, 9:25pm

    also, does Ikea count as Scandinavia?

    • Oct. 29, 9:34pm

      lol … i’m booking tickets to ikea just in case.

  42. Oct. 29, 9:18pm

    Is this an official teeshirt release date or are they likely to postpone that too?

    • Oct. 29, 9:19pm


    • Oct. 29, 9:23pm

      most likely; by the looks of it, probably 3-4 weeks, but only time will tell.


    • Oct. 29, 10:49pm


  43. Oct. 29, 9:17pm

    They’re gunna have to announce the release date at that show.

    • Oct. 29, 9:20pm

      Honestly I don’t think it’s possible anymore that they will

    • Oct. 29, 9:25pm

      Did they ever say that they was going to announce a release date at a show or just by the end of October?

    • Oct. 29, 9:40pm

      @VYPA-SQUAD, they said before the end of october but there are only two days left in october so i’m guessing they’re going to announce it then.

    • Oct. 29, 9:47pm

      @J-KiLLA24 that’s what I was thinking. Everybody is assuming it’s going to be at a show but they may just pull something and announce the release date on Halloween.

      It’s all wishful thinking though.

    • Oct. 30, 2:48am

      dont worry about a little wait, itll all be worth while. muhahahahahaaaa.

    • Oct. 30, 3:10am

      Oh, I’m not on here mad and throwing fits like most people on here. I’m a little bit saddened, who isn’t? But I’m gonna wait on this game, even if that means finding other games to play while I wait.

  44. Oct. 29, 9:05pm

    a bit far from the states, and i’m not sure it’s worth a trip for a t-shirt :P .. thanks for the news regardless.

  45. Oct. 29, 9:03pm

    No release date announced at the show

    • Oct. 30, 1:19am
      Magic Ayrton

      Rest assured that the Game will never be released.

    • Oct. 30, 4:37am

      ^^^ word up to the flyin’ man.

    • Oct. 30, 9:24am

      under all news the same pointless questions
      “realase date ” do you think PD is reading your posts lol omg
      CHRISTMAS is the realase date

    • Oct. 30, 11:19am

      you are so pessimist

    • Oct. 30, 12:09pm

      yes maybe but the problem is that some people think PD is reading this posts … that is something like spaming , stop it

    • Oct. 30, 1:58pm

      “OMG, under all news the same pointless questions”
      – There was no question

      ” “realase date” do you think PD is reading your posts lol omg”
      – You mean RELEASE? And no one acted like they’re reading them.

      “CHRISTMAS is the realase date”
      – *release. Really, they’re going to release it on Christmas Day? Ok…

      “that is something like spaming , stop it”
      – Spaming? You are spamming with your idiotic comments. What YOU need is something like spaying.

  46. Oct. 29, 9:02pm

    This is really disappointing news

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