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GT5 Sales Rank Increases 1300% on Amazon After Release Date Announcement

As observed by PlayStation LifeStyle, Gran Turismo 5 suddenly became very popular after the game’s official release date announcement last Friday. Within 24 hours, the standard version of the game topped’s video game “Movers & Shakers” list with a 1,300% increase in sales rank. The more expensive GT5 Collector’s Edition came second on the list, with an 823% increase, followed by the 160GB PlayStation 3 console with a 236% increase. Impressive numbers, to say the least!

Pre-Order GT5 at Amazon, Get $10 Off a Steering Wheel

Web retailer has updated their Gran Turismo 5 listing to include a special promotion: pre-order the Standard Edition of the game with them, and get $10 off your next purchase from their “Video Games” department. Fortunately, that just so happens to include both the Logitech Driving Force GT and Logitech G27 steering wheel, providing a handy little discount if you don’t have the hardware yet or if you’re looking to upgrade before November. Also, keep in mind that Amazon is still offering “release-date delivery” for about $2...

100 Days Before Release, GT5 a Top Seller at Amazon

As of July 24th, we’re now less than 100 days away from the launch of Gran Turismo 5 and sales already off to a great start, with pre-orders alone  holding the game steady in the top charts of the web’s largest retailer, GT5‘s already broken into the top 50 best-selling games on the site, and it’s dancing around the PlayStation 3’s top 10 list (these lists are updated hourly, making it difficult to pin anything down to a specific rank). It’s even more impressive when you consider this is only the Collector’s Edition we’re talking about here, which commands a $40.00 premium over the regular game...