GT5 US Collector’s Edition Sold Out at Amazon, GameStop

Gran Turismo 5 122 October 16, 2010 by

When the Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition was first announced, Sony said “quantities will be limited”, but they didn’t go into details. It looks like they weren’t kidding, though, as two of arguably the most popular US gaming retailers- Amazon and GameStop – have both stopped taking pre-orders for this version of the game.

Customers who already reserved their CE copies have not been contacted about any problems or changes with their order, but both retailers have taken down their respective product listings (old links here and here are non-functioning or direct you to the standard version). Amazon and GameStop have been the most aggressive promoters of GT5, with GameStop securing exclusive content for the game and Amazon offering release-date delivery, attracting the most links, attention, and presumably orders.

If you’re in the US and you know you want the Collector’s Edition, all hope is not lost: it’s still available at the following locations – for now…

Thanks to David for the tip!

UPDATE: Thanks to more of your tips, I’ve added links to NewEgg and the SonyStyle online store.

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