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Own a Gran Turismo Classic With This Race-Proven Lister Storm

Longtime fans of the Gran Turismo series will recognize the Lister Storm almost immediately. However, outside the game, it’s mostly a forgotten race car. That’s why for this week Want,… Read More »

Lister to Build the 670hp, 200mph LFP, the World's Fastest SUV

There’s a new member of the 200mph club on the way, and it’s not quite what you’d expect. It’s the second new car from the rejuvenated Lister, and the company’s… Read More »

Lister Motor's Boss Hints at Second Generation Storm Supercar

When Lister unveiled its new Thunder earlier this year, there wasn’t as much excitement as you’d expect. As “just” a 666hp Jaguar F-Type, it wasn’t the company resurrection many may have… Read More »

This Week in Cars: Cupra Expands, Nissan Tops the Charts, and McLaren Wines

Automotive News Feb 4, 2018 by Andrew Evans

February can be a quiet time in the world of cars. January’s NAIAS show set the stage for the year in North America, while the Europe market is waiting for… Read More »

Lister Takes to Twitter to Tease Us With its Next New Car

It looks like 2018 will see the return of a famous old car brand. Lister Cars, based in Cambridge in the UK, hasn’t produced a new car in almost 25… Read More »