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How to Use Any Steering Wheel with PlayStation 4

Hardware 68 Apr 12, 2017 by Ali Samy

Have an older wheel? Don’t worry, you can still use it with any PS4 racer, including GT Sport.

Wheel Stand Pro v2 Review

GTPlanet gets its hands on the latest model of the Wheel Stand Pro v2, including the Logitech Driving Force and Logitech G series.

Yamauchi on GT5's Mechanical Damage, Updates, & More

Kazunori Yamauchi fields questions from fans on Twitter, discussing everything from mechanical damage to steering wheel options.

Logitech G27 Confirmed by Developer, First Look

Hardware 44 Jul 1, 2009 by Jordan Greer

The Logitech G25 was one of the first steering wheels to introduce a clutch pedal and gated 6-speed shifter.  It’s success has prompted other wheel manufacturers like Fanatec to jump… Read More »

VisionRacer VR3 Review

Since steering wheels first became popular accessories for racing games, the search to find the best way to use them has been ongoing.  Over the years, we’ve seen lots of… Read More »

Cheaters Ruin Official GT5 Prologue Competition

The Logitech Challenge in GT5 Prologue is well under way.  Unfortunately, though, with thousands of dollars worth of prizes up for grabs, it has attracted the attention of cheaters with… Read More »

Wheel Stand Pro w/ Logitech G25, Reviewed

In a perfect world, all of us would enjoy our favorite driving games in the comfort of a purpose-built virtual cockpit.  Unfortunately, practical limitations like space, cost, and wives prevent… Read More »