Logitech G27 Confirmed by Developer, First Look

July 1st, 2009 by Jordan Greer

logitech-g27The Logitech G25 was one of the first steering wheels to introduce a clutch pedal and gated 6-speed shifter.  It’s success has prompted other wheel manufacturers like Fanatec to jump in the game, fueling competition in this niche market to new heights.  Now, with the G25 pushing 3 years old, everyone is watching Logitech to make a move.

Rumblings about their next device have been occuring in all corners of the web, but we’ve just nabbed the best confirmation of the new wheel thanks to the keen eyes of GTPlanet reader “Homerfreak”.  One of the developers at Codemasters accidentally included the Logitech G27 in the list of compatable wheels for their new game, DiRT 2.  Unsurprisingly, the post was quickly edited, but not before Homerfreak wisely nabbed this screenshot.

This isn’t the first time the G27 name has been mentioned, though – if you take a look around the web, you’ll not only find rudimentary information, but pictures, too!  Of course, nothing has been confirmed officially by Logitech, but here are a few changes you can almost certainly count on from leaked photos:

  • Thicker steering wheel.
  • 6 buttons on the wheel.
  • Shift indicator lights.

Few people gave much weight to these pictures when they surfaced late last year.  However, although the final design could obviously change, GTPlanet can independently verify their authenticity for now.  It’s important to closely watch the development of Logitech wheels, given the company’s long, close relationship with Polyphony Digital.  It would not be unreasonable to expect the G27 to hit at roughly the same time as GT5… Stay tuned!

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  1. Jul. 25, 1:04pm

    The g27 is WAY improved upon the g25, the ffb is completely reworked with a different set of gears. It’s definately worth it, you noobs shouldnt hate on it when none of you have even tried it or seen it in person. It’s smoother than any wheel out there.

  2. Jul. 8, 7:43am

    still doesnt have a separate handbrake!!!

  3. Jul. 8, 3:23am

    I don’t think it will have X360 support… again. Logitech has their own X360 wheel and it sucks. So you guys have to make a decision; either you guys buy the Fanatec 911 Turbo S Wheel or do it the cheap and frustrating way: buy the Max Shooter for the 360. The reason why getting the Max Shooter is a frustrating way to do it is because you have to map the buttons manually while using this controller converter. The Fanatec 911 Turbo S wheel has the buttons mapped already for the PS3 and the PC if you have the USB dongle. You can adjust the Fanatec wheel’s steering angle than in the G27. The G27 remains the same crap as the G25. Therefore, EPIC FAIL!

  4. Jul. 7, 3:31pm

    why do those shots look like a very good modified G25?

  5. Jul. 7, 12:08pm

    Two buttons on a racing wheel is far from realistic. Also I hope they remove the red buttons from the shifter and put them on the wheel.

  6. Jul. 7, 11:49am

    Only thing I would like them to change is to move the brake pedal to the left a bit more caue I am a left foot braker and the two pedals are too close to each other. I do hope that the shift leds and 6 buttons stay on the wheel though. Thats much better than just two buttons. Also I hope they improve the force feedback and use belt drive.

  7. Jul. 6, 4:44am

    ^^ I ment the price of the G25 ^^

  8. Jul. 6, 4:44am

    Does anyone think the G25 will drop Dramatically when this is released? I really want to get one but saving for something else at the moment

  9. Jul. 4, 3:12pm

    Aaah now I have to wait for the G27 to get a steering wheel :(

  10. Jul. 4, 10:05am

    Don’t expect it to be. The G25 was made for PC racing games as will the G27.

  11. Jul. 4, 2:03am

    @Jordan, Ah ok, I just hope it is worth to buy to update over the G25 because it doesn’t really seem so yet. I also really hope GT5 will fully support it but going by these early pictures it doesn’t seem to be GT themed yet.

  12. Jul. 3, 11:50pm

    Anyone else think the pics might just be from a test subject?

  13. Jul. 3, 11:51am

    VIPERGTSR01, as I said in the article, I can verify these are images of the G27. The final design may have changed since I last saw it, but for now, this is it.

  14. Jul. 3, 11:07am

    What proof is there that these images is the actual G27? I mean we know a G27 is coming but what suddenly makes these pictures genuine?

  15. Jul. 2, 3:26pm

    g25 looks more realistic, and we want a proper HANDBRAKE gefore G98 please

    for ffb for peddals, it would be awsome. logitech can do that. but this would be wrong for the company policy i think. coz this make is a cartel of driving simulation wheels.. :D

  16. Jul. 2, 11:21am

    Can anyone help? I got a Logitech Driving Force Pro and the shift knob is loose for the downshift click and whenever the wheel starts the vibration, the shift knob downshifts. Is there any way to fix it?

  17. Jul. 2, 11:00am

    You say 2 buttons is realistic?!!!
    Have a look at this:

  18. Jul. 2, 9:20am

    As a current G25 owner, I’m genuinely satisfied with the wheel itself. It could be a little larger in diameter and maybe a bit thicker. But I think what needs improvement is the feel and resistance of the shifter mechanism. And that’s the G25’s weak point. If these shots are real, it appears that the shifter unit is almost the same in appearance. If they made big strides in this area I’d consider buying one.

  19. Jul. 2, 8:50am

    Its so similar to G25,good.Now im sure they are gonna change the FFB for G25 to when GT5 comes.

  20. Jul. 2, 7:47am

    only hope they included Xbox360 compatibility ………
    the only thing that can make me change my G25

  21. Jul. 2, 7:22am

    If is bigger than G25? If yes, I’m buying it!

  22. Jul. 2, 7:00am

    Man this thing looks ugly, the buttons look stupid and in my opinion take away what the g25 was great at (keeping it real with just two buttons on the wheel) i hope this has performance enhances, because it certainly loses out to the g25 on appearance.

    p.s has anyone else noticed on the gear shifter the sequential lights been removed?

  23. Jul. 2, 6:35am

    ” Unsurprisingly, the post was quickly edited, but not before Homerfreak WISELY nabbed this screenshot.”


  24. Jul. 2, 5:19am

    The GT force (with the red beezel) wheel was not that different from the original DFP.

    So it can very well be the final design. Why change a winning team?

  25. Jul. 2, 5:09am

    I´m sorry…but this is an old picture, if logitech would make a new wheel it will be very different than a look-a-like G25.

  26. Jul. 2, 3:28am

    @RaLpH89, if you want the real thing, go drive a real car FFS.

  27. Jul. 2, 3:28am

    Dare I say it?


  28. Jul. 2, 3:13am

    It’s a nice new wheel. But still if the do not change the mechanical pots in the pedal unit to optical ones, I will stick with my G25.

  29. Jul. 2, 2:56am

    I am satisfied with my G25. 2 buttons on wheels are just enough for me, not like those wheels where were hunderts of buttons all over it.

  30. Jul. 2, 1:50am


    1000% Agreed! Everything feels dead in G25 shifter and gas, break, clutch. We need more real time FFB resistance on every function button (Gas, Break,Clutch, shifter, steering wheel) and rumble to mimic the real thing.

  31. Jul. 1, 10:42pm

    That I’ll be soooo Kool to have one those Logitechs steering wheels in house!!! :P

  32. Jul. 1, 8:51pm

    things id like to see:

    – bigger wheel
    – better wheel FFB
    – pedal FFB
    – realistic shift resistance
    – more buttons
    – handbrake

    that’ll be my dream come true… i wouldnt mind paying 500USD for that hehe

  33. Jul. 1, 8:48pm

    God!!! Please tell me those lights show the revs so you can change gears!!! Im definitely getting one when they release it (hopefully…soon)

  34. Jul. 1, 7:10pm
    sharif ali

    I hope they introduce a true H shifter & better gap for pedals..not for that ugly buttons…it seems the successor model is just a minor cosmetically changes, not aim for adding more realism ..what happened logitech?? sigh..

  35. Jul. 1, 6:46pm
    Mr Latte

    It would be dissapointing if this was the full final version.
    One of the issues i find with G25 is the wheel rim is too thin, cramps set in after a while.

    Rev lights probably wouldnt work on consoles.
    Pedals seem the same (maybe refined feeling)
    Shifter seems to have no benifits (unless better feeling in H Shifting)

    Its like a revision rather than a step up.

    Turbo S and GT3RS seem much better than this (forgetting the fancy lights)

  36. Jul. 1, 6:43pm

    Images are fake. This isn´t the new wheel.

  37. Jul. 1, 6:42pm

    i just wanna know what the difference is going to be if those screenshots are real there is barely anything different. i hope this comes with a handbrake if not ill wait for a price drop on the g25 which will probably happen after the g27 is released.

    no handbrake no difference.

  38. Jul. 1, 6:32pm

    i just got my g25 yesterday and i must say i am glad, forget the g25 so far. im sorry i dont need 6 buttons on the steering wheel. 2 is all i need, id rather keep it real, then make it easy any day. the shift light is one of the cooler things, but i get used to the different cars anyways. that being said, me paying 160 for my g25 (brand new mind you) i am def one happy camper, paying 300 for a g27 flat out joke ( im guessing the price will be the same msrp as the g25)

  39. Jul. 1, 6:19pm


  40. Jul. 1, 5:59pm

    Ah, very true indeed. The rotary knob on the shifter has been changed. First glance didn’t spot it, and actually I was hoping that they’d redo the visual appearance of the shifter, as I consider the brushed metal/black+red plastic arcade look of the thing very outdated.
    Very 90’ies if you will; was my pet peeve with the G25, so im dissapointed with this G27 then.

  41. Jul. 1, 5:46pm

    @wbrinkman, Take a closer look at those photos. While the pedals don’t look changed, you will certainly spot differences in the wheel and shifter.

  42. Jul. 1, 5:37pm

    This is great news.

    Along with any other improvements made, I really hope they decide to give the 6-speed shifter a proper “H” pattern template, because the flopping around at times tends to annoy me.

  43. Jul. 1, 5:26pm

    Only that photograph is the rumoured g27, the other (press)shots are the g25, right? Why include those in this post?

  44. Jul. 1, 5:11pm

    That’s so nice! Good that I havent bought a G25 yet as i’ll be getting this once GT5 arrives! Now i’ll need to sell my DFGT if i have the courage enough! :(

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