Yamauchi on GT5’s Mechanical Damage, Updates, & More

Kazunori Yamauchi has been fielding questions from fans on Twitter over the past few hours. The tweets are in Japanese, but with a little help from Google and medhi_san, we can get a pretty good idea of what he’s talking about. Here’s the highlights:

  • Flexible camera angles and “dynamic and wide-area lighting needs” are to blame for the sometimes blocky shadows. Yamauchi admits they are a problem and wants to improve them.
  • Yamauchi appears to consider the possibility of removing the in-game HUD (heads-up-display features) at some point in the future.
  • To unlock the Red Bull X1, you’ll need to complete the “Sebastian Vettel Challenge”, which appears at Level 30.
  • Online “lounge” functionality and other features will be added “one by one”.
  • Polyphony Digital continues to work on fully supporting the Logitech G25 and G27, though Yamauchi admits he would like a “new steering device soon”…
  • Mechanical damage options will be implemented in a new update for GT5 coming “early December”.
  • As you may know, many players noticed that GT5’s face-tracking functionality only worked in Arcade mode. According to Yamauchi, it’s not available in GT mode due to memory issues with the PS3.
  • In-game rewards (such as the monetary prize in GT5 Prologue) for your performance in online events is something Polyphony Digital is considering, and may be implemented in a future update.
  • Gran Turismo 5’s official, 2-disc sound-track will be released soon.
  • Yamauchi wanted to implement a “free roam” gameplay mode in GT5, where players could drive around, respecting speed limits and obeying traffic laws, and even exit the car to walk around and explore the environment on foot.
  • The YouTube replay upload feature had to be pulled from the final version of the game because it took a very long time to render and it consumed too much memory. Yamauchi is still considering it, however.

As always, it is refreshing and exciting to see Yamauchi’s interactions with fans via Twitter. Let’s hope the medium continues to be a valuable open line into Polyphony Digital as GT5 to evolves!

Photomode image by StogyBear.

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  1. GTP_torquehapens

    Rims for standards? with a hood view…

    Hell atleast bring back wheel of the day from GT4 for standard cars, putting spoon rims on a s2000 was quite sexy..

    Hell i know japanese, ill just tweet it to him.

  2. Markyy

    I HOPE Kazunori Yamauchi will see this..
    I think it will be better if we can adjust the gear ratios in our own way.. I love all the sound of shifting down it sounds so real and how the transmission is so close but it’s about the adjustments for the gear ratios. AND yes I read that when racing at night, lights should be wider and brighter..

  3. Hypergolem

    The complainers are really getting on my nerves… Take away this, put this in, why there is no this track, why there are too many of this cars, the sound a corvette does when it crashes is not like in real. Oh my goodnes. Stop it!!! Enjoy the game, you can play it even if the sounds are not perfect and the shadows are annoying only right before the race starts. GT5 is GREAT!!!

  4. GT Pro

    When will PD release an update that allows wheels and aftermarket body modifications to standard cars? Being unable to change the typically horrid and boring stock wheels on old used dealership cars frustrates me to no end. :( CHANGE THIS PD!

  5. Dustyr

    It’s not a racing game. Last time I checked it was the real driving simulator. Who cars about rims this isn’t need for speed and the don’t make you faster. Why would anyone use the veyron? It goes fast in a straight line but is not a race car it is a statement to say they have the worlds fastest car and is not useful. 2 laps on the green hell and you will need a full tank of gas. I can’t beleave that so many people are bitching about this game when those same people said if it’s not out by december I’m not buying it. The launch the game and now the cry babies are out in full force talking about shadows and why there g25/g27 is not suported? Ask logitec why the didn’t give Sony access to the firmware. And damage is there you just have to unlock it. Starts at lv 20. I for one think this is a great “driving sim”.

    1. researchALLwars

      the ‘rims’ we want are actually lightweight racing wheels.

      Rotational weight?

      Wider track?

      Those are powerful topics in the discussion of speed. Not to mention that wheels of the right taste make a car look like a totally different beast. You cannot deny that.

      And as for the damage unlocking at level 20? That’s straight butt, son. Straight. Butt.

      Why should the average player have to grind away for weeks just to experience the most desirable new aspect of GT5?

      Kevin Butler where are you?? Get Kaz on the horn and tell him you’ll give the red SLS back when he reconnects with reality!



  6. Mike

    I can’t understand how they could release this game at all. It’s not finished. Far from it.
    – The damage is there, on some cars, sometimes. So it’s not complete.

    – You can share your car with friends, but for what purpose? So that you can’t drive it yourself, is that the idea? Wierd.

    – Sure you can make decent tracks with the track editor, but you can’t play them online, not even with your friends, hum.. whats the point then?

    – The online mode sucks, sometimes your car is facing the other cars when starting, so you have to turn it around. Sometimes it just stands with the sides to the other.

    – The online mode sucks, part 2.
    You don’t win any money or get any experience from racing online. Why?

    – The online mode sucks, part 3.
    There is no leaderboards. Uhm, is this game from 2010 or 1996? A racing game with a online mode 2010 but without leadeboards, ok? Thats just stupid.

    – The online mode sucks, part 4.
    You have to set your cars that you want to play online to favourites. Thats just wierd. Whats wierder is that the game lets you chose some other cars even if you havent earned them. Whats that for? For begginers that don’t know how to earn money?

    – Driving in the dark you can. But the headlights are so bad that it’s very hard. Yes, I have a driver license and I’ve had many cars and they all had 10 times better lights. Actualy, if they had as bad as in the game, I would probably be dead now.

    These were some things I could remember that has annoyed the shit out of me, Iam sure there is more. Like no mechanical damage… Instead Kaz is talking about making a family simulator were you can walk around Nürburgring and drive with traffic rules on. I can manage without that, thanx! This is a racing game for crying out loud. I think Kaz needs to take a vaccation and then come back to finish GT5 before it’s to late. Because this is the biggest disapointments in gaming history.

    1. Gulyo

      The weakest point’s of the game :

      – sounds are unpredictable ( sometimes pritty good but sometimes disgusting artificial sound )
      – standard cars unusable most of us ( no cockpit view )

  7. alucard0712

    Removing HUD “sometime in the feature?WTF PD???It’s a 5-minute business and ALL fans are happy!I hate PD for that – they are “too complex” – much more than it needs most of the time…Just be simpler.

  8. sporkafife

    The HUD on GT5 is set up in lots of little individual cells (one with tyre wear, one with fuel, one with gear etc). And I think it would be an amazing option to turn off each one of those individually.

    For example: Personally, I like being able to see what gear I am in, my revs and my speedometer. I would turn off things like the boost pressure gauge and the tyre wear indicator (it would be a better experience to feel for myself when my tyres are wearing).

  9. Digolgrin

    Hell, Free Roam sounds like a good idea. If you remember from GT2, there were Four Cities (Note how I capitalized Four Cities.) on the game’s map. If Kaz can just bring them to virtual life (with the architecture of the countries each city represented), placing each dealership right where it is on each city’s map, adding GT Auto locations, racing attire stores, and player lodging in their appropriate locations, get rid of that GT Life menu, connecting the cities via a vast highway system, with scenery placed in between and every single car in the game placed into a Random Traffic Generator of sorts, the Four Cities will FINALLY be unified! (in a sense…)

  10. hushypushy

    Detroitbb, I agree. By putting “REAL” and “SIMULATOR” in the title, they are boosting expectations far too high. Then all the clueless sheep who have no concept of the existence of racing sims go along with it because they don’t know any better. It should be “The Realistic Driving Game”…

    1. woomoo


      Tanks on rally courses. Hear that Kaz? I’m waiting…….;)lol

  11. TS

    Fix career mode, remove leveling, fix used car dealership, fix AI, make license tests relevant again, add tracks, add non-duplicate cars, fix online, fix gear ratio adjustments (why, Why, WHY can I adjust ratios in Prologue but not here?), fix menus, fix career mode races (add more basic races and remove some of the niche races), fix gravel physics, fix loading times, fix graphical glitches, fix the clutch (how is this a sim if I can’t heel-toe?).

    That’s off the top of my head. It’s a pretty long list, but you’ll note that “add free roaming mode” isn’t on it.

    1. hushypushy

      “how is this a sim…”

      News Flash: It’s not. You want a sim, go play iRacing or rFactor or NetKar Pro or something like that.

      GT5 is realistic. “Real” is far different than “realism”. It bugs me when people think GT is a sim, or bitch about certain features because it’s not “sim-like”.

    2. Detroitbb

      When PD itself calls the game ‘The Real Driving Simulator’ and then delivers a less than sim-like game, then fans begin to feel duped.

      hushypushy – it isn’t the fans putting unrealistic ‘sim’ expectations on the GT series, it’s Kaz and Polyphony Digital who make that claim year after year!

    3. Circuit*star

      @Detritbb +1 I agree

      I believe they have been doing a great job since gt3 and gt4 but with this one I don’t know it sometimes feels like they went back to another series not gran Turismo.

      Not being able to exchange wheels on 800 cars is frustrating. Not being able to put front spoiler instead big wings on 800 has no logic. Having B-spec as half of the game has no logic either, we here to race and drive not to direct and watch.

  12. Schwarzenegger

    On his twitter, he has also stated that xp and cr for multiplayer may come, but that you have to wait a littlelonger.

  13. Rios

    By the way I’m really angry they didn’t included a bug generator engine, I would have liked to have seen dead bug carcasses accumulate on my windscreen throughout the race, and I would have liked the ability to control how many bugs and what kind of bugs and what direction the bugs are flying.

    And I would hope they’d get the bug shadows right and that each bug had the appropriate sound based on what species it is, even if it means years of extensive bug sound recording sessions in the Amazon at incredibly high cost to Polyphony, they should do it because I want it.

    1. Rios

      Clever, but not the kind of bugs I was talking about. I’m not sure what game you guys are playing but I haven’t experienced any bugs, glitches or freezes. I could complain like everyone else about jagged shadows but I wouldn’t call it a “bug”, Id call it the inability for the engine and or system to accurately calculate and display dynamic shadows in real time at an acceptable frame rate, but maybe thats just me. Everyone not getting everything they personally wanted in the game does not constitute a “bug”.

  14. firerider23

    free roam you say? thats AWESOME but one question now are we ganna free roam in cities and we can go anywhere or in normal tracks we can free roam their?

  15. Rios

    Well one thing I know for sure, if Polyphony tries to implement everyones personal requests and address everyones gripes for GT6, we will probably get it some time around 2030 to 2035 if we’re lucky. You cant appease all of the people all of the time, and no one knows that better right now then Polyphony Digital.

    1. Circuit*star

      See the things is that it is not our request it is everyone complaining about same logic things. I really think the game disseminated a lot of fans including me using “USELESS FEATURES”

      1- B-spec (what were they thinking in making this stupid half of the game feature using all the memory on b-spec)

      2- 800 Cars Standard( Wheres is the logic in that, and not just that Iconic cars like the supra, Veyron etc are standard over stupid show cars or family sedan cars and others.)

      3 – Lack of customization on cars and options to tune them. ( wheels only a few compare to hundreds from gt4) No front spoiler on standard cars are u kidding me anybody the races needs a front spoiler no matter what car it is basic logic. No tire pressure effect, etc)

  16. Gulyo

    More realistic sounds AT LEAST FOR PREMIUMS in one of the next patches !!!! Please !!!
    Hear Audi R8, Ferrari’s,Mc Laren F1, Viper GTS etc … terrible and disgusting !!!! :(
    BTW I drive from cockpit view …

  17. O.Z

    This should have had SPOILER ALERT

    •To unlock the Red Bull X1, you’ll need to complete the “Sebastian Vettel Challenge”, which appears at Level 30.

    WTF! :(

  18. Greyum

    Bit of a lame excuse for the shadows. The fact is, if you strip back the driving, this game is a huge disappointment and a lesson learned for SONY.

  19. twinspark24

    These PD and Kaz are insanely dumb
    What do you mean online features will be added one by one
    Whes is the “invite to lobby” function scheduled for? May 2011?

    5 years development and you can’t invite people?

    You can buy parts in the tuning shop for your current car only and you have to go back 3 menus to select another car, then go back to the tuning shop….

    the menus feel like Symbian OS. I hope with the next 10-20 updates (and 4 GBs of HDD space) it gets closer to Android 2.2 :)

    There is only one teenage programmer in PD and the rest 99% of employess work on useless car interiors

    1. Khlad

      I agree, its soo slow, plus when u are in the online and playing a match and u want to leave the match and pick another room, you return to gt life when leaving the match.

  20. Skiddy

    All I need is more options (like HUD customization, remember -NFS3?), and some bugs fixed (freezing, and minor stuff)

  21. Tim

    Good to know most of the remaining issues are being fixed , the free roam sounds fun though , it will take a test drive unlimited feel, i do like gt5 even with it is small issues , which in reality they are. I don’t think people saying its worse than forza is not fair , i have got both systems GT5 and Forza both have issues.

    every car in forza has dashboard and interior but 90% of the non us racing cars do not have working gauges on the steering wheels because Microsoft wont travel to see them. GT5 may have only 200 premiums but they all have working gauges.

    1. Schwarzenegger

      Yes, and the cockpits in Forza are not nearly as detailed as in GT5. The default view (the only view) in the cockpit is like the ‘narrower’ option in GT5. Also, there is some generic cockpits in there.

  22. Praggia

    Earlier I went on a rant…sorry guys. I love GT5 even with all its little issues. Im just a bit disappointed thats all. The thing i love most is the physics model its just epic. being able to hand the tail of my m5 out going round the Hammerhead takes my breath away every time.
    Hope they fix the issues it would make a great game even better.

    1. Schwarzenegger

      If anything, there will be an option to turn it off if you want to drive without the HUD. Many people want that, but I don’t think anyone want the hud removed.

  23. GT52010

    I’m just glad the GT5 was released in November and that we didn’t have to wait till Christmas (as originally reported by some outlets). If the updates and patches fix some of the issues with the game, I can say, without a doubt, that GT5 will earn top praise as the greatest console sim racing game of all time (or at least till the release of GT6). Forget free roam and new options, lets just hope they fix the current issues and we’ll all be happy.

  24. Circuit*star

    Right at this moment all I care about is the limited options of “STANDART CARS” at least give us the WHEELS EXCHANGE OPTION. Please anybody that can make this dream come true.

    1. Praggia

      So the shadows during replays are crap. The driver animations are disappointing?? whats up with the driver’s hands constantly grabbing at the paddle shifters?? Personally I think they should just have dropped the animated crowds cos they look stupid and use up way to much resources…same goes for when you compete in a special event and you are presented with your car or park your car all unnecessary. Sounds are pathetic as usual only the Lambos sound decent. The Zonda R is the most powerful car Zonda has ever made and the loudest by far er apparently not in GT5. The sounds in Forza and NFS is 100 times better and i am no fan of those two. And during replays your car is barely audible over the rest of the field.WHY WHY WHY!!! is it so hard to get this right? 5+ yrs we have been waiting for this!!! Weather effects are rubbish too doesnt come close to f1 2010. Night driving is a freaking nightmare? What are the headlights simulating, candles in a jam jar? I can barely see 4 or 5 meters ahead of me in the dark at 300+kph at Le Sarthe I was pissing my pants. And why no bonus for ppl who have prologue save data on their systems? And these updates they “speak” of will it be downloadable via PC as i have no internet at home

    2. CaliBoy1990

      @Circuit*star: I can agree with you on that issue……..I don’t care it how long it takes, as long as PD offers DLC for that, I’d get it. =)

    3. MAidioPT

      WTF @Praggia , yes you are a fanboy of these two games. Here you only complained on Replay, shadows etc. That doesnt matter at all. the physics and engine tune is great, and thats GT all about. and sounds, be happy they fixed it a little. and about night racing. try put more bright ingame. because i can drive 400km/h and i see the road so well…

    4. Circuit*star

      @ praggia Yes i agree 5 years for this update of Gt4 i cant believe it either but I got over it now all i want is more Options for standard cars, because at this point having 800 cars with ugly looking rims and no aero parts on them ut just the wing is so stupid and pointless. This is a Racing game all cars should be able to get aero parts and exchange of wheels.

    5. researchALLwars

      Circuit*star- we ALL agree. The craptastic wheels that come with most of the ‘standard’ cars are deplorable.

  25. hardvibes

    They should have specified headtraking was going to be available only on arcade mode before!!!!!!I spent 39 euros for that cam! Not to mention that in gt5 it lags and it’s not precise. Is it going to be patched or not?

  26. mistamontiel

    A 2 disc soundtrack soony enough. Haha. There’s not one soundtrack that’s full. VERY RARE. Let’s hope this one’s unique and complete with every menu and artist tune.

  27. Yaycandy69

    i remember the one gt5 video and being able to race against the stig. is that even in the game. i remember hearing about it and also seeing it

  28. BWX

    Kaz’s best days as a game designer are behind him. GT5 is great, but it could and should have been so much more. He wants to waste time on free roam when we need more tracks and he can’t even find time to fix G25/ G27 support?? WTF.

  29. Erick

    Honestly, if they go through with the free roam idea, that would be the best thing that would happen in the Gran Turismo series. I’ve always had hours of fun just cruising around in games like Need For Speed Underground and Midnight Club LA. Sure their arcade games but that’s what was a turn down. We all have to admit this. Sometimes we forget the race in Gran Tursimo and go backwards cruising around experimenting with the physics doing attempting to do donuts and such.

  30. seinfeld

    Did anyone ask about the gear ratio issue?

    The rest of the questions were great thanks Jordan for posting them, Its appreciated

  31. Madman Apex

    one thing i wish they would fix is removing the ability to have TCS and ABS on car that dont have them in real life. such as the 99 viper GTS. racing cars in certain racing series dont have them. almost every single old car from 1980 and before do not have ABS and TCS. if they can make it so that certain cars can and cant be turbocharged because they believe that is more realistic then an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA 1600 from 1965 shouldnt have TCS or ABS.unless it actualy does in real life and i doubt that. same goes for having automatic transmission or manual. im just saying.

    1. John

      I don’t see why you’d want to remove that ‘OPTION’
      Its not to be realistic, its to give those who are less skilled the ability to drive the cars without losing it every corner.

      the more options that are able to enabled/disabled the better.

      if GT was a full on hardcore sim, it probably wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular as it is, and possibly wouldn’t even be around anymore.

      as for upgrading the ecu on old models, perhaps consider it as an upgrade to EFI :P

    2. CaliBoy1990

      @Madman Apex: Well, I think it should be available for every car like it always has been{I think}, but I guess if PD wanted to be more realistic and only restrict it to cars that actually had it as a real-life option…….then, more power to them! =)

    3. LuckyRod

      What I would really like would be a button “aid as in real life” Then I would have ABS on cars that do have ABS and no ABS on cars that don’t as default. After that I still could change them if I wanted because right now I’m not driver good enough and I can’t drive with G27 and ABS completely disabled.

  32. dearlybeloved

    I want him to inplement proper custom soundtrack playback, the water effects, the shadows, replay features, tuning options, get rid of the stupid lap invalid feature in time trials. At last I will be able to listen to daiki kasho’s 5ou on d!splay in all its high quality on cd.

    1. dave

      I like the traffic light cruising around the city sorta concept… it would be quite a driving simulator… but then there better be inclusion of turn signals. get out of the car and walk on foot…eh… i’ll take it if it doesn’t add too much to development time… i good thing i see w/ this is allowing you to pan around your car to check it out at diff. angles. like driving it to a gas station to fill up and you get out. there’d also better be some bikini girl car washes. GT-XXX!

  33. CaliBoy1990

    Well, I’m glad to see Yamauchi-san cares about his fans.

    Requests for PD:

    1. Please don’t remove the HUD entirely……..I wouldn’t mind being able to switch it off, but most of us would like to know how fast we’re going, what gear we’re on, etc., as a driving aid of sorts.
    2. Please, if you could, try to include at least some basic wheels for standard cars in the future? I don’t have any problem if you can’t customize them, but I think many of us would like to at least change the rims.
    3. Here’s a request that some of us Americans{maybe some others as well} would probably appreciate: certain muscle cars, in GT4, had virtually no variety top-end wise……..sadly, many were as slow as hell{~120 mph}, for cars with their typical hp ratings. Could you consider giving a little more variety to the gear ratios{because not all of these cars were wasted on drag racing =)}, so at least some are actually competitive{a Charger or ’69 Corvette that could hit ~150 stock would be nice.}, if this hasn’t already been fixed?
    4. Some of us would really appreciate more muscle cars and classic European sports cars……how about a ’74 SD455 Trans Am, or a 1970s Lambo Miura for instance?
    5. Also, perhaps even a few more classic Japanese cars might be interesting to see…………

    If anyone from PD ever reads this, thanks for your time. =)

    1. vec

      c’mon guys, you know they won’t remove HUD altogether, so stop pissing your pants. it’s going to be an option if anything.

  34. binici

    So, I guess a patch can add the G25/27 wheel menu option in the settings? That would be sweet to be able to assign the buttons and tweak the wheel for the game!

    1. JimInPT

      I find it unbelievable that, two and a half years after GT5P was shipped, they STILL don’t have the G25/G27 as a fully-supported wheel choice!

      Their biggest, most hardcore fans aren’t using the $100 junk with no clutch; they’re running G25s and G27s and the game ignores both.

      It’s been YEARS since the G25 was released, Kaz; where have your people been hiding?????? Sheesh.

    2. Missed_the_Apex

      JimInPT, chill. You need to realize that the DFGT is a solid wheel, nobody needs to bash it, and the number of people using a G25/27 are greatly outnumbered by everybody else playing GT5. I’d be willing to bet that game pad users far outnumber wheel users. And to say that the biggest most hardcore fans use the G25/27 is just arrogant, everybody knows they use Fanatecs, haha!

  35. djKyoto

    I really thing They need to work on how the game handles Alpha Channels (ie Mist/smoke). It gives this horrible blocky outline whenever a car is infron of some smoke/mist. Bit or an eyesore.

  36. Schwarzenegger

    I did some tweets regarding HUD, G27/25 support, and of course DLC plans. The more peole who ask him questions like that, the more he is going to think that people actually want these features.

  37. Schwarzenegger

    This is ALL i wanted and even more to make this game perfect. No hud, improved shadows, g27 support.
    Wow, this guy really respect his customers.
    I’m impressed.

    1. CaliBoy1990

      I’m sorry, but are you flippin’ joking?
      You are perhaps one of the very select few, and in fact, you may be the only one actually, who REALLY wants HUD to disappear as an option altogether.

      Well, guess what? Most of us would appreciate the ability to view an HUD if we so wish. So do us all a favor and PLEASE STOP, and DROP IT. Capiche?!?!?

    2. CaliBoy1990

      Actually, sorry, I exagerrated a little. But please, for the love of all that is good, don’t make him consider getting rid of HUD altogether: most of us would like to have that available…………you’re not the only person who wants to play this game, you know….so please, don’t be selfish.

    3. Madman Apex

      caliboy chill. i think he means completely removing the HUD in cockpit view only. which is annoying as F*** in that view. personally i would like to see only the tach, speedo, current lap time and fuel gauge and NOTHING else in all the other views. in real life you cant ever really tell while you are racing in a civic how much life you have left on your tires. you shouldnt be able to in GT either.

    4. CaliBoy1990

      @Madman Apex: Yeah, you’re probably right. I kinda exaggerated a little, but I completely misunderstood his intentions………my bad.

      @John: Yeah, I screwed up big time on that one. Thanks for clearing stuff up, though. =)

      @Schwarzenegger: My sincere apologies for any trouble I may have caused you. =(

    5. Schwarzenegger

      No problem. Of course I don’t want to get rid of the hud, but be able to turni it on and off as I like.

  38. John

    Why are they planning on unlocking features in december?
    Arn’t these all features that *SHOULD* have been available with the release of the game?

    adding mechanical damage after the game is released just makes it seem MORE like its an unfinished release.

    1. Geo_212

      The funny thing is, people said “Just release the game already! They can patch up any glitches and problems in the future!”

      They got what they want and they’re STILL complaining…

    2. woomoo

      There is a big difference between patching problems/glitches and whole features being missing untill they get arround to adding them. Some of those features being core stuff like tranny ratios. Uh, yes, people are going to complain.

  39. Buttocks

    Dear Yamauchi,

    Please spend as much money, time and PS3 power as possible in the next few years working on FREE ROAM! Sure you would have to set your 3D modellers to work on all the back-alleys and areas you wouldn’t normally see from race-track, and there would be no time to add new cars, and tracks would take 5 times longer to model so regrettably only 3 new tracks can be included for GT6, and the result would be a total gimmick and completely pointless, but I just LOVE things like this.



  40. TVR&Ferrari_Fan

    I still want them to adjust some of the times & results for pad users. Because I feel the times were all set with a steering wheel, when it came to setting times & results in the license tests and special events.

  41. CarreraGT

    There are a million bugs that need ironing out before adding any new content. I did the grand tour race at Monza last night and the driver was constantly tugging on the paddles as if he were changing gears 1000 times a lap.

    There’s also the ridiculous collision sounds, poor AI (somehow worse than prologue) and several other issues.

    Don’t get me wrong the game is awesome but ironing out these issues is far more important than being able to drive around at road speeds (does anyone really want to drive a Zonda or LFA at road speeds anyway?)

    1. Skiddy

      Colision sounds? really don’t think that is of much importance. I don’t expect PD to record multiple crash sounds for every car in the game.

    2. speedy_2

      Agreed. Removing the HUD? How about making it an option? Taking it out entirely seems a bit stupid. A

      lso, mechanical damage should’ve been included first…and then physical. The current damage is a shame. Most cars in the game are plastic/fiberglass bumpered. Yet, the game renders them like some sort of metal. huge bends and dents. How about tearing and cracking?

      Free roam? Just…..NO

      If anything give us a Color Palette and more detailed modification options.

    3. CarreraGT

      Are you serious? The collision sounds are ridiculous and totally detract from the gameplay. You don’t need to record anything, just replace it with the one from prologue or something. Fixed.

      As it is the cars sound like they’re made from cardboard or something

    4. Aaron

      I have experienced torn metal. i was driving my corvetee zr1 around trial mountain ant i decided to try out the roll over. after a huge reck, there were massive bendins, dents, and metal had ripped apart leaving a big gash. ill post the pic soon on my profile

    5. FDM73

      Nothing wrong with the Colision sounds. It sounds scarely real, i have some fenderbender experience so i can know how it sounds.

  42. Stuchs

    Can someone Please explain why you can’t control the replay play back? this great photo mode feature, but it’s next to impossible to capture just the right moment. if you miss it after watching you have to start all over. that would have to be the most obvious functionality on any reply system. I don’t get it

    1. Dargi

      I agree, leaving out that replay functionality is a serious oversight. Having to watch from the beginning is a pain.

    2. Madman Apex

      i hate to say it but i (and this is just my personal gut feeling nothing to back it up) think its due to the limitations on the ps3. notice how when you change what car the camera is following the screen goes black. on the other GT games you just pressed a button and the cam changed. all the extra effects that add to the eye-candy load up on the resources and cant easily switch from car to car or FF and RWD the replays. my guess anyways.

    3. researchALLwars

      When you’re watching a replay the PS3 is no longer running the massive physics engine, i.e.: fast-forward, rewind, slow-motion, and lap-advance should all be easily handled.


    4. Mike

      Actually, it is running the physics engine. Replays in GT5 (as with all previous games in the series), are not videos, but recreations of the race itself using the input data from you and all of the AI drivers. This is how the replay files are so insanely small.

    5. researchALLwars

      wow. I stand corrected.

      #1: Thanks Mike

      #2: Is this the most efficient way to do replays? What do other racing games do? This sounds a bit backwards- we all have hard drives of various kinds now. It’s not as if we need to save those replays on a 8mb memory card.

      : l

  43. Frippe

    A free roam is not something this game needs or should have. GT is a racing game. If you want to just cruise around and drive on regular roads, Test Drive Unlimted is your answer. And TDU 2 is coming out early next year.

    1. HugoStiglitz_420

      agreed. surprisingly, TDU didn’t have bad physics either. I only played the PSP version but for an arcade game the physics are pretty good. Best full on arcade game physics you can get. It definetly has better physics than grid & that ain’t sayin much

  44. ChicoMaloXD

    About YOUTUBE upload:
    Is it Possible to save your replay on the PS3’s HDD? I think I saw that option on the replay menu. If it was possible you could upload your videos from the PS3’s XMB.

    1. missionfailed

      At least have a button assignment option to remove/show in any view while driving. If you drive a lot in real life – count the number of times you look down at your speed,revs etc while looking out for a numpty driver or hazard out the front window.

    1. Stu

      Why not continue to support and improve GT5, we’ve waited long enough for this game and it’s clearly been designed to be an evolving platform.

    2. BubbleBelly542

      Ya.. actually a bot after I wrote that I thought about it.. You’re right. The game needs improvements, but I could honestly be perfectly happy how it is now. Maybe the upload feature would be nice, buti don’t want to have to buy a PS4 to get GT6.

      Point is… I’m undecided on the issue.

  45. TakeshiSkunk

    Hah, and I was just thinking this morning about trying to ask via twitter why they decided to remove Midfield.

  46. strtgng

    Really – it took 6 years to make this game but all these issues he responded to he just thought about in the last 6 days? The emperor has no clothes…

    1. alba

      I’m really tired of this “6 years to make” meme. It didn’t take 6 years to make. Stop spreading that silly thing, seriously. You should know better!

    2. woomoo

      They started working in 2005.
      It’s released dang close to 2011.
      So it’s closer to 6 than it is to 5.
      Either way, they didn’t finnish it. Amazing……

  47. CarlDx

    I hope Kazunori and Polyphony Digital Team to Consider Fix Auto-Save Turning Off & Make available Backup of Save Game… because is very important

  48. Ps3fanboy

    Instead of new features , i think they should focus on remodeling the standard cars into premium cars or least a better quaility

    1. Jope


      If it takes four months for X people to model a premium car, it would take four months for N * X people to model N premium cars, no? If the numbers remain reasonable, this might be doable. With, for example, X=2 and N=5, we’d be getting DLC packs of 5 cars three times a year. I bet they could justify allocating 10 people for this, especially if the DLC packs cost money, as they probably would.

  49. Geo_212

    I can’t wait to hear about the G27 compatibility! I’m sad that I can’t use the buttons on my wheel to honk the horn or change the view… let’s hope for full compatibility :)

    1. Jope

      Same here. The wording on the translation was very careful. It didn’t say they fully supported these wheels, but only “continue to work on” doing it. Heh.

    1. kartman21

      how about setting different values for the time/weather tracks ? I’m sick having to race with rain ! please a update to adjust theses settings !

  50. Madman Apex

    a spoiler alert heads up on the sebastian vettel challenge would have been nice

    walking around obeying speed limits… i think “Big E” said it best, needless distraction. more important issue right now realistic mechanical damage, even above the shadows. having some experience in 3d CGI wide area shadows are very resource taxing. they do create the most realistic shadows that are definetely eye-candy but hard on resources and hardware.

    1. Madman Apex

      BTW on a sidenote. not sure if its been mentioned before already but during the intro once MCR song is playing a car crashes and flips upside down on the tokyo-R246 track. it has absolutely no damage. if a car crashes hard enough to land on its roof it has to incur some kind of visual damage. that clip should have been a warning sign of things to come.

    2. Raagentreg

      Actually there is some damage at level 0 in ARCADE mode, me and my friend didn’t try to crash, but as it was our first time in the snow, one of his doors fell off… ‘Twas funny to say the least.

  51. Adam

    SO glad I asked him the ‘fuzzy shadows’ question, quite impressed he actually responded to it! “I want to improve it” doesn’t actually say that it’ll get improved, though. A little disappointing, considering every demo we saw never had these rendering issues.. And what about Prologue? That didn’t either. I do hope they fix this via an update, it really does ruin the visual experience – at least for me, anyway. It’s the only thing that bothers me, it’s so distracting!

    1. GranTurismo Disciple

      I asked about how to unlock the X1 prototype and he answered, i asked why hide it in the first place!, if its on show and people know what’s required to unlock the beast they’re gonna keep playing the game, where as if we didn’t know the answer we would probably have given up trying to unloock it from somewhere.

    2. Tenacious D

      I think Prologue looks better because of two issues GT5 is handling:

      Time of day transition calculations and 3D.

      I’m not sure the shadows can be improved, but if any bunch can do it, Polyphony can.

    1. GranTurismo Disciple

      Imagine the free roam where you drive your car to gt auto for new wheels etc, and then drive to clothing stores for new racing attire etc. That would be good

    2. TakeshiSkunk

      GT Disciple:

      I’ve wanted that since the first time I played GT :P

      I remember getting all excited when NFSU2 was free roaming, but when I tried it it was nothing like what I had imagined at all and I was very disappointed

    3. Dme

      Im conflicted on the free roam. Sounds like it could have had potential or fallen flat. The PLaystation Home thing is pretty similar sounding but I have to say I dont like it.

      One thing I would have liked would have been something along the lines of an online parking lot meet sort of deal. where you go online browse other peoples cars and can talk to them. Some may say thats a bit much since you dont have alot of fantastic body modifications or custome graphics(im not interested in that sort of stuff personally) However the lack of customization to the standard cars (no wheels swaps or painting) would sort of dull the experience.

      You can sort of get that experience in the online thats implemented now but its not as easy.

    4. Apollo

      @GT Disciple
      Are you kidding me?! It’s bad enough that when I need to buy tires or tune my car before a race, I have to back out to the main menu, go into the Tuning place (or is it the Modification place?), buy stuff, go back, then go 3 or 4 levels into the menu to find the race again… it’s ridiculous!

      If I had to get in my Toyota Yaris and free-drive to the garage and back for one race, I would quit playing the game!

    5. Eric

      I’d actually wouldn’t mind having a garage that I could freely roam. I like to be able to see all my cars next to each other.

    6. MintBerryCrunch

      If it were like a simulation version of Test Drive Unlimited, I would love it.
      Drive to the dealerships to

  52. George Washington

    Looks like GT6 will be full of the same compromises unless it is on the PS4, then. So… COME ON SONY!!!!! GT6 is waiting on YOU!!!

    1. Bernd

      GT6 should be on PS4, because the main problem I see in GT5 is that it’s a 3D-game, which takes PS3’s power to the limits (remember, each picture has to be calculated twice). I think, had not SONY insisted on 3D-ability, we might have a 2D-game now, but graphically twice as good. Just my 2 cents

  53. JSD1486

    Think the game was rushed to be honest, its just been released to avoid disappointing fans.

    How many other games have been released with simple key features to be added bit by bit?
    Quite strange that!

    What about screen tearing? you can’t ignore that!!!

    1. TimS

      It’s time that could be better spent on fixing all the problems with the existing game. I’d much rather have more off line race events, proper options for steering wheels, the option to turn off the HUD, fixing the lack of gear ratio adjustment and the promised video upload feature (come on even T10 managed that on the 360).

  54. thibault

    new steering wheel announced???
    just bought my G27 :( I hope it’s something like the driving force GT, otherwise I’m going to feel really bad.

  55. alba

    I think Kaz having a twitter is one of the best thing happening to the GT online interaction with the fans for what seems like an eternity. We always seemed to have this kind of relationship where we’d voice our concerns and we would never really know if the receiving end would even be listening to begin with. Having Kaz on twitter answering fans and saying what he wanted to do but couldn’t and what he’s planning to do adds a lot to his “a new era of GT is beginning” “a living breathing thing” :)

    I’m really looking forward to the way GT5 is going to evolve over the next days, months, years to say the least!

  56. Bounkazz

    “Yamauchi wanted to implement a “free roam” gameplay mode in GT5, where players could drive around, respecting speed limits and obeying traffic laws, and even exit the car to walk around and explore the environment on foot”

    Whoa! That would be sick!

    1. BigE

      I disagree.
      I think this is a terrible idea.
      It’s unrelated, silly side-projects like this that delay and, in the end, hurt Gran Turismo.

    2. scooter1265

      X1 + Crowded intersection in New York City = Carnage to the MAX!

      But, it’s good to see that he’s acknowledges the faults of his game. I hope he can address them soon to shut up the whiny trolls!

    3. AGNT009

      Dont bother wasting one second on that Kaz. If I wanted to pretend to obey traffic laws, I’ll go drive Grand Theft Auto 4. Stick to fixing everything you shortchanged us on. And make it snappy.

      “SOMETIMES blocky shadows”? Try ALL the time.

      Work on giving us WHEEL LOCK options first. Fix shadows/headlight issues second.

      Overhauling online 3rd.

      If you want to know how to do it right, call me, Im free these days.

    4. Eric

      GT5 doesn’t stand for Gran Theft Auto 5…

      I still wouldn’t mind being able to walk around and open the doors on my Lamborghini. Don’t know how often I’d use it though once the initial novelty wore off. Perhaps we can get out and work on our own cars, pop the engine and install new a new exhaust manifold or pull the engine and blueprint and balance it.

    5. AGNT009

      I know GTA isnt GT5. I was refering to the working traffic signals, traffic, and pedestrians already present in GTA4. It works decently enoughly, and its more fun to crash those cars than it is GT5 sadly. And ramping/wrecking GTA4 cars off the environment never gets old.

    6. Eric

      My comment was just a general comment. I just remember being about to get out of my car and walk around getting into mischief in GTA.

    7. FlareKR

      Actually, it’s called Midnight Club LA, not GTA. Also made by Rockstar and by far the better driving than GTA (not as arcadish but still loads of it).
      I’d rather open my doors and hood in the photo mode than a cruise mode though, I’ll cruise in real life (or MC:LA).

    8. Squozen

      I couldn’t disagree more. If I wanted to free-roam and obey speed limits, I’d drive my real-life car.

      What I’d like to request of Kaz is a ‘Show Shadows (YES/NO)’ option, because the shadows right now are so awful I’d rather just get rid of them.

    9. Vulcao

      “If you want to know how to do it right, call me, Im free these days.” Please stop with this ;)

      Free Roam would be awesome IMO, except for the part of exiting the car and walking around on foot. It would be nice especially for multiplayer: you and some friends going for a ride online!

    10. ichiyamamoto

      yeah, what’s that game? at red light, you
      and friends jump out of the car and run around it
      and get back in before the light turns green.

      Or use the traffic lights as signals for start of a
      drag race.

      It’ll be the GT Social.

    11. RTSolvalou

      Would be better to work on visual customisation rather than city mode, but motorsport based instead of the crap in the NFS:U’s

    12. MRXAE86

      I agree with BigE

      Yamauchi should focus on the main aspect of GT, not stray from it with all these added features. What he should be working on is updating the car/course data from GT2 to GT5/6.

    13. Tenacious D

      As some of the others have said, this is an interesting idea. I’ve thought of it too. But with all the other things that need tending to in GT5, I think a free roam city/region should be the last thing on his to-do list.

    1. FlareKR

      @ Moglet
      Unlike some other companies, lol.
      I highly respect PD’s PR skills, makes me proud I have bought a game from them. Let’s hope to can fix them, and make this game not just the best driving simulator, but the best driving game ever.

    2. gamerGT5

      Yea I have alot of respect for Kaz and his team. He could have just ignored us like what some other companies do. But he didn’t.

    3. idlestation

      They should also be working on removing the copy protected save file feature.
      Why has no one asked about this?

      I want to backup my GT5 data on to my usb stick! :/

    4. GoldUltima

      This game is seeming more and more like the MMO of car games. Where you buy it and it just keeps getting updates from there on to make it better. Also, it’s just as long as an MMO with all the leveling and cash farming.

    5. Fotoalex

      People from Turn 10 sitting here and reading all the wishes we NEED and all wishes we WANT,so they will release new awesome game before than PD will release any important patches and updates for GT5..that`s just simple and clear! And this ain`t FUNNY!!

    6. Tenacious D


      Polyphony’s PR skills are hit and miss, so are SONY’s. ;-)

      However, I don’t think they’re a disaster. If this level of communication continues, then the complainers SHOULD be happy. Of course these are human beings after all, and they’re a somewhat unreasonable bunch.

    7. smthrlr

      @FlakeKR: Yes he responded (via Twitter and a translator) but what has he really said? “It’s (insert 3rd party provider here)’s fault that we don’t support the G27 properly”, or “It’s (insert 3rd party provider here)’s fault that we can’t so (insert mode here) becuase there isn’t enough memory”. Also, he said that he “may” consider this or “has thought of” that and “would liike to do this”. There’s no real answers here; just the usual doublespeak and “lost in translation” stuff we’ve been hearing for years.

  57. Bearcut

    Any news on to when is the Lobby Error 293 thing is going to fixed, or if someone will have a solution for those of us that cannot join lobbies? I have heard nill on this.

    1. Lsasqwach

      If this game took “6” years to make then they spent about 2 months setting up the events and menu/online. The unfinished vibe I get from the career mode is ridiculous if they really did spend six years making the game. Seems they spent ALL their time/resources on cars and tracks and the gt life mode is an after thought. I love the game tho can’t wait for updates!!!! Thx kaz for the game of the year!!!!!!

    2. Hoodie


      The game of ‘next year’ you mean.*

      *By the time we get all the updates and it is more like the game he wanted to release!

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