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McLaren Speedtail Hits 250mph With Ease During Cape Canaveral Test Sessions

McLaren has concluded tests on its Speedtail prototypes with a spectacular display of the car’s performance. The Speedtail, which McLaren classes as ‘a hyper GT’, is the most powerful and… Read More »

McLaren Shows Off Speedtail's Personalization Options With Three Design Collections

If you’re laying out a couple of million dollars for a 250mph “Hyper GT”, odds are you’re not going to want to park next to an identical one. McLaren thinks… Read More »

Meet the 250mph, 1000hp, $2.25m McLaren Speedtail

It’s been almost two years since McLaren first teased its next “Ultimate Series” car. Today it’s finally taken the covers off its fastest ever car. In many ways, the Speedtail… Read More »

McLaren Set to Unveil the Speedtail, Its Fastest Ever Car

The last time McLaren built its own fastest car, it was the fastest car in the world. In case you need reminding of the McLaren F1, it held this title… Read More »

Meet Speedtail, McLaren's Successor to the Iconic F1

After toiling under the codename “BP23” for nearly two years, McLaren has now revealed the real name of its fastest ever car. It’s called “Speedtail”, and it will pick up… Read More »