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Experience Gran Turismo at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

Polyphony’s impressive motion rig returns, along with a few surprises… but (probably) not what you’d think.

Toyota FT-1 Concept Production Rumors, Race Version Considered for GT6

The popular GT6 concept car from Toyota might just be coming to the real world.

Toyota FT-1 GT6 Seasonal Event, #CaptureGT6 Photo Competition Begins

Toyota and Polyphony Digital team up for a special GT6 Seasonal Event, featuring the popular new FT-1 Concept.

Toyota 'FT-1 Concept' Coming to GT6 January 14th as Free DLC

Gran Turismo 6 Jan 13, 2014 by Wardez

The Toyota FT-1 is GT6’s latest free DLC car.