Toyota FT-1 Concept Production Rumors, Race Version Considered for GT6


The Toyota FT-1 Prototype caused quite a stir when it became available to drive in GT6 simultaneously with its public reveal at the North American International Auto Show back in January.

ft-1-4Due to the overwhelmingly positive response the car has received, Toyota is reportedly taking the first serious steps to bring the FT-1 to production.

According to the July issue of MotorTrend magazine, Toyota has ordered a second model to be built in another color, and is looking to include a wide-body racing version of the car in GT6. They are also reportedly targeting the in-game specs for the production car, at 2,900 lbs. and producing 485HP.

The FT-1 Concept has always been closely linked with Polyphony Digital and the Gran Turismo series, and may even owe its existence to the game after impressing Toyota president Akio Toyoda in GT6:

“Toyota executives were offered the opportunity to take FT-1 for a timed lap around a computer-generated Fuji Speedway. Behind the wheel of the concept, Toyota president Akio Toyoda, an accomplished race car driver, completed the virtual circuit faster than his best real-world lap time at Fuji in his LFA. From that moment, he was convinced and the concept was approved to be built in model-form for the international auto show circuit.”

Jay Leno recently had a chance to check out the real-world model of the car. Check out his impressions below:

GT6 Photomode image (top) by Pixelatic.

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  1. XSRacing111

    I keep noticing complaints about the course maker not being incorporated into the game.
    If you want it that badly, go apply to Polyphony Digital and help them out.
    If I remember correctly, they wanted to make the course maker linked to your GPS so you can make your own course by going out driving (or biking/walking for the less fortunate or younger players) in your neighborhood. I can already see how hard that’s going to be to not only code into the game, but also to synchronize with the PS3.
    Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about the course maker, as it’s been so long since I’ve last heard the details.

    1. Johnnypenso

      I paid PD to make the course maker, why would I go there and make it myself? What does this have to do with the FT-1?

    2. Steph290

      I second Johnny’s reply. Also, I’m more than confident if PD ever had job openings, that it wouldn’t be hard to find willful applicants.

    3. wudy201

      Big up XS, finally someone thats using their brain, I think your right and agree with what you said, Ill only add what ive said over and over again. It clealy states in the GT promotion the gt site even before the game was released that the course maker WILL be added in a FUTURE update. It doesnt say when or what update it will be released. It also said the data logger and gps visulizer would be available in a future update again it didnt say when or which update it would come but we got botb of them did we not? So why would it be assumed that this would be any different. I think most people complaining about not getting this course maker are just being selfish and greedy and not reading and understanding what they are complaining about. PD has not lied, cheated or misled anybody regarding in this instance the course maker. Its been 6 months and we have gotten quite a bit of content that was not advertised and it was free. Vison cars are coming as promised and people have still felt the need to complain, and it free. People complain about not having or getting content then when we get content for free peope still complain. Its atthe point where if your honestly believing what your complaining about that no matter what content we get you will never be satisfied so why play, why not use the time you use to complain and go become a real driver. Basically it comes to before you decide to go on every article and just hate and complain about the article or just the same old things do your research first and mabey take the time to understand what your about to complain about and save the embarrassment from hating or complaining on something that just isnt true. Read before you write.

  2. TokoTurismo

    I guess the Course Maker will never come than… *Sigh* I give up….. :(

    Also will love to see a race version of this car, why not Toyota? Love this machine :)

    1. SavageEvil

      Huh?!? What? Wait I’m not drawing the connection here, am I missing something?
      A race version would be great but I would love it if PD allowed schemes to be applied to race cars and colors chose to fill at your discretion, solid painted cars with different numbers is nice but still weak as hell.

    1. XSRacing111

      I know right?
      BMW also dropped the ball with their VGT by not allowing us to tune the gear ratios.
      And since I always tune my cars for raw top speed allowing 15-30mph from the redline for nitrous/slipstreaming, I cringe when I can’t alter the gear ratios.

  3. biftizmo

    Nice one Kaz realign them in…ha ha ha….who’s going to speculate how long it will take Porsche to want in and should we let them when they do? Lol..keep Kaz you the man….

  4. Amac500

    I saw the cover image and got excited cus I thought it was Zahara. Still excited though, Toyota BADLY needs to produce this car!!!

  5. Progress823

    Figured 485 was the approximate horsepower number for this car. I have place nearly 1,300 miles on mine in GT6. A “racing series” of this car would be very welcomed.

  6. DCybertron

    The toyota vision gt kinda looks like an FT-1, with a sharper nose and spoiler, almost like a super gt version of an FT-1.

  7. sosa

    Bring ’em on. I can handle it. Man I’m so exited. New Skyline, new Golf, now new Ft… I can’t handle it anymore…..:fainted:. =3

  8. scholesy1899

    I think the president should have a go at the senna lotus section. He might get Toyota F1 back in motion with his self as No.1 driver if GT6 physics/overpower was enough to sway his judgement.

  9. Koko Ban

    since FT86 concept was renamed as GT86 when it went into production, does that mean FT-1’s production name would be… GT-One?

    1. Halcyon925

      Nah. There is already a GT-ONE (TS020). If anything, it could be called the “FT-GT” or the “FT-1 GT”. I hope Castrol Syntec takes part in this!

  10. ZDUPH

    Race version PLEASE! Would love if it has Castrol and TOM’S logos as a homage to the ever-so-famous Castrol TOM’S Supra

  11. Gerarghini

    I hope the race version looks better than the production version. In my opinion the FT-1 is one of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen.

    1. TexRex

      Emphasis on opinion. I think it’s gorgeous except for the square lighting elements inside the headlights.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Come to think of it I think I read on Wikipedia that Toyota has registered the Supra name for future use. Maybe this is it?

    2. SnakeOfBacon

      I don’t think so, I think the Supra will be between the 86 and FT-1. I also heard a while ago that Toyota was planning to introduce new models in tiers around the 86 like this.
      Small entry level sports car —> 86 —> Supra —> ? (I suppose FT-1 fits here)

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