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Early Info on Gran Turismo 5's "Course Maker"

Remember the track editor our inside man, amar212, told you about all the way back in April of 2009? Here’s the very first details on the interesting new feature.

Karting, Monza, Skidmarks & More in GT5 Gamescom 2010 Demo: Full Details

We’ve got an early scoop on the contents of the latest Gran Turismo 5 demo on display – confirming some of the game’s most exciting new features.

GT5 Karting Mentioned in French PlayStation Magazine

Scans of the French PlayStation Official Magazine’s feature on GT5 reveal the magazine is weighing in on two of the game’s most exciting unannounced features.

Gran Turismo 5 Weather, Track Editor Confirmed

Jokes were made when our inside man, amar212, first mentioned a track editor coming to GT5 more than a year ago. Today, he gets the last laugh.

Gran Turismo 5 Track Editor Rumors Resurface

Since our own insider Amar212 first hinted that a track editor would be included in Gran Turismo 5, it’s something that many people, including myself, have approached with too-good-to-be-true trepidation.… Read More »

Gran Turismo 5 Rumors You Can Trust

Earlier today, Amar212 dropped an odd bombshell on the GTPlanet Forums, posting a cryptic message full of hidden details about Gran Turismo 5.  Before you continue, have a look at… Read More »