Karting, Monza, Skidmarks & More in GT5 Gamescom 2010 Demo: Full Details

Thanks to our team at Gamescom 2010 (and a new YouTube video uploaded by PlayStation Spain), we’ve got an early scoop on the contents of the latest Gran Turismo 5 demo on display – confirming some of the game’s most exciting new features. GT5’s new karting mode is revealed, along with the debut of the Autodromo Nationale Monza circuit! Andreas of InsideSimRacing also noticed that skidmarks are visible on the tarmac (see video above, though it’s not from Andreas), and a non-functioning “course maker” option was visible in the menus. He also wisely compiled a complete list of all the cars and tracks available:


  • Monza
  • Piazza del Campo (Karting Only)
  • San Galgano
  • Nurburgring (Nordschleife & GP)
  • Rome
  • Madrid
  • R246
  • Indy Speedway
  • Toscana
  • La Sarthe (chicaned)
  • TG Test Track


  • Ferrari P4 Race ’67
  • PDI Racing Kart 100
  • XJ13 ’66
  • MkIV Ford ’67
  • Zonda R ’09
  • IS-F concept ’08
  • Impreza Sedan ’10
  • Z4 M Coupe ’08
  • TTS Coupe ’09
  • 500F ’68
  • 500 1.2 8v Lounge SS ’08
  • Miura P400 Bertone Prototype
  • C30 R-design
  • C3 Convertible
  • Enzo
  • SRT10 ACR ’08
  • ZR1 C6 ’09
  • Ford GT ’06
  • SLS AMG ’10
  • Citroen GT
  • 458 Italia ’09
  • Gallardo LP 560-4
  • SLR McLaren ’09 19″
  • GT-R Spec V ’09
  • R8 4.2 ’07
  • M5 ’08
  • Esprit V8 ’02
  • 2010 Jeff Gordon Impala
  • 2010 Dale Earnhardt ?
  • Calsonic Impul GT-R ’08
  • Castrol Tom’s Supra ’97
  • Impreza WRC ’08
  • SX4 WRC ’08
  • C4 WRC ’08
  • Ford Focus WRC 07 ’08
  • XKR Coupe ’10
  • 135i Coupe ’07
  • Amuse Nismo 380RS Superleggera

Thanks, once again, to InsideSimRacing‘s Andreas and our own Famine for passing along this early bit of information from Germany, and thanks to owen.c93 & SolidSnakeX for the tip on the video. We’ll have a lot more details after the private GT5 press conference up soon!

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Comments (156)

  1. Bazil14

    Playstation move at 1:13 -1:22, the guy who is playing seems to be holding it, you can see the pinky/purple ball floating around under the screen

  2. MrTimmyA

    After all these awesome features, I sure hope PD hasn’t forgotten to put a livery editor in there somewhere…

    I Can’t wait until November!

  3. lado

    Yeah Monza is cool and the karts are also interesting but they don´t look so realistic, i mean the physics. It is a bit arcade like and it does not drift well like the real kart does in curves. But its a cool feature just rain and dynamic weather needs to be added the last 2 and a haf months till the release and we all will be cheerful :D

  4. LMFAO

    i hope they add more classic cars like the xj13 & p4 & mkiv ford & the great miura
    & hopfully , some nice japanese tuners from the 90′ & the 80′
    im sooooo exited 4 this game ^^

  5. Luke

    Course Maker, hm… hm ….

    So we`ll soon need a section here to share new track. And i suggest as rule #1. The first one to create the Initial D Akina track gets a news entry here and kisses (on the mouth) from all of the members here. :)

  6. VeyronGlen

    Oh My God, This Has Been One Of The Best Posts In A Long Time! Awesome New Cars And Monza! Can’t Wait To Drive The Fiat 500!

  7. Luke

    So finally the whining about missing skidmarks and the lack of processing power to simulate them will stop.

    Congrats guys, u have your skidmarks !

    1. BWX

      It isn’t the processing power that’s a problem, it’s the amount of RAM that’s the problem. Big difference between the two.

      256MB XDR Main RAM @3.2GHz
      256MB GDDR3 VRAM @700MHz

      That’s a tiny amount of ram.. even for a 5 year old PC. That’s a HUGE bottleneck of sorts, and limits the PS3 in a lot of different ways. Smoke, dust, skidmarks, and antialiasing are probably all affected by this limitation. Processing power has nothing to do with it really.

    2. Luke

      You have to tell that to the people talking about the lack of processing power.
      I never cared for skidmarks.

    3. BWX

      I care about anything that happens in real life. The more realism they can stuff into the game the better. I’m glad they did skidmarks..

  8. DoctorFouad

    Hi Guys, great news ! But are we sure the skidmarks will stick to the ground the whole laps, or will disappear after a determined number of seconds

    wont this need a lot of RAM from the ps3 ?

  9. Guidzit

    I hope the will put this demo on the PSN ! I’m fed up to watch videos of demo, I want to play them !

    Nevertheless that is some great news ! Now waiting for :
    – clear definition of differences between Premium and Standard car
    – car & track lists
    – damage improvement
    – confirmation of untimely breakdowns
    – Big IA improvement
    – Max number of IA on track (last videos shew tons)
    – Porsche ??? In such game this is bad not to see such a historical sport car builder, want to drive GT3 RS, GT2, GT1, 917, 918, 356, Carrera GT, 993, … and more !

    1. Marcus

      yeah i think porsche has missed the mark completly here giving not giving gt5 there cars. i wonder why forza 3 and nfs both get them.

  10. gt3luke

    Ferrari P4 Race ‘67, XJ13 ‘66, MkIV Ford ‘67
    Search for the cars on google. OMG whaaa
    GT5 will be superb.

  11. joel

    ahh ok. i think F1 2010 may be doing this. dirt 2 also has varying levels of grip around some of it tracks. but gt5 is pretty big as it is anyhow!

  12. MSH

    the ’20 locations’ thing is starting to make sense.
    Piazza del Campo is a square in the city of Siena ; the San Galgano abbey is only 15km away. And… both are in Tuscany.

    1. MSH

      Possibly, but they have always been mysterious about it.
      So maybe in this case ‘Toscana’ may count as a location too.

  13. joel

    Does a little dance. i cannot wait!

    Just wondering. Race days online, starts of as a green track, the more use, the more it gets rubbered in? dynamic track conditions?

    combine this with dynamic weather? it rains one day at laguna seca, track goes greener?

    that though has made me a bit moist.

    1. Bernd

      I don’t think PS3 has the capacity to show all the skidmarks
      throughout the entire race. We possibly may see that in GT6 on PS4

    1. BWX

      I would bet that they will not last too long, if the the smoke and dust is anything to go by. PS3 is hamstrung when it comes to memory (not HD space, but on-board RAM), and it takes a lot of memory to keep smoke, dust, and skidmarks around. So I would GUESS they disappear quickly just like the smoke, but not that quickly of course. I hope I’m wrong though.

    2. Vulcao


      take a look at 0:31. The smoke takes longer to disappear than what we saw at E3 or elsewhere.

      I think skidmarks aren’t as difficult to keep as smoke. Smoke is always dynamic, it’s always moving and it depends on factors like the speed of the car, the wind etc, hence it demands much processing power. Skidmarks are just a static effect. Maybe it could be somehow stored in the hard disk, as helix_9 says below?

  14. Manatee_Mat

    Hey people long time website visitor, first time poster. Now i’m really intrested in more information on the karting and course marker. Still hoping for some kind of car livery editor

  15. HKS racer

    Monza??? YESSSS!!! one of my favourites!!! Now just add Spa in this game and you will be the greatest software house of all times!!!!!!

  16. Antan

    What a nice surprise to wake up too! Happy skiddies are in, though was never a deal breaker. Now that they’re in though I’ll take em haha!

  17. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    I only see a clip of someone racing a 3D demo. Where is the info about karting, skidmarks etc etc?

  18. NBH

    Glad skidmarks are in, not because I want to do donuts but if you brake too late into a corner and put some rubber down it gives you a reference for next time round. I just hope there is a rubbered in racing line and a dirtier off racing line. It’s like damage, I won’t be looking at the smashes and skidmarks in replays but mechanical damage and dirty off line have an impact on the racing and need to be included.

    1. CeeJay

      Hey LM, the song sounded like the band “College”, the name of the song is “She Never Came Back” (it may be a remix, can’t tell) from the album “Secret Diary”.

  19. Omamder

    Heck yes to the XJ13, that car is a classic! Karting sounds a bit strange; I thought they would include actual real world go karts. But I’m down, it still sounds like fun.

  20. CamAndTom

    Praise Allah we have skid marks!!! Now let me
    go change my underwear….I hope the interview gives BIG NEWS!!! =D I’m so pumped!!!!

    1. Marcus

      that is both monza ciruits you see monza used to be a banked circuit back in the day and if you go there today you can still see the banking and just how steep it was

  21. GT_Prologue5

    Yes! I am glad to see some of these strange cars (IS-F Proto comes to mind) Skids, karting, and if you looked at that 458 in the video, it looked like they were online?

  22. Tom

    Cant wait to take a kart around the ring, could take a considerable amount of time, and the TG test track.
    Great stuff here

  23. Gran Turismo Vet

    Finally all the nerds who where asking for skidmarks got what they wanned, hoooray!!! now you can start bitching about the trees… all in all great news though.

  24. AGNT009

    Looked kinda cartoonish without my 3D glasses on, Im just sayin. Skidmarks are nice, but that wasnt even on my wishlist to be honest. Lets get to the GOOD stuff now….

  25. snausages

    Skidmarks looks good along with the rest of the effects. Does anyone know if all the cars in this build are all premium cars or are there any standard cars?

    1. Marcus

      sounds a bit weird when you describe a 30 year old car as new. but i’m with you i still want all the classics e.g. 250 gto, 275, 308 gts but i’m almost sure they’d have made the cut

    2. Yui-San

      @Marcus I think Shant meant “new cars” as in cars we’ve never seen in a GT5 demo before, such as the Miura and the P4.

  26. dearlybeloved

    I can’t believe it!!!! skidmarks at last!!!!! damn, GT5 has always missed this trick and now i can say that it is going to be the most realistic game in the world because there is going to be so much fun to be had doing donuts onthe top gear test track, using the dynamic skidmarks as a visual reference on the Monza track for late braking, now i can say that Kazanouri Yamauchi has truly listened to his followers. I am now considering plumping up the £150 for the signature edition of Gran Turismo5.

    To sum up this early mornings thoughts, I never though that dynamic skidmarks would ever see the light of day in this iteration of Gran Turismo and now I can die happy knowing that the most realistic looking racer on the planet has finally completed the final piece of the jigsaw.

    Peace out.
    Peace out.

  27. L8 Apex

    ’67 Ferrari P4 AND ’67 Ford Mk. IV? YESSSSSSSS!!!

    Pity EA is cockblocking Porsche or I’m sure the 906 or 907 would be in there as well.

  28. gtpanoz

    Let’s see here…
    Complete Nurburgring…check
    La Sarthe…check
    The two most known ovals-Indy and Daytona…check

    Two tracks I like to see- Spa (flat-out though Eau Rouge in cockpit view) and Bristol (closest to a demolition derby in GT5 and a good day-night venue.

  29. LoneWanderer

    DAMMIT! November can’t come fast enough. I can’t any longer.

    Also, Special Stage Route 5 is included in GT5 for whoever loves this track as much as I do. (Source: Night Racing Trailer)

  30. Maxiboy

    Uuuummmmmm did anyone see any sparks? Looks like they got rid of them for this new demo… infact I think at 0:25 you see two cars collide and it doesnt look like there are any OTT sparks. Happy face.

  31. Mason__666

    @codename6 I saw that I just mean the video doesn’t prove that. We’re trusting what we read. I hope there’s kart footage asap

  32. Alaa1982

    I think the last car should be
    -Amuse Nismo 380RS
    Unless it is “Amuse Nismo 380RS Superleggera”
    but really Skidmarks! finally!

  33. Tenacious D

    It’s funny how a little thing like skidmarks will make the kids so happy. ;)

    So… what about that “Course Maker”??

    I hope you guys get as much info on the Standard cars as you can, because most of the game consists of Standards, and news on Standard tracks if we get them.

    It’s looking like GT5 is going to be THE racing game to own for the next four or five years. Until GT6…

    1. Bernd

      Guess, he was talking about the track-editor. I doubt, we’ll see it in Cologne. They need something sensational for TGS

  34. ismellbacon611

    ZONDA R!!!!!!!!!!!!! FERRARI P4 !!!!!!!!!!!!! 100CC GO-KARTS (thats the go kart class i race)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this game officially owns everything!!!!!!!!!!!…. skidmarks are cool too XD

  35. Fritter

    Amazing news! Can’t wait for the Q&A tomorrow…although even if there’s nothing new tomorrow (which I doubt), this news makes the whole show worth it. I don’t see how GT5 could be anything but GOTY :D

    1. Codename6

      PDI Racing Kart 100 is a car you can choose in the demo. “He also wisely compiled a complete list of all the cars and tracks available”

  36. wsoul

    Hot damn! This, and your tweet about epic news you received via email. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    Scratch that. Can’t wait for November 2nd!

  37. caasimun

    OHH MYY **CENSORED** IF THEY PUT RAIN AMA GO DIE HAPPY, THANK YOU PD/KY THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! btw i still dont see flaming exhaust pipes?

    1. Marcus

      Its not the zonda i am most excited about it is the ferrari p4. this car is so sexy i want to do some dirty things to it. Also Jordan do you know if the old monza banked circuit is playable? let it be so


      haha guys , the nice thing is that i will be there XD
      i will drive on monza ,nordschleide or le mans

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