GT5 Karting Mentioned in French PlayStation Magazine

Scans of the French PlayStation Official Magazine’s feature on GT5 reveal the magazine is weighing in on two of the game’s most exciting unannounced features. Most confidently, they’ve listed karting as a major category in the game and even included a small note on the track editor. Of course, the text is in French, but you can see all the scans for yourself right here.

As you may recall, these are two of the most exciting unexpected features which were confirmed last month by Sony Worldwide Studios president and Polyphony Digital executive Shuhei Yoshida. Mr. Yoshida’s interview is almost certainly the source of the magazine’s information, but it’s interesting that they have chosen to place their editorial weight and authority behind his comments. Thanks to all who sent this in so quickly!

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  1. PwnedGTR

    Lillmann73s comment gave me an idea…
    Imagine they get weight reduction stage 4 and it says remove all clothing!! :)
    Gees can’t wAit for it

  2. blaktek

    I picked up the mag (the french one), and went rapidly through the article. On picture 4, there is a red rectangle about standard / premium / prototype differences.

    Standard cars will apparently have slight deformation damage and full mechanical damage. But also a cockpit view, described as “not as detailed” as the premium one.

    The bit about the concept cars says that, most probably, they will not have any cosmetic damage.

    On the last page, the red sticker that covers Australia is about the track editor, described as a revolution to the series. An editor that will allow you to “create the track of your dreams” and share it online. The wording put an emphasis on the drivable part of the track, with no detail on scenery or constructions.

    Hope I’m not too late to contribute here.

  3. KurtKrDu

    I speak french, so translation of first paragraph is as follows:

    No, it’s not a joke, Karting will make it’s appearance in Gran Turismo. We start dreaming of a mode retracing the classic footsteps of a driver, evolving from Karting right up to the most pretigious of competitions, F1.

  4. Kartracer24

    I race karts so this will be epic! I can’t wait for this game… i have the ce preordered.. Karts and track ed. now i can make tracks i race on. WOO HOO!! sorry for bad punct. lol <haha

  5. scoop2004

    Marcus, why not price up twin engined honda prokarts you monkey, I race for a team adn the cost of the 2010 season has been less than £400. Even if we were providing EVERYTHING ourselves the cost would only go up to £1500 to £2000

    KF1 is where the best of the best end up, prokarting championships are ten a penny, and great fun.

    Anyone can drive a real 1990s honda civic round a real racetrack for less than £100 for the day, that is the cost of 2 copies of GT5, and it’ll be a whole lot more fun, I think i’ll take GT5 aswell though thanks.

    All this badly translated info is beginning to piss me off though, this article PROMISES cockpits for ALL cars (just no movable view, so you wont be able to look left and right and see modelled doors and B pillars)

    There are still so many vaugue things. Hopefully gamescon will bring an EU release date and some good news direct from Kaz in powerpoint in ENGLISH text

  6. TNE

    Can’t wait for the UK release of GT5, love GT5P but seriously want to see cars from GT4 upscaled along with all the new features etc.

    Not really interested in Nascar, Go Karting or the interior view debate (bumper cam user) etc but if they want to throw it all in to appeal to an already huge worldwide audience then fair play to Kaz and PD.

    Roll on November 2010

  7. Madjack

    Karting isn’t important to me, but it would be fun. This may be completely unrelated, but I was told a year ago that a game maker (we weren’t told which game maker) was measuring and taking pictures of the kart track at Mosport, where I raced for a year. And to those who say “go to a local track”, to really enjoy it $1000 will get you into a season of the most basic level of karting at Mosport. gaming is much cheaper, and you don’t get wet.

    I’d love to be able to modify tracks, karting or otherwise. With or without these features, this game will be amazing.

    1. Marcus

      I found that for a full season in kf1 here in britain it is £100,000. which is a lot for a lawnmower engine on some scaffolding

  8. Guffaluff

    It warms my heart to see Trial Mountain listed :D. I guess the old tracks are just “upscaled” from the older games, like the standard cars? Anyone who understands French, is there anything in there about different track classes?


    Come on guys, Karting is great, it’s were most great Formula 1 drivers began their career, Schumacher, Senna, etc..Give it a shot, it requires alot of skill.

    1. JayKayEm

      Yes, you are right, Karting is great.

      Thing is, if I want to go karting, I can go karting for minimal amount of money and have a good time. Its acheivable without simulation in a town close to all you guys.

      If I want to drive a Ferrari Enzo around Rome, or fly and F16 fighter, I turn to a simulator.

      I don’t see the need to simulate something that is acheiveable on a real-world level.

      Its like purchasing a ‘make-a-cup-of-tea simulator’. I can do it without looking at a plasma TV!

      I just get annoyed that I have waited, and will pay for, so many features I am not bothered about… in-car views, NASCAR, karting, damage…. Its all stuff for a GT6; when GT5 should of been launched ages ago.

    2. MaulReize

      Actual race drivers “simulate” with GT and they have the resources to do whatever they desire regarding cars and tracks. Its all about perspective. Im sure its a great feature. Wait til you try it before you condemn it.

    3. GTP_IVAN

      For some of us it ain’t that easy to kart trust me, and what if some rich boy comes and tells you this game is worthless because they can race their Enzo and their Murcielago in the Nurburgring any weekend they want, that they dont need to simulate it??? Point is this, GT5 is gona be packed with features some of us won’t use, ever…In my case 3D, but it’s nice to know it’s in the game. Same or carting it will be awesome!!!

    1. JayKayEm

      Same here dude. Three years waiting for a mention or a brief screenshot of a Ruf to quash the absence of Porsche. Nada so far. Fear the worst…

      But hey, who needs Ruf/Porsche when we have lawnmowers. Sorry, go karts.

    2. Maxiboy

      What about Gemballa? Ide love to see them included. I really hope PD put some serious effort into trying to fill that 911 shaped hole that will be in the game.

  10. LeMAD

    -more than 70 track variations
    -You can use the horn but it doesn’t affect the game
    -Damages aren’t well done as of now, far from being on the level of NFS shift or Grid, but Sony say they are still working on it.
    -Driving is similar to Prologue, but maybe a bit more complicated. It’s easy to lose control of the car.
    -Rallying is especially difficult
    -AI is similar to Prologue, they though it was slightly disapointing and not as good as their competitors.
    -Online is great
    -3d is awesome
    -The carwash is back
    -They talk about the driver’s licences but it’s too blurry to read.
    -Again it’s pretty blurry, but it seems you can import your GT5P and GTPSP cars into arcade mode.
    -You can import your own music.
    -They say there are still a few undisclose surprises.
    -They need to fix the AI and imrpove the damages and GT5 will be the ultimate simulation.
    -No Porsches

    And I’m late for work sorry guys…

    1. Vulcao

      Please help us on a post above. The translator is saying that “the lack of pigs is confirmed”, as well as “Online Photo Egg whites” and “Online Replay egg whites”.

  11. David

    Well looks like they decided to leave the tracks from GT1-3 out. Shame, was looking forward to some more of the special stage tracks and other rally tracks.

    At least it appears Switzerland (Eiger Nordwand) will be appearing in a rally mode! I knew they were going to open that fence to left of turn 1.

    Great news today, and very excited for Gamescom!

  12. robert

    all i can say is if you want a fairly decent translation from italian to english try using google chrome….from what i can see it tells you most things in good english

  13. GTR12

    So the French have to place a big fat sticker on the maps page, exactly where Australia is mean’t to be, what does that tell you?

    1. bdawg

      totally, be nice to run up Bathurst again in a game after Turn 10 decided not to bring it back for Forza 3, bastards

  14. Ryan

    I’m very excited for go-karting i remember wishing for it months ago. It might give me a chance to hone my gocarting skills and with the track editor i may even be able to create my local track :)

  15. Onigod21

    Awesome news! But I have a question… I know that Gran Turismo 5 will be release in NA this November. But what about Japan? Doesn’t Japan always gets Gran Turismo before any other country? Meaning that Gran Turismo 5 will be out before November 2nd? Sorry for the double post!

  16. ElieTheBear

    I dont remember if the real time weather was confirmed but they mentioned it in this magazine “le cycle jour et nuit et le changement de climent en temps réel”

  17. jacoja06

    If it’s true, karting is something I’m most looking forward to in GT5. I’m hoping they will include the CRG Kalifornia! :)

    1. Onigod21

      Awesome news! But I have a question… I know that Gran Turismo 5 will be release in NA this November. But what about Japan? Doesn’t Japan always gets Gran Turismo before any other country? Meaning that Gran Turismo 5 will be out before November 2nd?

  18. sidsid118

    because the top gear test track is in the game, how cool would it be if the track editor was in the hanger where they film top gear! zoomong round in a cart around the cool wheel,past the poster of the stig, hang a right at the old toyota pick up and across the line!

  19. oscar jordan

    it takes them 180 days just to model one car. turn 10 possibly took about 60-90 days to create one crap car. PD kicks turn 10 in the balls

    1. LoneWanderer

      I think it would’ve taken longer for the premium cars, but still, even the standard cars look better than anything turn 10 would “create.”

    2. Vulcao

      I THINK (I’ve heard it somewhere) that Turn 10 hasn’t actually modelled the cars or most of them at least. Instead, they’ve distributed the work to artist around the world.

    3. Volk Zadovsky

      Yeah, but I didn’t have to wait 5 years to get Forza 3. I have completed Forza 1-3 to 100%, and GT5 Prologue to 100% as well, and I didn’t have a problem with the car models. If your worried about how the stitching in the F430 looks, than your not too focused on the driving, and not getting what the games are about. Why can’t both games exist? Just because you like GT that means Forza is crap? They both have their strong points. Forza has customization and a nice range of cars and tracks, GT has great detail and pedigree behind it. And while I wait for GT5 to arrive in November, I still have tons of fun in Forza. And if you really say that it looks terrible, than your expectations are truly unrealistic to ever be gained by anything but your precious GT…

  20. tyl0r_r

    interesting: under locations it says (with help of google translate) this:

    “Japan: Hong Kong, with its street circuit”

    Well, as most of you folks know Hong Kong isn’t in Japan. Could this mean a location we’ve not seen or is it a really stupid error and they meant “Tokyo”? I don’t blame the translator because it wouldn’t randomly substitute one proper noun place name with another.

  21. tyl0r_r

    lol @ all of you who said ‘karting’ was a mistake that was meant to describe modnation racers.

  22. Big Ron

    The traditional cokcpit of GT was always the bumper view….what do you say now?

    The damage on the 370Z looks nice.

  23. Alan

    Karting might not be what everyone was expecting as a special feature on gt5 but its f*cking 10 times better than having nascar on it

  24. Black Chamber

    “For the first time, weather effects are present (rain, wind) and there is the cycling of day to night, even in night races.”

    Great stuff.

  25. Chad D.

    i remember there being a small track that looked like a go-kart track at fuji speedway, somewhere after the first turn i think, so, that might be in gt5’s go-kart tracks as well

  26. Magic Ayrton

    I drive a Porsche and/but I’m very dissapointed with this manufacturer.. what kind of SNOBS are they to not want to be included in the Game.. it’s disgusting.. Not sure if I want to be a part of that fuddy duddy franchise anymore :(

    They need to wake up.. this is 2010!!!

    1. Ha

      The same sort of snobs that refused to move their engine from the boot 30 years ago when everyone else realised it was a terrible idea!

    2. Marcus

      I agree with ha if they still refuse to put the engine in a proper place then i wouldn’t hold my breath

  27. Eric

    if there aint tony kart it aint worth it :P /jk

    i really hope they manage go get the real feel of driving a kart (since i driven them for 8 years now) toca har a rotax max kart but the feel wasn’t that great. and but in some nice kart tracks to would be awesome. keep up the good work!!

  28. Narly

    still waiting for somewhere to be written “proper car sounds have been recreated to the finnest simularity” :D XD…

    1. Marcus

      even sicker if we could make PROPER rally stages. Suppose it isn’t all bad though i mean there is a new wrc game which looks good coming out in a few months

  29. mcknight8279109

    Vehicles: over 1,000 distinguished 200 Premium (360 ° cockpit, visible damage total beam) and 800 Standard (cockpit traditional marginal visible damage), all can be developed and customized as desired (tuning).
    thats what i got from the page when i translated it this is copied verbatim
    so I can’t give up hope on cockpits just yet

    1. Hoodie1878

      Everyone has been getting their knickers in a twist over nothing probably.

      Humble Pie sales will increase the day this is released.

  30. Marcus

    why would they only have vettel as a demo? surely if they scanned the car we can use the car. Also no pigs dammit and karts for training was sort of expected really but is it on the courses or a special track to hone skills. imagine the time around the nurburgring 24 hr course. 24 hours perhaps lol

  31. NBH

    If the translation is correct then it says karting is for training only so I guess it must be a license test type thing. If karting was in as racing you need kart tracks but these lend itself much more to the track editor so the whole thing is weird.

    1. Paulo

      You know, the track editor is making a lot more sense now when talking about carts. Thats where, if any track editing can be done, will be done, for cart use.


    Platform: PS3
    Date of escape: USA 2 November 2010, JAPAN 3 November 2010 (to confirm), EUROPE 5 November 2010 (to confirm).

    Cost of the development: 60 million American dollars
    Locations: 20
    – Japan: Honk Kong with its city tracing
    – Italy: 3 city tracings between which Rome and the rally in Tuscany
    – United States: 7 city tracings of contest like Daytona, 2 circuits and 1 for the rally
    – France: 2 tracings of contest like Magny-Cours, 2 citizens and 1 rally
    – Spain: the circuit of contest of Valencia (resumed from GT PSP) and the city circuit to Madrid
    – United Kingdom: 1 circuit of contest resumed from Top Gear and the city circuit of London
    – Switzerland: 1 city circuit and 1 circuit rally
    – Monaco: the city tracing of the Principato di Monaco better known like the track of the F1
    – Korea of the South: 1 city tracing
    – Germany: 3 circuits of contest like that one of Nurburgring

    Tracings: more than 70 (today 94), of which 52 resumed from GT4 and GT PSP

    Confirmed tracings:
    Daytona International Speedway
    Dunsfold Park
    Indianapolis Motor Speedway
    Tokyo Route 246 (from the series)
    City tracings: Rome, Madrid, London
    Track Editor
    – Published of tracings in order to personalize and to create every your desire on track.

    Vehicles: beyond 1.000 distinguished in 200 Premium (cockpit to 360°, visible damages totals, dazzling) and approximately 800 Standards (traditional cockpit, marginal visible damages), all can be elaborated and personalized to it appeal to (tuning).

    Time employed for the modellazione of a car from team PD: medium 180 days

    Confirmed automotive Marches:
    Mercedes-Benz AMG
    Motors tesla

    confirmed the lack of the Pigs

    Confirmed additional competitions of contest:
    Super GT
    Indy Racing League (only circuit)
    Kart (only for training)
    24h of Nurburgring
    Formula 1 (at the moment only Red Bull di Sebastian Fettel like demonstrative event)

    Unknown characteristics:
    – For the first time the system of damages is present (only some cars between which the Premium they have damages totals, while all remaining only partially)

    – For the first time the system of the weather effect is present (rain, wind) and of the cycle day and night, with contests also only in nocturnal

    – For the first time the system of movement of the inquadratura of the nside is present taking advantage of Playstation EYE (the video camera of Playstation 3)

    – To publish on YouTube own already replay (characteristic promise from GT5 Prologue) also in HD

    – Arcade Modality (single contest, race for 2 players in split-screen)

    – The new cars Hybrid and Elettriche are present

    – Physical improved with management of the collisions more realistic (it depends from the type of selected difficulty)

    – Vision in 3D (necessity at least of a TV HD 3D ready)

    Modality Great Tourism:
    World-wide map
    Personal garage
    Purchase Car
    Store Elaboration
    Race Championship
    Test driver’s license

    Characteristics Online Multiplayer:
    Open lobby
    Chat testuale vowel/
    Private lobby
    Online Photo Egg whites
    Online Replay egg whites
    Till 32 players in lobby, 16 in contest

    Photo Mode
    – Modality Photo, takes a photo of the car own in several moments

    Great Tourism TV
    – Video visible on PSP

    – Possibilities to listen to musical traces saved on PS3 during the game
    – Dolby Digital 5,1 and 7,1 (DTS)

    – Supported Resolution 720p, 1080i, 1080p to 60fps

    – Interface of game resumes the same one of GT5 Prologue

    – the saved data of GT5 Prologue can be used

    1. Marcus

      @ paulo gamescom is like 2 weeks away so this will be either confirmed or added to. Is it possible to drown in info?

    2. Hoodie1878

      Hahahaha…”Online Photo Egg whites”?

      Funnily enough I cracked one off after reading that.

    3. Paulo

      @ Marcus – I hope it’s all confirmed, & that there is still more to come! But either way, this game will own me!

    4. HugoStiglitz_420

      traditional cockpit views? that makes it sound like one of the rumors I’m doubting but hoping for, that the standard cars will have cockpit view but much less detailed. and monaco? I hope so. I’m really not happy about the head tracking & track editor. they’re both a waste of time & space that should have been used for the standard cars cockpits. to me without cockpits the game is unfinished & after waiting 5 years we at least deserve a complete game

    5. JimInPT

      Can’t wait for:

      Online Photo Egg whites
      Online Replay egg whites

      Maybe that’s just a yolk, though. ;-)

    6. Vulcao

      – As far as I can read the magazine, Japan will have 12 “circuits de course” (Fuji Speedway etc) and 1 urban circuit (Tokyo Route 246). Hong-Kong will have only 1 urban circuit.
      – As mickey said above, they forgot to mention the Ferrari F1.
      – It looks like head-tracking will actually be in the game.
      – Finally, what is “Store Elaboration”?

    7. LeMAD

      It was already badly translated to italian. In the magazine thy said there were 2 races in Paris, 2 on Le Mans circuit and one on ice in Chamonix.

    8. 1234567890-=';/.][,?

      Platform: PS3
      Release Date: U.S. November 2, 2010, JAPAN 3 November 2010 (tbc), EUROPE 5 November 2010 (tbc).

      Development cost: 60 million U.S. dollars
      Locations: 20
      – Japan: Hong Kong, with its street circuit
      – Italy: 3 paths citizens including Roma and the rally in Tuscany
      – USA: 7 race tracks like Daytona, two street circuits and one for rally
      – France: 2 race tracks like Magny-Cours, 2 citizens and a rally
      – Spain: Valencia race circuit (taken from GT PSP) and the street circuit in Madrid
      – United Kingdom: a race track taken from Top Gear and the London City Track
      – Switzerland: a street circuit and a circuit rally
      – Monaco: The street circuit of Monaco known as the F1 track
      – South Korea: an urban layout
      – Germany: 3 race tracks like the Nurburgring

      Paths: more than 70 (now 94), including 52 taken from GT4 and GT PSP

      Confirmed tracks:
      Daytona International Speedway
      Dunsfold Park
      Indianapolis Motor Speedway
      Tokyo Route 246 (the series)
      Paths citizens: Rome, Madrid, London
      Track Editor
      – Edited to customize and create paths for your every need on the road.

      Vehicles: over 1,000 distinguished 200 Premium (360 ° cockpit, visible damage total beam) and 800 Standard (cockpit traditional marginal visible damage), all can be developed and customized as desired (tuning).

      Time required for modeling a car from the PD team: on average 180 days

      Automotive brands confirmed:
      Mercedes-Benz AMG
      Tesla Motors

      confirmed the lack of Porsche

      Competitions notice additional confirmed:
      Super GT
      Indy Racing League (circuit only)
      Kart (for training)
      24h Nurburgring
      Formula 1 (when only Red Bull, Sebastian Fettel as demonstration event)

      Novel features:
      – For the first time and ‘This system damage (only a few cars including the Premium have total damage, all while remaining only partially)

      – For the first time and ‘the present system the effect weather (rain, wind) and cycle day and night, even in night races

      – For the first time, ‘this system of movement of the frame of the passenger using the Playstation EYE (the camera for PlayStation 3)

      – Publish their replay on YouTube (already promised feature from GT5 Prologue) in HD

      – Arcade mode (single race, the race for 2-player split-screen)

      – New Hybrid and Electric cars are

      – Physics with improved management of collisions more realistic (depends on the difficulty selected)

      – Vision 3D (need at least a 3D HDTV ready)

      Gran Turismo Mode:
      World Map
      Garage Staff
      Auto Purchase
      Store Development
      Race Championship
      Test driving

      Features Online Multiplayer:
      Lobby open
      Voice chat / text
      Private lobby
      Online Photo Album
      Online Replay album
      Up to 32 players in the lobby, 16 race

      Photo Mode
      – Photo mode, take a picture of the car’s at various times

      Gran Turismo TV
      – Video seen on the PSP

      – Ability to listen to music tracks saved on the PS3 during the game
      – Dolby Digital 5.1 and 7.1 (DTS)

      – Supported Resolution 720p, 1080i, 1080p 60fps

      – Interface game incorporates the same for GT5 Prologue

      – Saved data can be used to GT5 Prologue

    1. Jordan

      You’re confusing the site I linked to (which contains the full scans) with the magazine. The site is Italian, the magazine is French.

  33. Marcus

    still 6 tracks to be confirmed. I hope to god they are

    Monte carlo rally
    Pikes Peak
    Spa Francorchamps
    Paul ricard

    also to clarify it says no porsche. doesn’t confirm red bull f1 merely acknowledges their presence in the trailer and says that ferrari was the only f1 car until now ( i hope some older cars are included) and finally it says the LF-A will be in game which i would like to know how they confirmed although i hope they have it and also the new aston line up. Also the radical sr4

  34. Riad

    i think this tells us that are are at least 70 tracks in the game, from what i see in the scans, it shows diffrent countires and list how many types of circuit there are in each country ( racing, city, rally etc) .. i hope im right lol

    1. Riad

      well i cant read french so i saw the big 70 text and thought yeah 70 tracks, .. but hey thanks for clearing that up .lol 64 still good figure but i think we all know for sure theres still alot of suprices for us to come till nov ..

  35. Tim

    There is a mention of GT5 in the current OPM issue 47 in the uk however most of it we already know about. it’s good to get some more info even if it is in french.

  36. ismellbacon611

    Super GT
    Indy Racing League (circuit only)
    Kart (for training)
    24h Nurburgring
    Formula 1 (when only Red Bull, Sebastian Fettel as demonstration event)

    also it shows…

    – USA: 7 race tracks like Daytona, two street circuits and one for rally

    1. Marcus

      i thought it was rather dissapointing that we’ve seen all the tracks in one form or another already. However i may be wrong. is it all sevetenty tracks because i cannot read the numbers

  37. GT_Prologue5

    By standard, it’ll most likely be like GT:PSP cockpit. But I could be mistaken. November 2nd can not come soon enough!

  38. Fritter

    Karting is interesting, but I’m looking at where it says standard cars have ‘cockpit traditional’. Also, there are at least 25-30 tracks listed right below 20 locations, meaning that the 70 (94?) ‘paths’ are probably full tracks, not just variations.

    1. Fritter

      If you run the site through Google translate (from Italian), it has a list or tracks, etc. Also, I just noticed that it says 24h Nurburgring. Yay :D

  39. MUSTANG750R

    This is getting better and better…

    Did anyone notice how the Porche 918 concept has a GTPSP type menu with the setup looking EXACTLY like GTPSP’s menu for the race tracks? I sent in a email but I guess you guys never got it.

  40. Alex Roache

    Possibly one of sillier additions to GT5. Karting is the purest form of motorsport, a game or simulation can’t come close to replicating it. It’s too “raw”. That said, the GT lot have earned the right to be taken seriously with any endeavour they turn their hand to so I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve played it.

  41. Spaghettimonster

    And they should definitely include the kart track at Kerpen, Germany. Thats where Schumacher started his career. :))

  42. ElieTheBear

    The passion of automobile. At 3 years old only, he is hit by the automobile virus. At 25 years old, he imagines the future of racing on console. At 43 years old, Kazunori Yamauchi, the Gran Turismo creator, sold all around the world 55 milions copies of his fetish series! Announced as the more complete racing game ever released. GT5 will be the fruit of the passion who energizes this producer, perfectionist and who always want more. To want perfection has a price: Time. In development since 5 years, GT5 begins his last straight line because the game will be released at the end of the year. Less than 6 months before the release, Polyphony Digital studio have not release all the infos/features but we have beeen able to touch what is called the real driving simulator.

    1. Marcus

      yes it says that whilst ferrari, maserati and lamborghini made it the porshe hasn’t however the lfa is in game

  43. GreyFox

    There is a blurb that says something like “360 degree” cockpit in the premium cars and “traditional cockpit” for standard cars…. Don’t give up on cockpit views for all cars yet!

    1. Nato_777

      It’s a pity that the traditional cockpit view for GT games is no cockpit view. I will be very surprised if there are cockpits for the standard cars (pleasantly surprised mind you).

    2. mercedesclk

      i just translated on google (not the best way) but it translated to this:
      Vehicles: over 1,000 distinguished 200 Premium (360 ° cockpit, visible damage total beam) and 800 Standard (cockpit traditional marginal visible damage), all can be developed and customized as desired (tuning).

    3. lez67

      i think there will be cockpit views,they would’ve added them when they done the cars from old gt games,which are meant to be the standard cars,i can’t see them leaving them out,i’d be so surprised if they didn’t have them,considering muscle cars are meant to be standard cars & they showed a muscle car cockpit view at e3 show & that wasn’t a well detailed interior,it looked pretty basic so it shows a little hope but to until a list to confirm which cars are premium & what are standard we won’t know for sure

    1. lilmann73

      Weight reduction stage 1: Remove gloves
      Weight reduction stage 2: Remove helmet
      Weight reduction stage 3: Remove all other safety clothing.

      That would be strange…

    2. Geo_212

      Weight reduction stage 6: get rid of your body, put your brain in a capsule, and steer the kart with mind-sensing technology. (too far?)

  44. Darty

    Karting ??? Why it better just be a coffie break in a licence , if your familiar Gran Turismo 4 , then you will no what im saying

    1. magicalgin

      Neither do I,
      The things that catched my eyes were:
      the redbull F1 car
      The track count (locations?!)

    2. Marcus

      Don’t get excited by the red bull car. The text translates that which we have been told before. Red bull feature in the trailer and they have been collaborating with pd. no news on f1 car. Although it did say that up until now ferrari was the only f1 car. up until now

    3. MihaiF355

      yea im not so sure about karts… ridiculous would it look to have karts on the nurburgring? im not really that happy but still the game will kick ass

    4. Chronowerx_GT

      Karts would be really cool if F1 had a part in the game. It would be ace to work your way up.

    1. colj00

      I dont really want karting to be in GT5 because GT5 is a car sim about cars. if people wanted karting they should play V8 supercars 3

    1. mauricio

      on the page 57 of the magazine (last picture) there is a list of the tracks on the right side. they are only missing 6, but i think they are on the next page.

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