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Jeep's Trackhawk is the World's Fastest SUV... on Ice

At this year’s Baikal Ice Motor Sports Festival, Jeep proved that its Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the fastest SUV in the world. Well, on ice at least. If you’re not… Read More »

The Skoda Octavia vRS 245 Now Holds the World Record for Catching an Arrow in Flight

Car Culture 10 Sep 25, 2018 by Joe Donaldson

The Skoda Octavia Combi vRS 245 is the holder of a new, very specific world record. However, unlike Jaguar, it’s not on the Nurburgring. Instead, the Octavia is now partial… Read More »

Two Guys Turn a Bad Idea Into a World Record by Visiting 23 States in 24 Hours

Car Culture 2 May 24, 2018 by Joe Donaldson

Many of us have grand ambitions. Whether it’s trying to set a world speed record or simply drifting for hours on end. But for a pair of University of Michigan… Read More »

Sir Chris Hoy Spins a Caterham Right Round for a Donut Record

Car Culture Nov 15, 2017 by Joe Donaldson

There’s plenty of automotive world records out there. Most of the ones that dominate the news are lap records or racing wins. But what about something a little less serious?… Read More »

Move Over Bugatti, Koenigsegg is the New King of Speed

A couple of weeks back, Bugatti announced that it had set a new World Record. Its newest Chiron supercar had hit an astonishing performance benchmark. With ex-F1 driver Juan Pablo… Read More »