Sir Chris Hoy Spins a Caterham Right Round for a Donut Record

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There’s plenty of automotive world records out there. Most of the ones that dominate the news are lap records or racing wins. But what about something a little less serious? Well, Sir Chris Hoy thought he’d have a go at the 60-second donut world record in his Caterham.

Hoy is mostly known for his astonishing Olympic cycling career. From 2000 to 2012 he racked up seven medals with six of them gold.

However, Hoy is also a very competent racing driver. He kicked off his auto racing career in 2014 when he entered the British GT Championship with the Nissan GT Academy Team RJN. In 2015 he switched to the European LeMans Series with Team LNT driving a Ginetta-Juno LMP3. Since Hoy is a champion through and through, he took home first place overall that year in the LMP3 category.

In 2016 Hoy finally fulfilled a lifelong dream to race at the 24 Hours of LeMans. Driving the Ligier JS P2 for Algarve Pro Racing he finished 12th in class.

If that wasn’t an impressive enough resume already, Hoy thought he’d add one more thing to his list of accomplishments. Using a Caterham 620R and four Avon Tyres, Hoy set out to do the most donuts he could in just 60 seconds.

Blipping the throttle just so and keeping the turn-in angle just right, Hoy did a whopping 19 donuts in the time allowed. That’s good for a new world record according to Caterham.

If you think that seems low for a world record, it is, but it’s largely due to the time. The Guinness World Record for the most donuts in a car belongs to Jamie Marrow. On September 4, 2011 Marrow took his Westfield Sport 1600 and spun it around 280 times.

If you want to see Hoy’s record attempt, check out the video below. Just don’t get dizzy watching it!

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