This is How Leveling and Progression Works in The Crew 2

Tomorrow, The Crew 2 will touch down on all platforms, giving racers a chance to race across the States. Before the big day, Ubisoft has taken the opportunity to go over how players will climb the ranks.

As the beta revealed, world activities open up the more followers a player has. Followers are easy enough to attract by taking part in any main event, skill or side activity. With enough of a fanbase, players will then increase their Status level and unlock new activities and disciplines.

There are five Status levels and they are as follows:

  • Rookie
  • Popular
  • Famous
  • Star
  • Icon

It seems then like the original game, The Crew 2 is an open world racer with an RPG-like twist. Once a player has reached Icon status, their journey is far from over — in fact, one could argue it’s just beginning.

Players can continue leveling from Icon 1 to Icon 9999. For every level reached, players will receive an Icon point, and every 10 levels will grant loot (more on the later). It doesn’t end there; for every 100 levels (capped at level 600) dedicated racers will receive a free car; that’s six in total, one of which being exclusive.

Also like the original game, you will be able to upgrade your cars. All cars will belong to a category and have a performance level. This is the closest thing to a “gear level” you’ll find in The Crew 2.

Because of this, racers that own more than one of the same car will have even more of a reason to do so now. Why? Provided the option is available, you can  have several of the same car outfitted with Touring, Street, and Rally Raid kits.

There will be six areas to customize, each allowing you to fine-tune its performance. While going through the game, you’ll encounter the four rarity levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic. As you’d expect, the rarer the part, the more beneficial it will be.

Rare and Epic parts will have bonus attributes, known as Affix. Forty different Affix skills will be in the game, offering a variety of ways to shake things up. Judging by our short time with the beta, any part increasing the amount of reward money will be sought after.

As revealed earlier this month, the September update brings with it a new Legendary rarity level. The Crew 2 releases on all platforms this Friday, June 29. Gold Edition players are already knee-deep in the open-world racer, thanks to early access kicking off on Tuesday.

Photomode image by FT-1.

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