The Crew 2 Open Beta Begins June 21

The Crew 2 42 June 13, 2018 by

Fans of The Crew 2 may have noticed a beta quietly sneak onto the PS/Xbox Stores earlier this week. Ubisoft has since confirmed (via its pre-E3 conference) that the open beta is coming next week, June 21.

Weighing in at a little over 22GB, this second beta will give everybody a chance to taste Ubisoft’s latest open-world arcade racer. It follows a closed beta test last week, where select folks got to try the racing on land, sea, and in air.

There’s precious little details from Ubisoft on what — if any — difference there is with this new beta. If it’s like the last one, players will sample a handful of the final game’s disciplines. They’ll also get a better idea of the progression system. The original game’s approach came off as a little too grindy, but if The Crew 2 beta is any indication, Ubisoft has rebalanced the system in players’ favors.

In related news, Ubisoft took the wraps off the game’s post-launch content just prior to E3. The team at Ivory Tower has at least three major expansions planned for the first year, plus monthly vehicle additions. In an unexpected move, the Season Pass only offers three genuinely unique vehicles.

You see, all post-launch content will be free to all players. The difference for Season Pass holders is one of early access. They’ll get the new vehicles a week before the rest of the community — and they’ll get them for free in terms of in-game credits too. Regular folks will need to spend credits on them.

If 2017 was the year of the sim racer, The Crew 2 looks to join Onrush in kicking off the year of arcade racers in June. The open beta will run June 21–24, and the full game will launch June 29 (or 26 for Gold Edition owners).

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