The Daily Mail Suggests ‘The Grand Tour’ Is Ending, Clarkson Disagrees

Car Culture 29 March 14, 2018 by

Is next season the end of The Grand Tour? Well, if the UK-based newspaper Daily Mail is to be believed, the answer is yes.

In Sunday’s edition of the Daily Mail journalist Charlotte Griffiths suggests that the third season is the end of the Amazon hit show. Her source? A “mole” within the ranks of Amazon who works closely with the show.

However, is it credible? Probably not.

The second season of The Grand Tour did have its ups and downs. With moments of pure automotive bliss like the Group B cars or the early ’90s hypercars, it hit the mark with gearheads. However, it did falter here and there. Most notably with the “Farmkhana” and the “unscripted” episode.

All in all, season two eclipsed the first season in terms of content. Which is certainly something considering two of the trio were sidelined for a good portion of the filming.

The show also worked to improve itself by ditching The American. With a surprisingly quick Abbie Eaton joining the cast, it focused more on her talent than a stereotype. Plus losing the cringe-fest moments of The American made the show immensely more watchable.

Thankfully to clear up the matter Jeremy Clarkson weighed in on his Twitter account. Using some rather Clarkson-esque language, he seemingly put the rumors to bed. Here’s just one of his Tweets referencing Geordie Gregg, an editor at the Daily Mail:

Unfortunately, Amazon is fairly mum on the number of viewers for The Grand Tour. So we don’t actually know how many people tune in. But we suspect the show is a cash cow for the American commerce giant.

And why wouldn’t it be? During its time with Clarkson, Hammond, and May at the helm, Top Gear was the most popular motoring show on the planet. It won Emmys and found its way onto TV sets across the globe. It had a massive following which undoubtedly carried over.

So what is Amazon waiting for on picking up the show past season three? Chances are it’s just too early. Also, given the hosts’ ability to nearly off themselves Amazon might want to see if they’re willing to keep making shows.

It’s worth noting Clarkson did sign on to host Who Wants to be a Millionaire? as well. Due to this Amazon might be waiting to see how that pans out.

If you’re a fan of The Grand Tour though, we don’t think you should fret. We don’t see the show going away anytime soon.

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